Crazy Couple Popped For Using A TASER To Discipline 13-Year-Old Boy, Charged With Child Abuse

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Wow…there must be something in the Florida water making all these folks do crazy ish:

A Florida couple who allegedly zapped a 13-year-old boy in their care with a stun gun to discipline him have been charged with child abuse, Tampa police said. Christopher Lewis, 22, and Deonijhane “Amy” Menifield, 19, were arrested earlier this week, Tampa police spokeswoman Janelle McGregor said. She said Lewis was a relative of the victim, a 13-year-old boy whose name is not being released for confidentiality reasons, and was taking care of him.

Lewis had bought the stun gun about a week before the arrest, police said. “Since that time, both suspects have been using the stun gun as a form of discipline against the victim,” according to a police statement. “The 13-year-old boy told one of the employees at his school what was going on, and the employee called the police,” McGregor said.”We noticed visible marks on the boy that were consistent with his story.” The teenager had been shocked on his upper thigh, cops said.

Lewis and Menifield were arrested at their Tampa home on Tuesday and were both charged with child abuse. Lewis also faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon. Police said that when they arrested him, he was carrying a 12-inch hunting knife in his jacket. A neighbor, Frances Helms, told ABC affiliate WFTS-TV that she watches the victim and saw the marks on the boy’s arms this week. “It looked like a burn mark,” said Helms.

“It’s terrible, I would never treat a son of mine like that. It shouldn’t be that way,” she said. Lewis told the station the teenager was his brother and denied using the stun gun on him. Police would not confirm the exact relationship between Lewis and the child.

Stun guns, originally developed for use by police, have been abused by private citizens in other recent incidents around the country. Last year in New Hampshire a couple were charged with using a stun gun on their three children, and in Jacksonville, Fla., a mother was charged with battery after she zapped a football coach with a stun gun during an argument.

It is legal in the state of Florida for ordinary citizens to possess stun guns, according to Deputy Dave Burney of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, as long as the guns are hand-held and do not have a “projectile device” like the TASER guns that are only legal for police use; those fire metal probes strung on thin wires which deliver a debilitating shock at a distance. 

We wonder where his real parents are and why these a$sholes were responsible for taking care of him???


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  • Really?!

    They both look as nutty as they’re accused of acting – especially the girl. These cuckoos should be tased in order to understand the pain they’ve inflicted on this child.

  • nymphis

    stun guns-the new extension cords

    • msblackvoices


  • Nana

    Serena Williams is that you???????

  • Nana

    Am sorry Venus is that you????

  • such and such

    Damn they went from switches off the trees, belts, and extention cords to tazing? the article should have been tagged when azz woopins go wrong.

    • msblackvoices

      Fa tru! LOL!!!!!!!!!



  • that's crazy crazzy

    Why is it whenever a cowardly couple get together he abuse her and they abuse some poor defenseless CHILD! HA HA your both going to jail your going catch a felony case and say goodbye to your right to work or vote!

    They both look like 2 folks abuse as children so you know they know better! BULLIES

  • Boomboomroom I's poisen da White peoplez!!

    Here we go!! The demonization of Black couples and the glorification of White/biracial couples. GTFOH!! No wonder why yall hate yourselves so much!!!




  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Bossip is f*cking with me today :( :(

    I too wonder where this child’s parents are and why a 22 year old and a 19 year old have a 13 year old with no clear relation in their custody? I am glad the boy spoke up. They did this to him multiple times! I hope they didn’t inflict any serious damage on this boy.

  • I See Phonies from a Mile Away

    You ruined your life when you appeared on television.

  • Elliott

    Whats missing from this story is what this boy did to make his people go out and get a stun gun …. these kids are so bad nowadays and I have to say that 13yr old prolly deserved it!!!

  • Brittany

    which one is the man

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