Fawk A Thug: Camel Takes The First Round In Court Battle Against Bitin’ Azz Chef

- By Bossip Staff

“Repeat after me, there’s only one rule: I Will Not LOSE!”-Jay-Z, “Change The Game”

Jay-Z won the latest round in a five-year legal battle with a British chef over naming rights, local newspaper The Evening Chronicle reported Monday.

The rap artist launched court proceedings against Terry Miller over the use of the word “Rockafella” — the name of the chef’s eatery in Newcastle, northeastern England.

The millionaire music star, who is married to songstress Beyonce, claimed the name would confuse people into thinking Miller’s business was associated with his Roc-A-Fella Records empire.

After Miller, 52, won a ruling granting him the exclusive trademark and the right to use the name in the UK, Roc-A-Fella Records appealed the decision — and now British lawyers hired by the record label to fight the case have been told their appeal was upheld at a hearing in London.

Miller set up his Rockafella restaurant with money he won on UK reality TV show “Hell’s Kitchen” in 2005 but closed the business four years later. He now runs an outside catering business under the same name and is considering appealing the latest ruling.


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    • Laura

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      Jay Z clearly has too much money that he has no clue what to do with. Why not help keep those schools in Detroit open? Much better way for your “almighty” hov to spend is seemingly limitless stacks KMT

  • http://umeansheupgradedcamelman chichi

    gay z should let a man eat SMDH…..LET ME DNT SEE HIS SKINY LEGS IN LONDON…. BLOODY WANKER.

  • jayz fan

    @ chichi,are you for real…don’t you know anything about business names likely to confuse the public,it’d be nice if some of u know a little about law before saying meaningless stuff..Jay is right to challenge that in court..obviously the suit makes a lot of sense and for the interest of the public like y’all, the court upheld his claim…if u don’t like Jay that’s ur problem..seems u just like to eat and not care about the law and Public policy…I wonder what you’d do when u see his legs in london….its HOV just say u love him and wish u were him..KMT

    • infringedblue

      Erm, Jay Z “stan”, you my dear clearly do not know anything about law. The British law system favours competition and doesn’t usually take thee side of cases where there seems to be undue cause for the plaintiff trying to stop his competition. The restaurant guy did NOT spell his company’s name the same as Jay Z’s, his business is not even in the same category of business (i.e. music and clothing) and lest we forget, he runs his business from Newcastle. It is not some major international conglomerate. This law suit is overkill. Another example of Americans and their frivolous law suits. If anything, the man should just look at this case as free publicity. In the meantime, Jay Z clearly has too much money that he has no clue what to do with. Why not help keep those schools in Detroit open? Much better way for your “almighty” hov to spend is seemingly limitless stacks KMT

  • ???

    Somebody need to tell Hov,he damn sure can’t take that money and greed to his grave.

  • wtf

    This is stupid Jay should be sued by the ROCKERFELLER FAMILY THEN

  • Sloane

    Isn’t he (Jay-Z) married to a thief?

  • ???

    Hell yeah he’s married to a thief her dad and bey beat all those dc ladies out of thrie money.But karma is a b*itch.



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