**Bossip Exclusive**In Housewife News: NeNe “Leakes” The Real Reason Why Lisa Hartwell Was Told To Kick Rocks From The Show

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like someone wasn’t keepin’ it funky about her extracurricular activities…

According to a Bossip source NeNe Leakes has been poppin’ off at the mouth, puttin’ Lisa Hartwell on blast about her secret affair with R&B has-been Keith Sweat. Apparently Lisa had been dealing with Sweat for some time, but was doing her best to keep the tryst away from her producers. Once word got out they began to pressure her into sharing the relationship on the show and she was unwilling to do so. When they started to feel that she was withholding more of her life from the cameras it was decided that she would not be asked to participate in the following seasons.

In hindsight it’s all good. Nobody liked seeing Lisa high-falutin’ azz no way, nobodyyyyyy baaaaaabaaaay!

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  • Mo

    I don’t believe it. Lisa Wu wasarried to Keith Sweat and he abused her. Why would she go back to him?

    • MyReason

      That’s because this story is fabricated, like most of the nonsense on this site.

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    • tommykimon

      @ Willie, I heard the same thing on a diffent gossip site. I don’t believe this story either.

  • Kadadah

    NeNe is such a self-hating moose!

  • 1luv

    y’all wrong for that…but i thought she and keith didn’t get along cause she still owed him money.

  • Diane P

    doesn’t she have kids w/keith sweat?? he has custody & wouldn’t allow them to be on the show..um it doesn’t sound like it’s a secret..keith sweat isn’t a has been, he’s sold millions of records & sells out everywhere he goes!

    • kerry


    • The Ugly Truth

      And has a radio show tht is doing well too. I love to listen 2 “The Apology Hr”- – ppl call in with some CRAZY stories

      Keith aint worried about money

    • dawnieang

      exactly how dare there call keith sweat a has-been
      The man deserves more respect than that…….

    • LOL

      Not to mention that satellite radio program he’s got goin’…

  • Kadadah

    ANYYYWAAAAYYYYY…I guess it IS bash NeNe month…that b*tch is a fkn jealous, miserable witch. Karma’s a b*tch & explains why her fkn life is teetering on the brink of disaster. Nene said it best on the very 1st episode of this season…”I’m just try’n 2 get my happy back.” Ne-gro plz.

  • Ms ParKer

    This Story is Not True, QuarterBaCk NeNe is just bitter, jealous & always trying to start DraMa because nobody wants her UgLy a$$…PluNk…LOL

  • dev

    That’s is totally untrue keith sweat is her ex husband and babys dad

  • lesbiyonna

    I dont believe this story

  • Ms ParKer

    NeNe KeeP Yr PlasTiC NoSe Out of PeoPle BusiNess….PluNk PluNk

  • The Original "Brown Hornet"

    And you would believe Mrs. Ed?

  • The Ugly Truth

    I dnt believe it!

    Lisa & Keith do NOT get along at all. Keith has custody of their kids & has made several derogatory comments about Lisa as a mtr

  • 504_MsGV

    This is a d@mn LIE!

  • frankie

    Lies all lies nene and lisa are very good friends. I hope she sues yoy guys for this false story.

  • Desi

    Ha! LOL Whoever fabricated this story really deserves an award. LOL Lisa makes it no secret that she was married to Keith Sweat and that he abused her in their relationship. She also says the reason why she didn’t come back to the show was because of her children. It has nothing to do with her relationship with Keith. LOL She didn’t want to put her children out there for the world to see and that whole situation.

  • Cindyb62

    And secondly, Keith Sweat didn’t want his kids exposed to the public like that, he has custody of the kids due to Lisa having a drug problem while they were married. This was all reported in Essence 2 years ago!

  • Sexygrandmom

    I wish Lisa was still on i thought she and her husband seem to love each other.I miss her.

  • DeeezNutz

    I believe what this site is trying to get across is, Lisa Wu & Keith at some point or another, rekindled their romance from way bak in the day, and they are once again knocking the boots. At least that’s how I took it. But regardless I don’t believe that. I do believe however, that Keith Sweat was “Sweating” her azz hard & wanted her back for a long time. And I think one of the real reasons he wouldn’t allow the kids on the show is because he was hurt & still jealous. Plain & simple. I mean anybody can put those facts together.

    But dang Ne-Ne was so pretty back then. I wish she had of stayed natural, and not resulted to having any type of plastic surgery. She should’ve kept it all, teeth, sagging boobies (which didn’t look all that bad to me) and especially the nose. I hope you kept your receipt back from that procedure sista.

  • donella

    Lisa has kids with keith sweat & that’s it

  • Troi Dustin

    Lisa is on Twitter. She just said: “@NeNeLeakes it’s sad that u wld stoop to this level. U don’t want me to go there with u. I feel sorry 4 u.” Dramaaaaaaa!!! You heard it here first, people!

  • Troi Dustin

    Oooooh, juicy! She also said:

    “@neneleakes u need to give me a call.”

    “Sum ppl will never change regardless of how good you treat them. Not worth my time or energy.”

    “I cld really go in and expose but it’s not my style.”

  • freddyflo

    Only one person had the truth (well the whole truth). Thanks for the clarity Cindy? 🙂

  • Troi Dustin

    Nene on Twitter said:”Some people believe anything even bloggers! Bless yo heart”

  • Uguess

    No offense but who cares what NeNe says that’s why she is alway yelling ! Moo moo mooooooo lol!

  • no comment

    NeNe did not give this interview and say what she is being accused of.

    NeNe is clearly on her game cause everybody is coming for her head even Lisa

  • trail

    So why would nene feel the need to put someones biz out there like that. Rather its true or not, that could have an impact on her marriage. I dont believe this story..I do think nene is petty as hell but id like to think she is better than this

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