New Survey Shows That Hate Groups Are On The Rise Across America

- By Bossip Staff

And Sarah Palin and those Tea Party b*tches want to act like they don’t contribute to this bullsh*t…*side-eye*

The number of radical right groups in America — including hate groups, “Patriot” groups and nativist groups — increased in 2010 for the second year in a row, according to a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The organization’s quarterly publication, “Intelligence Report,” said that the growth was “driven by resentment over the changing racial demographics of the country, frustration over the government’s handling of the economy, and the mainstreaming of conspiracy theories and other demonizing propaganda aimed at various minorities.”

The SPLC documented 1,002 hate groups operating in the United States in 2010, a 7.5% increase from the year before. It was the first time that more than 1,000 hate groups were recorded since the organization started tracking them in the 1980s.

But the biggest growth was in so-called “Patriot” groups, which the organization described as conspiracy-minded groups that see the federal government as their primary enemy. There were 300 new groups like this, an increase of more than 60% from the year before, the report said. A lot of the growth in the Patriot groups came from an increase in the number of militias recorded.

There was also a smaller increase in the number of anti-immigrant vigilante groups, SPLC reported.

We wonder if these “hate” groups would be on the rise if John McCain was elected President???


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    They are on the rise everywhere especially because of the recession. Everyone is trying to blame someone and the blame often falls on minorities.

    • ManchesterUKer

      Exactly, people are always looking to use others as scapegoats and usually it’s a minority group…

    • Kyra

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    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
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      Ummm, The Black Panther Party was far from a hate group. More like awareness. Lord how old are most of you that post on here. Youngin’s take note

  • Jay

    Good, I hope the kill the sell outs first in a race war. Then I hope they take out the IR daters and then sink America. Americas time is coming and this country lived by the sword so it will die by the sword.

    • Glok...Harlems's Own Mr. Money aint a ting ..Guy Fisher! ..Mr Shotime!!


    • I love love an Asian Man

      I know for certain that the two of you do no believe in God… because when you get to heaven, there will no such thing as, ‘where the the black section’. Like an all black neighborhood!

    • Ann

      @I love Asian men
      There is not Heaven, so it’s time that you grow up and accept that fact.

    • I love love an Asian Man


      ‘Their is no heaven’. Please grown-up and go back to school to learn proper grammer!


      Please start with black on black crimes… than fatherless black children… etc….

    • derek.d

      Actually this is white trash you’re talking about. White money doesn’t do its own fighting— it gets white trash to do it.

      So this white trash will be fighting those they have access to… And judging from your hood booger-like comments and clear lack of education, my guess is they’ll be at your door first.

      Then, all you tough race warriors who love to talk all that yang on the internet will finally get a chance to let everyone see what you’re really made of.

      My guess is, not much.

      “And muthaf*ckers that say they too black, put em overseas they be begging to come back” – Ice Cube

    • Thaddious

      You see them living as savages, tapping devil tail, but you don’t know where they are in their development.

      You would’ve killed a 20 year-old Malcolm Little (a.k.a. Malcolm X) and many of the strongest black leaders of the 20th century – All because you caught them before they had black pride?

      I’d rather teach them, but you can do anything, black god.

      But if you killed an unenlightened black person in that war, we would know that you’re worse than the enemy and we would make an example of you.

    • Jay

      Thaddious@ Generally speaking, the Way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death. Either war is obsolete or men are. Judas Icarots are everywhere, what is to say that the reeducation of that lost man is absolute. Christ also loved and reeducated Judas. Brother Malcolm was an anomaly. Just because you train a man to love his image does not mean he loves his image. So either men are obsolete or war is. To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.

    • ikeepit100!

      I will be right at your sides, my BROTHERS….gett’n everything you miss.

  • ZeZee

    I encourage poeple to take more humanities IMO if they were educated on things and why the way they are they wouldn’t be this sour/ignant. They have all of the time to be on the computer and talk smack. Use that towards some factual books instead of reading Glen Beck Sippin that teabooks and find out whats really going on..

  • Saved

    I bet their daughters lap dance for black men.


    Remember all those “F#ck A Thug” people ya’ll be crackin on; we’re going to need them. There’s NOTHING a black man can do that will make me choose a white man over him!!!

  • WithAllHonesty

    When the going gets tough, many white people look for a scapegoat to blame and beat. As a group they’re not use to hard times and struggling.

