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A member of Kim’s publicist team:

“There are a lot of angry Black women on your site”

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The text interview with pictures from our site that Kim brings up after the jump.

Kim: Hi, Marv.

Marv: Hey, Kim, how are you today?

Kim: I’m good how are you?

Marv: Good, you know this is the interview that our readers have been waiting for…

Kim: Yes, and I’m here to give it to you. Let’s get started, I’m traveling so…sorry we’re calling you a little late.

Marv: I know, you said you were like double-booked and everything, but…

Kim: Yeah

Marv: Um, you’ve definitely acquired a love/hate fan base this year, most of which have no idea what you do for a living, so can you like give us exactly what you do? I know you’re in the fashion industry making moves, let them know a little bit, you know, your ambitions, etc.

Kim: Actually, probably what a lot of people don’t know is that my father started a company called Movie tunes …which is all the music that you hear in all the movie theaters…

Marv: Ok.

Kim: …when your waiting for the movies to start…I worked for him in his office for eight years. And when he passed away, he left the company to me and my sisters and my brother…and with our team helped run the company and which is now recently in the process of selling the company. So at that time I kind of branched away a little bit, being that fashion is my life and what I love, and opened up a clothing store called Dash in Calabasas (California) which is a high-end women’s clothing boutique with my two sisters and we also have a kid’s clothing store right next door called Smooch, so um, once we decided to sell the company it kinda freed up a lot of time and allowed me and my sisters to do what we like to do and open up a clothing store. And we’re going online, and gonna have an online store in about two weeks Dash.com.

Marv: Ok, that sounds cool.

Kim: Yeah, we have a reality show with the whole family…

Marv: Ok, I was actually gonna ask you if we should be looking out for any reality TV from you in the future.

Kim: Definitely, it’s something that has been in the works for a long time time, my stepdad is Bruce Jenner and he has four kids from his previous marriage and my mom has four kids, so…

Marv: It’s kinda like the Brady Bunch…

Kim: They call us the Brady Bunch. It’s very funny that you say that, it’s like eight of us then, they had two together, and so it’s basically like, kind of like an Osbourne type show…I don’t know if you’ve seen “Hogan Knows Best”, you know Bruce, my stepdad, it’s kind of a mix between the two…it’s very cute, we all have such different personalities…six girls and one boy, out of the six kids that my mom had all living in and out of the house, kinda crazy and we’re very family oriented. It will be very funny.

Marv: Ok, that’s something that we can look out for.

Kim: Definitely.

Marv: With your “Kim K Superstar” sex tape that was directed by Ray-J, initially you denied the tape and said that it didn’t exist, then it surfaced… Afterwards you stated that the tape wasn’t pre-meditated and there weren’t any profit motives involved. You have obviously have received both financial gain and publicity from its release. Do you think that that hurts your credibility at all to an extent, or…?

Kim: Um, you know what, I think that when there were rumors of it was coming out, they were saying some ridiculous things, just some disturbing things that had gone on, that I have never even experienced or done in my life. Um, I know that even you guys put up saying that someone on the tape got urinated on, you know, just really some degrading things that I never experienced. So when they were saying all these ridiculous things, of course didn’t think it was true because none of the information was accurate.

Marv: Ok.

Kim: I didn’t believe it for a long time, so when people asked me, you know, I didn’t know what to say…like there’s no tape, meaning there’s no tape that’s coming out, you guys are all wrong. And later when I did hear that it was purchased and you know, obviously it freaked me out and I was in disbelief for so long because all the information was so inaccurate, so not true that I thought everyone’s just totally making this up.

Marv: So was it Ray-J making it up or just people…

Kim: I have no idea how any of that information came about…I’ve heard so many different ridiculous things, so you really don’t know what to believe. But none of it was true so I was like ok, nothing is really coming out, I obviously was well aware that I did make a tape, but I don’t think that my making a settlement with them hurt my credibility. I chose to take a lesser settlement in order for the tape to be stopped. I feel like I succeeded in my goal to have the tape stopped. So that was very important to me and it’s no longer for sale and I achieved that in my settlement.

Marv: So what’s your current opinion of Ray-J right now, are you guys cool, or you don’t talk to him….?

