Says What??? Rush Limbaugh Say Michelle Obama Is A “Hypocrite” And Damn Near Calls Her “Fat” For Preaching Healthy Eating!! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

This fat f**ker got a lot of nerve talkin’ about who’s a hypocrite!

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STFU Rush! Isn’t there a Shoney’s or Golden Corral that you should be at instead of getting on the radio and trying to slander a woman who is not only The First Lady, but a someone trying to make a difference in the lives of obese kids around the country? Do us ALL a favor and put your mouth on the pistol!


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  • SP

    I was gonna attack but all I got to say is there will be a day when mean,racist,evil sprited people want be able to open their mouth and speak.

    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
      My friend Vanessa, a 25 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with a m’illionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on a m’illionaire d’ating s’ite called ———-RichMatchmaker. ℃○M——– – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own..——-
      This waste of space in our society thinks about the most ridiculous things to say just to incite a verbal riot for ratings and to keep his racists fan base happy. His comments about Mrs. Obama are not only completely untrue, but hypocritical as well.

  • MrsMom

    This fat @$$ dopehead, just mad and jealous of the fact that Michelle Obama, and her husband and kids are on point, and that there is really NOTHING he can say about them negatively. This is the racist, white Anglo man at work. Nothing more.

  • jamaican princess

    What does their ski vacation have to do with a discussion about obesity? No one said anything when all the other white presidents were living it up! This porky pig look alike is just a jealous racist. He’s just being himself…

  • blackmale

    This is the kind of person that america should take up arms against. Breeding hate and racism. Michelle is trying to put healthy choices back into our diets and he’s trying to find something negative out of it. He needs to go crawl in hole.

  • Boondock Saint

    That said, Rush is prolly delusional and calls himself “buffed.”

  • mk

    please just vote obama back in office in 2012. all these closest racist phukz dont want blacks to win. its obvious white people rule the world when people like mj beyonce bleach their skin. dont let them win

    • vee-r-o

      okay was the mj and Beyonce part really called 4?

    • Nicole

      STFU! You are nothing but an ignorant blind media loving wh*ore who nothing! MJ suffered from Vitiligo you a>ss! Try researching for a change before opening your dumb mouth!

  • chaka1

    These people will say anything for some press. Rush has been out of the papers for a few weeks. Michelle is no where close to being fat.

  • whatisthat

    Rush Limbaugh needs to shut his fat azz up and lay off the drugs he continues to pop as a diet…he makes me sick with that stupid shizt!!! michelle obama is the first lady and she could eat whatever she in the hell wants…these bastards would be the first ones talk about cutting health care for the poor!!! get a freakin’ life!!!

    • nicole

      all of u dumb ni**ers on here need to get a life and stop being blinded. michelle is a hypocrite bc shes out slobbin her ugly black face on ribs when shes out preaching against it! try and get like rush.hes out there making money and spreading truth.

  • Brother John

    Ignorant man with ignorant fans, he says what they want to hear and he’s paid for it….he’ll continue this nonsense as long as he has the platform to do it so until those who despise him actually do more than pay lip service to his azz it is what it is. I ain’t being shyt but honest when I tell you that if it were a brotha spouting that shyt like Rush continually white folks would have been picketed his sponsors and had him shut down….we have the power to effect change like we did in helping to put OBAMA in the White House and also in getting clowns like this off the air…money rules everything and if they money is comes up short due to Rush he’ll be gone bottom line its Money first rush distant last…

  • no weapon formed against me shall prosper

    Lets just pray for him you guys. Don’t bring yourselves down to his level by saying horrible things, it’s what the devil wants us to do! Stay blessed!

  • don't ask

    With all of the meaningful things he could have commented on, this fat drug infested turd can think of nothing better to do but criticize the first lady for wanting our children to eat better?!!! Jealousy is insane.

  • MelaninAndEther9Hair

    LOL @ This fat, slovenly looking, cigar smoking former opium derivative addict mad because the First Lady wants people to be healthy!!

