The Epitome Of A Bad Uncle: “Monster” Sentenced 25 Years To Life For Brutally Beating 2-Year-Old Niece

- By Bossip Staff

This is sad:

A 33-year-old Cypress man — who prosecutors described as a “monster” — was sentenced Tuesday to 25 years to life for the brutal beating death of his 2-year-old niece.

Michael David Balderas was given custody of little Jo Jade in 2005 when his sister was imprisoned in Texas. Deputy District Attorney Michael Murray described Balderas as a “monster” to Superior Court Judge William R. Froeberg before sentencing, saying the little girl had been tortured and sexually assaulted. Murray told the judge that Balderas was not human, according to the Orange County Register. .

Balderas was convicted in January of second-degree murder and assault on a child likely to produce great bodily injury resulting in the death of Jo Jade on March 30, 2006. The jury deadlocked at 11-1 in favor of first-degree murder because one juror did not find that sexual assault led to Jo Jade’s death. The jury later agreed on second-degree murder.

A doctor testified during the trial that Jo Jade had received the worst beating he had ever seen. The child, Murray said, had bruising on every inch of her lower extremities.

Wow. And THIS GUY is who this little girl was left with when her mother was imprisoned???


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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Thats sad ..RIP lil mama

  • 90's baby

    Rip She looked precious with her wide smile! That b@stard will get his in prison

  • TBM

    They gone have a good time with him in child with his long hair. He deserves whatever he gets. Some people just don’t have any humanity!

  • ladycutty2009

    That’s horrible . RIP JO JADE .

  • MariaMiiz

    The devil is alive…
    F*#$%^# B@stard ….

    Too sad


    PuertoRican people never fail to live up to their barbaric reputation.

    • ZeZee

      Shut up.

    • GoldenGirl

      im wit Z, STFU

  • WTH!!??!!??

    What is wrong with people today??!!!

    RIP baby girl. 😦

  • that's. crazzy crazzy

    Plz have a lottery I will buy 100 tickets for a chance to flip the switch on his azz!

  • Tampa Resident

    So sad, Rest in peace lil mama Jo :o(

  • Soul Touch

    I hope they do the same to him that he did to that little girl.

    I agree, the devil is alive.

  • GoldenGirl

    sad sad sad. RIP Princess.

    where he’s going he will not be protected. he is headed to hell on earth. he will not be placed in protective custody. get read for the wrath buddy…

  • GoldenGirl


    in my Chapelle voice, “Give that nicca seconds!” lmao

  • Jay2u

    that right there just made my stomach hurt… F*ck jail; give that fool death and not an easy death… do him; they way he did his niece…

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