L.A. Reid’s Youngest Seed Is Taking Another Shot At This Music Thing— Not So Much!!!

- By Bossip Staff

L.A. Reid is the president of one of the biggest urban labels in the music industry, but can’t seem to do anything for his son, Aaron Reid’s, career. Last time we heard from Aaron, a chick’n he was choppin’ down put his ________ parts on the internet.

Now he’s trying to do this music thing for the second time around with a new jawn called “Crazy Luv”….

Tell Us What You Think— Hate It or Love It?!?!

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  • Dood

    not a bad song but the lyrics are somewhat unimpressive..sharpen ya writing skillz…and man the weight….u got way bigger it seems…i dont think girtls will go for that man cuz u just too dayumn big…its nt about bein skinny..its about bein healthy..and the weight is a a prollem

  • starr

    loose the weight.
    songs ok.
    but if you were buff…wooo child you nd trey songz wud be fighting. :p

    • Jordan

      yeah about 150lbs…!

  • ts

    I think he’s adorable and the song is way hotter than many that are in regular rotation. Some people are just bigger than others, and if he WANTS to lose weight, then he should for his health, not because the world said it. Dude is way cuter, but imagine the opposition Puff met when he signed the now legendary Biggie Smalls. Go for it all the way Aaron, and I’ll be praying that you will fare well in the shallow waters of the music industry.

  • RMEs

    I have to agree with Jenny Jones he doesn’t have the “IT” factor. I’m not sure if its his weight because Rick Ross seems to be doing fine musically (and prob groupie wise). This guy’s talent is average and that’s really the bottom line. And just an aside: I can’t believe Pebbles is his mom. Wow.

    • Dottie

      Pebbles was one of the most beautiful women ever but none of her genes are showing up in this boy. His attitude stinks too. I can’t stand kids who think their the ish because their parents are. We could overlook Luther’s weight because of his amazing talent. This kid, not so much.


    he looks like a bloated usher and as to his voice he sound better than some of these singers. Am i the only one that thinks his weight is unhealthy but way the fact that he is l.a reid son, i think he needs a whole room full of treadmill and get on a died of wheat and soy all day

  • foxy lady

    Nice song. He’s young and still has the time to get polish. The weight should not be a major factor. Besides he comes from a muscial family. If this is what he wants to do he should go for it like everybody else does!!!

  • kray

    i liked it

  • grey eyed bandit

    Please do not compare to Rick Ross! He turns me off everytime he thinks he should grace the world with his gruesome belly! NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF! I like the song and I like nothing but thick boys (luv me some Ice Cube) but this kid is OBESE…and does need to lose some weight to make it.

  • Interestinggg

    Not bad at all.
    I like it

  • 100milesperhour

    I rememeber him from My Super Sweet 16, what a douche! He won’t make it far b/c his attitude stinks like garbage.

  • the one

    oh sorry…the question was “hate it or love it”?

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  • the one

    we see what you’re into…

  • Mrs. Rance

    The song is super hot. The production is so on point. I just need lil man to sing out a little more.

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