Which Of These Women’s Men Is Shaunie O’Neal Stirring Up Drama For Now?

- By Bossip Staff

We already know that between Suzie Ketchum and Royce Reed, the “Basketball Wives” cast is going to be short at least one non-wife next season. Word is, Shaunie has recruited one of the ex girlfriend of one of these women’s boo to fill the slot. Can you guess who?

TMZ reports the drama is coming for these two – Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams – the form of this domepiece endowed young lady…

Chris’ baby mama Alison Mathis, daughter of entertainment attorney Charles Mathis and MTV “Super Sweet 16” alum.

Sources close to the production tell us … Allison completed three rounds of interviews with show execs recently and was so impressive … producers will be offering her a spot on Season 3.

Allison brings a fair share of drama to the show — she had a public legal battle with Chris over paternity payments for their son back in 2009.

No word on which current cast member Allison will be replacing … but we’re hearing the move doesn’t bode well for Royce Reed.

Charles Mathis is a pretty big deal in the Atlanta entertainment community. So why in the world is Allison stooping to such hooderatery??

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  • Nana

    Lebron’s girlfriend Savannah(wateva her name is) is PREGNANT again????

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    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
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      This is not the “ALLISON” Mathis from Sweet 16…Google that name and it’s clearly not her.

  • p

    stop spreading rumors. Did she tell you. You know exactly what her name is.

  • L

    That doesnt look anything like the young lady from Sweet 16! I remember that show and I even googled it to be certain.

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  • NB

    Allison Mathis from Super Sweet 16 is a different Allison. Bosh’s ex is from Maryland and is not THAT young lol. I went to HS with her.

  • luVn_liFe

    theres no way these are the same two young ladies..that would mean she had a baby at 15,16???
    these dates aren’t adding up.
    And Shaunie is a True messy hag

    • luVn_liFe

      @ chaka 1
      We would like to believe that shaunie could do better since it appeared she exuded c.l.a.s.s when she first went through her divorce

      however it is obvious she is JUST like the rest of the females she puts on the show.For Shame For Shame,the sad part is her kids will see this one day

  • Chcha

    1st of all that is NOT the girl from my super sweet16 …. 2nd they have a daughter not a son

  • chrissy

    i am sooo freakin lost wit these shows saying wivies and ain’t nobody married or been married but shaunie and tami…..just call it side jawn and mistress

  • Melissa Lee

    This is not the “ALLISON” Mathis from Sweet 16…Google that name and it’s clearly not her.

  • Shelly

    Allison Mathis is a known nba groupie who got kicked out of her high school for then giving soon to be NBA senior Antwan “services” while in school. She got a job as a cashier and hasn’t worked since but lied about being a chef and graduating med school to then Bosh when she got knocked up by taking fertility pills behind his back.when he found out he kicked her to the curb. she is know living outside of her means and pissed that he is happy and moved on with new fiance and this is her last resort for the money and fame she has craved her whole life

  • angela


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