Dear Bossip: I’m Sleeping with My Cousin’s Husband

- By Bossip Staff

Dear Bossip I have a problem that I can’t talk to anyone close to me about. I’ve been sleeping with my cousin’s husband for 9 months and I don’t know what to do. I know that I’m wrong and deceitful and will probably go to hell for it but I want this to stop now. In the beginning I thought I was justified because she does treat him like sh*t and talk to him like a child. I thought I was showing him how he should be loved. I have some very nasty ways about me and I’m working hard to fix them. I’ve been going to church and I know it sounds corny but I’ve been saved and when I finally gave my life to Jesus I cried and I cried fro days because I’ve been living a lie for so long. I will be honest I did sleep with him twice since my salvation but I can’t do this anymore. I don’t know how to stop it because he’s always calling me and texting and if he can’t reach me he’ll just show up to my house!!! I want this to stop and it will stop but how do I live with this secret because I refuse to break up a happy home. I’m in desperate need of advice! Please help!

Good day to you, sis! Thank you for writing in and sharing your story. You’ve got a very triangular situation going down and one party (your cousin), obviously, has no idea that you’ve been sleeping with her husband. Thankfully, through the help of your fellowship and God, you’ve come to realize the errors in your ways and you want to correct them. However, once you get right with the Man above, please know that the work has just begun! Temptation will become greater and you will be met with many challenges making it more difficult to stay on a righteous path. Sooo, when it comes to you sexing up your cousin’s husband, tell him “NO,” for starters, followed by “I won’t be seeing you anymore.” If he shows up to your house, don’t answer! Change your number. After so many attempts he’s sure to get the point and move on. If you truly want this to stop, it will.

As you venture deeper into your spiritual quest, you will learn that everything that is done in the dark will come to light, it’s inevitable truth! So, the fact that you’re willing to cleanse yourself, your spirit and your ways but continue to keep your affair with your cousin’s husband a secret is counterproductive, no? But again, there’s the power of choice that we have as individuals, it’s beautiful and beastly all at the same time. So you should choose to never sleep with him again. Choose not to participate in sneaking around and sleeping with a married man. Make better life decisions! Make the decision and stand by it because, from what you’ve written, it seems you’ve got a weakness for this man – your cousin’s husband.

There is no easy way to part from these types of situations because someone always ends up getting hurt and in some cases, unfortunately, families are torn apart. These are the results poor decision making and so many people suffer when you act out of lust and selfishness. We all fall prey to those thoughts and desires and as hard as it may be to resist indulging, more than likely it’s the most responsible thing to do. Ma, things will unfold in time but right now you should stay in prayer, leave that man alone and work on you! But you must stop doing what you’re doing. You’d be surprised how well the word “no” works. Just say no, ma! Just say no.

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  • Nana

    “I’ve been sleepin wit him twice since my SALVATION”….aahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa

    Salvation?? Bish puh leaseeee…

    Let’s see wat the CHURCh has 2 say……….

    • DollBaby1o1

      Made up story. Both stories have the same writing styles/voice =)

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  • that's crazzy crazzy

    Ok all you family f**king and free f**king JOES and HOES shoot yourselves now before you breed!


    • ThickLikeCornbread

      I know a dude who prides himself off of sleeping with his family’s mates/ex-mates/jump-offs, etc

  • Nana

    Lmaoo @that’s crazzy crazzy CHURCH!!!!!

    Where is brother @nymphis and sister @rose????


  • The Ugly Truth

    Hunney Chile, u need more than salvation rite now

    Tht man seems to have fallen in love with u (or atleast ur p^ssy)

    It was NOT ur job to “show him how he needs to be loved”

    U need to cut this relationship off NOW & start praying for Grace & Mercy cuz u will need it….. SOON!

    • Shay

      Exactly!! Why didn’t she just state to her own cousin that her man needed to be treated better and give her some pointers?? Scandalous! If she wanted to change, she would have. She either likes the feeling of being needed, she really likes/loves him, or she’s a skank! LMBO!!