  • Erica

    He needs to big and out of shape as he is!! please…

  • MacMoon

    Rush is a pill poppin animal…
    Syrup sippin Krakka!

  • YoungCosby

    How many people on vacation actually continue to follow their diets unless for health reason? Sit down Rush, you’re just mad because they didn’t share those ribs with you.

  • Smart Amerikan

    Umm so, I am confused? Why is it that anyone speaks against the Obamas or disagrees with any decision they make it always has to be some type of uproar or racism is brought up! Its absurd really to think that everyone has to agree with anything they say or do, and if not they have a lynch mob coming after them. We r too fickle as a people..i pray one day we’ll see the error of our ways

    • Boondock Saint

      I’ll ‘splain it from a common sense perspective:

      Is all criticism of Obama based on racism?


      Is all criticism of Obama NOT based on racism?

      HELL NO!

      Stay up!

    • Antwon aka Mr.NICE

      @Smart American Nobody said that everybody has to agree with the President and Firstlady but keep it real dude if that WITCH Sarah Palin had of came up with the idea white people would of loved,and praised it,but since it’s the Firstlady they got a problem with it.Ain’t this the same thing they been screaming before the Obamas came about that obesity was at a high in america!

    • http://yahoo trini9696

      It’s his tone and yes we are sensitive to white’s talking crap about us because of the past history.

  • D-Ruck

    Painkillers are a hell of a drug!

    • jackie

      you are absolutely right!

  • 1king

    White people like him are so jealous. Lolololol. He got some nerve. He is so fat and stank and gross. He is a dirty druggie. Lololol he is every part of the pig dog and rat mixed. Yeah he has money but it really doesn’t matter because he can never be as beautiful as a black person inside and out. Soon as he hits the sun he looks like a big red bio hazard bag of garbage lol. He is a greasy cheese back lololol and he no doubt smells like bologna and vomit mix. Lolololol

  • Woohoo

    Yeah Mello!!!

  • LowSelfEsteemMakesYouFallForAnything

    For those who claim racism doesn’t exist anymore – (I know they aren’t on this site), the mere fact that an ignorant racist like him still has an audience/show is all that is necessary to prove that racism exists.

  • XO


  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    This waste of space in our society thinks about the most ridiculous things to say just to incite a verbal riot for ratings and to keep his racists fan base happy. His comments about Mrs. Obama are not only completely untrue, but hypocritical as well.

  • James

    Do anyone know what he said. He was going off about Ms Obama saying everyone needs to eat healthy and cut out junk, but she was out eating spare ribs and her hubby had a party with a bunch of junk food. If Bush did this you guys would be screaming your heads off.

    • Sanriobaby =^.^=

      Yes James, we all heard what he said. His statements insinuated that Mrs. Obama is a hypocrit, which she is not. First, neither she nor the President are overweight, and it’s well known they work out regularly. Have you seen her arms?!!! Second, she not only talks about proper nutrition and exercise, but most importantly, eating in moderation. The first family is on vacation, so if they have a meal that includes short braised ribs, who cares? Doesn’t everyone eat more while on vacay? The fact that he tried to twist her words around was completely unnecessary b/c his statements simply don’t apply to the situation in the least. Most importantly, if he wants to get on Mrs. Obama about eating and weight loss, he really needs to look in the mirror, get on a diet, and lose some weight himself!

    • Antwon aka Mr.NICE

      @James First of all jiggaboo!If George Bush ate 10 ribs that night we as blacks wouldn’t gave a rats azz ok.See that’s the thing you white folks don’t get we as blacks don’t have our heads far up yall azzes you people seems to be so concern about us because everytime I look around yall keep the word BLACKS in yall mutha freakin mouths 24/7.We don’t be checkin for yall like yall do us.Get over yourselves already!


    Rush is an IDIOT!! I bet this man secretly dresses up in women’s underwear when he goes home at night!

  • innovatoor09

    He is such a sad, and unhappy person!

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