Is Motor City “Running on Empty” Or Are Reports of Detroit’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated?

- By Bossip Staff

Has Detroit reached its tipping point? Is the implosion of the American auto industry a kind of man-made Katrina for the Motor City?  Or will Detroit rise up from its ash heap of urban devastation and round a corner as adroitly and smoothly as a newfangled gas-electric hybrid?

Whether this city, once our most prosperous manufacturing hub and the fourth largest city in the nation (now it’s the 11th), ultimately will make a comeback is anybody’s guess.  But to borrow a phrase from Mark Twain: Reports of its death are an exaggeration.

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  • LMBO!

    It’s not as bad as people say it is.

    • d.

      Strongly disagree.

  • Herudagod

    This bs all site never seems to amaze me. It isn’t just Detroit. The whole US is about to fail. The only thing is Detroit is used to suffering. We’ll be seeing if other cities be singing the same song when there are food shortages and $5 gallon gas prices.

  • ricoblack313

    Its bad in Detroit,but every other major city i’ve been to are having the same problems.Ppl are so superficial that they get caught up in pretty buildings and arent looking at the suffering behind the skyline.Wake up before your city looks exactly the same.

  • d.

    Yes Detroit is at rock bottom and doesn’t have any hope what so ever. It’s a sad situation to see an American city that has so much American History struggling on life support. It’s nothing but a huge ghetto, it has a very depressing aura. It really needs a total makeover starting from the inside out. It needs more diversity, too many ignorant ni99as in a close proximity. If this was New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles, major changes would have been made. But because it is a city with a majority of black population the country just doesn’t care. So yes it does compare to Katrina in the regards that the country just don’t care when it’s a black problem.

    • d.

      Tear it down and build another one.

  • really?

    @d. i hear you, but the same thing is happening in CT! Of all the states in the nation, we’re #2, right behind Michigan, with regards to the state most likely to go bankrupt. . . and we have white folks to spare! this one isn’t just a state of blackness. there’s a lot to be said about poor leadership and misappropriation of funds. CT have jailed governors, mayors, etc. we need to vet our votes better…this new governor (look up Dannel Malloy) thinks layoffs, increased taxes, higher gas prices (because CT’s gas is only the highest in the nation and he feels to need to outdo himself), cutbacks, etc. will drive the economy and increase tourism to see what (we don’t have any pro teams, outstanding museums, shopping districts) I don’t know…go figure!

    • d.

      Detroit has shopping districts, museums, and pro teams and it still is on life support. I feel where you are coming from but Detroit is a poor excuse of a historic American city.

  • if anything be noble

    Agree @ really? —CT always has the highest income in the country (or loses by $500 to MD or NJ in a bad year,) is tops in education, tops in wealth, #1, #1, #1… but some serious stuff goes on here, too… “And we have white folks to spare” LOL

  • ms richardson

    I’d move back to Detroit in a heartbeat.

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