In Those Genes: 10 Women With Natural Curves

- By Bossip Staff

In a world where artificially enhanced parts are becoming more and more popular, HipHopWired wants to highlight some of the ladies with good genes and NOT just good docs.

From the curves of the curvaceous Tracee Ellis Ross, to the voluptuous Serena Williams, check out 10 of the most naturally blessed women in Hollywood. (Continue)

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  • Me

    Beyonce does not have a big but she’s wide her but is rather flat imo.

    • Boricua/morena

      I agree is does not have a big butt… she is wide. your right

    • jamaicandiamondz

      uumm its called hips

  • jmagic

    What about jlo?Salma hayek,Sofia Vergara the majority of the chicks on that list are beat up in the face

  • Bonie

    If we are talking about natural “curves” then the only ones who should be on the list is Tracy and Serena. Jessica’s is not real. Look back at other photos of her. Lisa Raye’ does have a nice body but that second pic photoshopped beyond belief. Bey is wide. The second pic proves my point…In the end they all look pretty good.

  • 7lady

    This was a good list. I think they all have nice bodies. But you would be surprised who has got tweaked. If you make your waist smaller your azz will look bigger. And if your already thick about the azz and thighs whos gonna kno that doc took that fat from your waist and put just a little of it in your azz. Real or tweaked a bit…they look nice.

  • d.

    Love em’ all!

  • Honey Chile, Lemme tell you...

    …meaning that she obviously had natural junk that she was tryna get rid of.

  • Nana

    Serena takes this one!!!!!

    • coldt7

      Sarena look like a man.

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    those women and 3/4 of the women in my neighborhood including myself!! keyshia cole should be on there too… she is skinny and has a black girl booty.. Thanks for the real black women and not those fake azz kim k, coco and vida azz skanks!!

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    I cant even get thru the list.. why the h3ll dont they just name the women instead of this clicking on numbers crap.. if anybody believes lady gaga and natalie nunn’s butt are real .. you are STUPID!! Serena and Tracy Ross are real .. for sure!

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa... (ARSENAL MASH UP BARCELONA)

    Serena’s body is on point.
    Lady Gaga had an ok body but not any more she just looks really skinny.

  • nicole1221

    Nice list

  • 90's baby

    I stopped after Natalie nunn, she is not a woman she is a groupie ho.

  • 7lady


    I was thinking natalie azz is not real too. I can’t be really sure though cuz she does hav black in her and it doesn’t have that tranny look like lala, tiny and plenty others

  • LaDiva

    I should be on this list. Lord knows my azz needs its own zip code.

  • Wow...

    no she doesn’t, you ignorant dog.

    • Wow...


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