  • WithAllHonesty

    I hear you, but those thugs love to shoot and kill one another but let the white’s slide on by or rough them up a little. Maybe it’ll change but I wouldn’t put all my eggs in that basket.

    • KEM WER

      I can agree with you, but it’s only because of their misguidance that they’re like this. We’ve failed to properly instruct and guide the youth. With the proper guidance and instruction we would be unstoppable!!!

  • wetback


  • 7lady

    Oh I believe it. That internet tell it all. You can’t even read the comments on utube and go to that site my gawd you would be like hell nawl at the way people think.

    • The Cynic

      U don’t even have to go to petty informal sites like that. I see bigoted & hateful comments on sites like the NYT & Huffington Post.

  • KT

    I bet some of the idiots posting about the mexicans are black and don’t realize that once they finish with the mexicans the blacks are next.This hate thing is really out of hand now.

    • wetback


  • Mabel

    You wouldn’t believe some of the ppl who are joining these groups, they are your bosses, doctors, teachers…trust nobody because the days of the uneducated, ugly, white supremacist is pretty much behind us.


    oh! that reminds me to schedule my time at the rifle range for saturday. 😉

  • if anything be noble

    Duh. They never went away, we just stopped talking about them like we’re playing peekaboo and if my eyes are closed, you disappear. They were on the news (and Oprah) day and night at one time… buying up ammo, buying half the states of Idaho, North Dakota and Montana, stockpiling water, dried foods and uzi’s, getting ready for “the upcoming race war” when we were talking about Timothy McVeigh and “militias” but suddenly they went “away?” These folk aint go nowhere. We just call them “Teabaggers,” “Right wingers” “Jared Loughner” or “Guy at Walmart.”

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    I don’t believe it. The SPLC is trying to drum up funds. I never see any of these groups. Where are they?

  • what

    talk about fear mongering by Potok and the SPLC goons, half the socalled hate groups all have fbi all up in em, bs, these guys want to shut down all free speech, bump that…they keep telling us al quaeda gonna get us all but christmas underwear bomber was helped onto the plane by an un-named govt agency..according to the US State Dept, look it up chumps…stop lying and fear mongering SPLC, we don’t believe you, you need more people

  • Natives Mom

    I HATE to agree with you as well. Just tired of being prayed on…Damnnnn BM can we just get some basic help?

  • The Cynic

    The crap I see on the internet about Black ppl & others EVERYDAY, I believe it.

  • daisy jay

    Thank you.

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!


    I’m Ready!

    • ikeepit100!

      I’m on deck ready….

  • GOLDiE

    what about the crips, bloods, vice lords, latin kings, etc.?!?

    • KEM WER

      Just misguided and in need of the proper instruction. If we could channel their rage and anger against their natural enemy they would be an unstoppable force. Think the al-Murabitun scholarly warriors.

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      @ KEM WER

      Rage and anger gets you nowhere. Europeans didn’t take over the world with rage and anger, just cold efficiency. If you fill your armies with the worst among you, don’t expect success.

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      @ KEM WER

      Also, I had never heard of the al-Murabitun so I looked them up. They sound like losers. If you want to model your forces after success, emulate the Israeli Defense Forces.

    • KEM WER

      What part of scholarly warriors did you not understand? What part of misguided and in need of instruction did you not understand? You know nothing of the Sanhaja al-Murabitun Moors who conquered and civilized Hispana. These were learned disciplined spiritual warriors. I’m not modeling anybody after no IsRATlies fudge packin albinos.

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      @ KEM WER

      You want to start with undisciplined, uncivilized, uneducated criminals who are unable to function in the society they live in and are a drain on their own neigborhoods and train them to fight like a group form the middle ages who lost all the land that they conquered. Sounds like a recipe for success.

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      That gives me an idea. I am going to round up all of the meth heads and teach them to fight like Roman Centurions. I will be unstoppable.

  • DeeezNutz

    Ummm, The Black Panther Party was far from a hate group. More like awareness. Lord how old are most of you that post on here. Youngin’s take note

    • Getem

      I know right!

    • Himmiler himself

      They failed to do anything

  • Himmiler himself

    Blacks are all talk very little action.

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    The Nazi in the front looks like a young Tom Arnold.

  • Mike

    I’ve noticed most people who are offended by this are people that respond to it with racism towards white people. White people are evil? Yes they are, not because they’re white but because they’re human. Humanity is evil in general. Way to counter racism with more racism.

  • Ryan


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