Kim: Um, that was someone that was in my life for years his sister was my best friend, I was close with his family a vice versa. You know, I’m the type of person where I try to remember the good things, you know, that was someone that I chose that was in my life for a reason.

Marv: Right.

Kim: At that time my father was sick, he was definitely someone who took my mind off things that was going on in my life. I felt like I couldn’t have done without him. We do not have communication anymore, um, and we’ll leave it at that.

Marv: Ok, a few of the Bossip readers sent in some before and after photographs suggesting that you underwent plastic surgery, not only for booty and breast augmentation, but for facial features as well…Is that true?

Kim: That’s absolutely not true. What’s funny is that I saw some of the before pictures and the after pictures,and the before pictures were actually taken after the supposed after pictures.

Marv: Well the picture that they sent me was well it seemed like it was a really old picture, like a black and white picture of you in a bikini you were little.

Kim: I think it was like a picture of me in a bikini top.

Marv: You look really young.

Kim: Yes, I was like twelve. I was twelve years old in that picture and they enhanced my nose in that picture. I know exactly what picture you are talking about, I was in Cabo, St. Lucas on a family trip on spring break, I was twelve years old, so I hope my breast would have grown a little bit.

Marv: Yeah your breast should’ve grown since then.

Kim: And it’s a picture from the front, so you can’t even see me from the back, so of course from 12 years old, and they enhanced my nose in the picture, which I think is so ridiculous. I’ve seen that. Um, I’ve had no plastic surgery and I think it’s kinda ridiculous and I don’t know if I should take it as a compliment or as flattery.

Marv: It might be a compliment.

Kim: But I’ve never…trust me it’s all about the Victoria Secret Push-up and water bra…

Marv: Right.

Kim: No, actually, I always thought my nose was a little big, but I guess people think that I had it done and I guess I should take it as a compliment. I am not against plastic surgery whatsoever.

Marv: Ok.

Kim: So, if I’m older and definitely after I have kids I might need to get a breast lift if that something that I might choose to do, but I’m not the type of person that will ever be too afraid to admit you now, something that I’ve done.

Marv: I know you’ve had a lot of photoshoots recently, one including Playboy how was that experience and why didn’t you get naked?

Kim: I definitely had a lot of photoshoots, Playboy is not something I can talk about, but is something that is in the works would not be a nude pictorial. Um, I think people also kinda have misinformation on that people think that I’ve done it or I haven’t done it…I can’t comment on right now, but if it’s something that I chose to do it would be tasteful like Mariah Carey like Cindy Crawford…it would be like they call it the celeb pictorial where it is something that is not nude whatsoever.

Marv: Ok, if you were stranded on a deserted island would you rather have company of Denzel Washington or George Clooney?

Kim: George Clooney! I was gonna say if you asked me any person I would say George Clooney (laughs).

Marv: (Laughing) Would you?

Kim: Yeah. He’s very handsome.

Marv: He is. So basically with our site it’s a black site, so now I have to ask you questions based off of that. Would you say your preference for dating is dating black men?

Kim: Um, no, I think that people probably think that because they see me with hanging out with friends or the few people that I’ve dated have been, but there have also been a few people that I dated that have not been, that have been Hispanic or white.

Marv: Right, and that’s been recently? We just need to clear up some things.

Kim: I don’t have a taste either, I don’t think…everyone can give their…I just said George Clooney was cute, but there are very few…I mean I don’t look at a lot of people and say oh I think Brad Pitt is cute or have a taste …I have to know the person and see part of their personality because that’s what makes them more attractive to me. It can be any race, it doesn’t really matter to me.

Marv: So pretty much you feel that the mainstream media outlets label you as promiscuous is because you’re photographed with a lot of different men, I mean is that pretty much it? Can you explain your relationships with some of these guys you’ve been photographed with?

Kim: Um, I think that people are so quick to judge, I mean just a photograph you know, and I understand everyone wants to make someone a target, but some of the people even you have put up on your site that I have never even met before.

Marv: Like who for example?

