Guess Which Young Chocolate Tender Is Chopping This Down With No Strings Attached

- By Bossip Staff

Self-proclaimed D-Lister Kathy Griffin has been getting it in all over Hollyweird with a New Black Kid On The Block whose bare chest and body of work are both designed to make women resent their men. Can you guess who it is?

Yes. That is the “Old Spice Guy” Isaiah Mustafa.

A source tells me that Griffin and Mustafa first met months ago. Maybe it was back in August at the Creative Arts Emmys, where they did a joint interview on the red carpet with our own Kristin Dos Santos? Not longer after that, Griffin tweeted a pic of the two of them with the post reading, “A gift from me 2 u. Here I am with the super hot Old Spice Guy. Feel free to photoshop ur face over mine.”

Our source says they started spending more time together within the last month or so. The source wouldn’t describe the relationship as “romantic,” but says, “They’re getting to know each other.”

Mustafa was not only spotted at Griffin’s Trevor Project benefit concert in L.A. in December, but the two were also together earlier this month at Cher’s final performance of her Las Vegas show. I actually saw them at the Sin City airport the following morning hopping on a flight back to L.A.

Mustafa was also with Griffin at the Grammys last week. Then last night, they were spotted sitting together and chatting at the Costume Designer Guild Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

His rep says they’re just friends who “have a blast hanging out” which is pretty much Hollyweird code for “he’s blowing her back out every chance he gets.”

Now sistahs, before you get mad at Isaiah and his cougar-bait-swirl-steez, understand this one isn’t one of ours at all.

This is the last chick Isaiah was linked to:


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  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    man these white women are running out of their race like crazy!! and this old looking woman … wtf??

    • gsxg

      “Mocha & Milk” is a perfect match like “black & white” people

      😛 ~~~Bla c k’w h it e’F li rts. C” 0- M~~~ 😛

      The most success ful interra-cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your swee t “milk” or “mocha”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too lon g for you !!

      Give it a try, you will have a d at e soon !! 😉

    • Greeneyez

      Oh Hell Naw!!! Say it isnt so….lol

    • yt

      lmfao only a black man could brag about banging Kathy Griffin

  • TheDimplePuppet


  • Africanking

    Dating out of your race is actually a beautiful thing. Two of my last ex were non-blacks and they were good girls. My last ex was black and she was the worst but that doesn’t stop me from dating different flavor of girls. I might try older non-fat women next 🙂

    • kerry

      Instead of looking for dates, your boot lipped @ss should be swatting those tse tse flies around your head. lol@”african king” More like red lipped watoosi.

    • kerry

      LMFAO@AFRICAN KING. You sound more like a tse tse fly infested, boot lip Watoosi.

    • kerry

      Oops I didn’t think the first comment posted. That’s ok…you can have them both.

    • Thaddious

      Excuse Kerry, Black God.

      Most African-Americans are more aware than that.

      Yet, many have been influenced by the racist portrayals of Africans by the white media.


    I got ZERO problem with his “Swirling”. I might strongly suggest he UP HIS GAME…however.

    • derek.d

      Thank you.

      Neve Campbell to…. Kathy Griffin??? WTF?! Talk about a DOWNGRADE.

      He needs to get in touch with Taraji Henson’s publicist… It’s a sin that woman’s walking around single. And it’s gotta be more pleasant to wake up to Taraji’s lovely face than waking up to… ugh… Fail.

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Damn he went from her to that…

  • Jay the Real One

    It’s not true gullible people.

  • ok

    That Old Spice money ain’t gone last forever, I guess a brotha gotta keep the checks comin in.

  • Getem

    He’s a hotties so he can do so much better.

    • DeeezNutz

      @ Getem, so agree, I know it ain’t all about the looks, but come on Mustafa, or however you spell it. Neve looks really nice it that pic. thats the girl from Scream aint it.

  • Whateva

    Definite drop off from Neve. Older women do have more experience with the neck action though.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Is that so? lol…not losing any sleep over ole boy anyways…he’s handsome tho

    • DivisionAvenue

      im handsome too lol

    • DivisionAvenue

      hey baby i missed u

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      Hey Emmett,I see you boo lol

  • Marsha

    Never mind all of that! Is she FALLING out of the car??? Now That’s more interesting!!! LMAO!!!!

  • kerry

    He is a friend of yours? Well tell him the next time he sits on a horse in rolled up white capris, to not arch his back like he wants a kilebasa in his cakes.

  • Brownie

    LMAO @ he’s not one of ours at all

  • Msvlicious

    Ummm I Thought He Was Gay???( Justsaying)

  • DivisionAvenue

    uh oh 7lady is gonna pop a blood vessel when she see this lol

  • Nana

    @Kerry u are a fool!! Bwhhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaa


    Hey Mustafa, look at your girl now look at mine look at your girl now look at mine…….. she makes you wanna leave the one your with that’s for damn sure… Kathy get’s two thumbs down, the milks gone bad on that one…

    • ChocolateNightmare

      LMAO. U r too much

  • Mike

    He went from Neve Campbell to Kathy Griffin?

  • Raf

    MMMMM Look at Mustafah. I’d sure like to taste his cakes lol

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    Don’t know if this is true or not, but it seems like both have a good sense of humor. She was dating Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple before. This guy is a completely different type. I guess she likes variety.

  • satch

    i bet kathy is a lot of FUN!!!!!! where it counts

  • Mr. Watson

    Who cares! Lmao!

    If u enjoy reading Poetry, check out my poetry blog at ! Or just click on my name, it should take u there! Comments r appreciated!!!!!

  • Boomboomroom I's poisen da White peoplez!!

    Ummm SHE IS GROSS!! Funny BUT GROSS!! I doubt this story is TRUE!!



  • BeautifulBiracial

    Ewwwwww…Kathy should have gotten herself a white man!

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      i agree, plenty of white men out there for her ole butt!

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