  • 90's baby

    as tanisha would say “yous a skeet skeet b!tch”

  • kabba

    Why is it that everytime someone wants to get their life together everyone downs them?! Do you and sto doing him… then afer a while tell your cousin because even though its going to get crazy, its beter to hear it from you than from anyone else. But you just might get punched in the mouth…..

  • JayBeezy

    Damn thats deep hopefully ur strong enuff to move on dont beat urself up over this just leave him alone

  • that's crazzy crazzy

    Nymphis did you read what he said he was going do on Oprah? Dude got me trolling his post for Tell Rose to sign up lol

  • Mimi Lo

    She should have been advised to not only stop the relationship but to tell her cousin what has been going on as well. It’s not a happy home if he’s humping the fam! He will do it to someone else and the cousin needs to know what type of man she’s dealing with. Yes it will hurt in the beginning but it will hurt less that getting HIV or some other incurable disease from that cad!!

  • La

    Damn thats sad now if i found out my cousin and husband were messing around my cousin and that nigg would be in the hospital in critical condition cause that deserves a major a*s beating cause honey theirs more d**K out there in this world to be f**kinnnn your cousinnns dude even if she treated him like s**t thats their problem not yours b***hhhhh must be ugly to pulll any other niggs

  • Love'em & Leave'em

    In the words of Terry from Soul Food “F*ck the family, I let the family in my house & the family fckd my husband” The things people do for attention..

    • karma

      Right on time!

  • Soopaflhi

    What BETRAYAL…you should tell your cousin…be a woman since you was womanly enough to sleep with her husband & come between God’s union. TELL HER, then REPENT, & NEVER DO IT AGAIN! Either way this is way too messy your cousin IS going to find out either way so you might as well be the one to tell her! U SCANDELOUS THOUGH….who needs enemies with family like this!

  • Y'all Be Trippin'

    Stop now or when your cousin finds out – she is gonna kick your azz and no one would blame her.

    And the husband, I hope he get his azz kicked too by her male cousins/uncles/daddy


    What you need is a beat down in the name of Jesus!!
    I don’t care how a person treats their mate,that doesn’t have a damn thing to do with you..Well,i guess you’re just like many other women that think with their private parts.Stop trying to put the lord into this,you’re just a tramp..

  • lele29

    Damn! Ladies not only do we have to worry about these street tree birds sleeping with our man now we have to worry about the caged birds in our home. dammn! damn! damn!

  • nymphis

    We should pay cheaters to bust this trick on national tv.

  • Greeneyedbandit


  • wildcherry666

    She needs to pack up and move to another state. This better not be my cousin Queenie.

    • Saved

      Ha ha Ha. LMAO…

    • mouthpiece

      LMAO!!I am rolling on the floor right now.

  • Nana

    Lmaoo @wildcherry too funny!

  • ZeZee

    Is this for real!!? Wtf. That woman is going to kill y’all and rang your necks. That is disgusting. He’s sleeping with his wife’s cousin so the wife is basically sleeping with her cousin because he poking his dyck….smh

  • Mabel

    This story is complete BS. Get a tub of Vaseline and a Zucchini and have a blessed evening.

  • Saved

    Tell him your pregnant. That will get rid of him!!!

  • STFU

    ‘i’ve slept with him twice since my salvation’ – ignant black folk.
    jesus ain’t gna stop you sleeping with him, only you can do that dumb mofo.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    Forget this story feed…the pic is the story!!!


  • Ms Tee

    My sister If you have truly found salvation you know that you shall Reap what you sow, I made the mistake of messing with a married man and your really truly nothing to him but a side piece and thats it and a man always has some story about his wife which 9 times out of ten is a lie. If you don’t like the way your cousin treats him did you ever think the reason she treats him like that is proably the last side piece trust me you are not the first. GOD will send you your own man. praying for ya and your cousin.

    • karma

      Well said.

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