Kim: To be honest with you, I don’t even know his name. It’s this one guy I was at this party with a few friends the photographer asked the group to get together to take a picture and I turned around and took a picture with someone and up on your site, it said I dated him and I don’t even know his name. But underneath it you wrote something like “I hit it” or something like that.

Marv: Oh, I know who you’re talking about the guy with the glasses.

Kim: Yeah, that guy, I don’t even know who he is…but there are different people that I’ve taken photographs with, whether it’s The Game who happens to be a good friend of mine, who was actually engaged to a friend of mine. I’ve known him for years, before he was even in the business. Um he wanted to come out, or it’s just one picture and they assume that I’ve slept with this person. There are pictures of Marques Houston who happens to be my boss. He and Chris Stokes have a clothing line Christopher Brian that I’m the spokesmodel for and there’s pictures of us at the airport, which I could probably understand that a little more than just a picture of me standing next to someone. However, we were on a business trip and if you zoomed out you can probably see the seven people that were with us traveling. It’s noone I would ever…

Marv: Right.

Kim: You know, it’s just not true, and you know someone like Evan Ross, he’s my friend Chudney’s little brother, and someone that I look at like a little brother. So, it’s like…I’m standing next to Claudia Jordan and I’m a lesbian, and it’s like what can you do?…

Marv: Reggie Bush?

Kim: Um, We’re friends, he’s a good guy.

Marv: Ok. Any other…I received emails, and I’m trying to get all my questions in. Someone asked about Pharrell as well…

Kim: Yeah, that one is funny to me. It said a while ago that I was dating Pharrell, and I hadn’t even met him at the time. And then I met him at a party, and you know, it had said we had gone home together or something. I was with someone that I was dating, you know, I think I was with Nick. And it said we had gone home together. And he (Nick) was there to laugh at it. I was recently in New York at this Lorraine Schwartz diamond party and it said I was trying to talk to Pharrell and trying to meet Pharrell when I had already met him. So, I know him now but it said I couldn’t get with him or couldn’t meet him, so I went home with Fabolous. I just met Fabolous for two seconds that night.

Marv: Like he was your second choice since you didn’t get to meet Pharrell.

Kim: Yeah and that was ridiculous. Even the next day, I was doing an interview for VH1 and Fabolous walked by and was like you know give this girl a break. I’ve met her one time, then go home with her that’s ridiculous.

Marv: Yeah he was on that Who’s Dated Who website with you there’s a big list of people.

Kim: Yeah he actually just walked by and says give this girl a break, you guys are being ridiculous. I mean none of that’s true. I mean, the thing about me is if I dated these people, I wouldn’t care. I don’t have any regrets, I don’t hide anything, I’m not ashamed of anything. If I did it I would just say I’m young, I was trying to live my life, but that is not the case. I had a boyfriend then that I was with for many years, and I was married for four years and had my relationship with Ray.

Marv: So you got married pretty young?

Kim: Yeah I was married right when I turned 19 to 22.

Marv: Wow, what made you get married so young?

Kim: I got married because, I clearly was young and it wasn’t the best choice. I definitely learned a lot from it and I don’t have regrets ever. While my friends were at college acting stupid I was at home learning how to be a wife and running my dad’s business, but you know there were problems from the start, I think that I thought things would go away if you got married. It was an insecurity thing that I have definitely learned from. I taught all my friends and my little sisters how to not let…I’m not that person anymore. So if I could go through it so the people close to me would know what not to do then it was worth it all, because I’ve learned so much from it.

Marv: I know you have a time limit so I’m gonna wrap this up. Do you have any final words basically in an effort to clear up any misunderstandings or extirpate your status and let everyone know what’s really good.

Kim: As far as misconception, you make mistakes, like I said I don’t have regrets. I’m the kind of person that takes responsibility for it and you know I have to deal with it. I learn from everything that I do. I work very hard, I have so many things as far as like my store, still dealing with my dad’s company, a I have a closet organizing business, selling things on ebay. Um, you know, I’ve just had enough of people misrepresenting me. Get to know me and see who I am. People are so quick to judge and so quick to pick on someone and they can be completely wrong. And um, that’s really it.

Marv: Well, I can respect that thank you for taking the time out to talk to us, and I wish you well with all your endeavors.

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