Husband Jumps Off An 80 Foot Cliff To Evade Police And Questions About His Wifes Murder!

- By Bossip Staff

Any detective worth his or her badge should pretty much assume that this guy is guilty as sin.

A husband suspected of killing his wife stunned police chasing him when he threw himself off an 80ft cliff.

David Viens, 47, incredibly survived the fall in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. He was rushed to hospital where he was today in a critical condition.

Detectives believe he was trying to commit suicide when he took the jump near the Point Vicente Interpretive Center yesterday morning.

If he survives, he is set to be charged with his wife Dawn’s murder.

Mrs Viens, 39, disappeared in October, 2009 and has not been seen since. Investigators have not recovered her body.

Viens, who now has a new girlfriend, never reported her missing. Police were only alerted when his wife’s sister raised the alarm.

But yesterday morning local newspaper the Daily Breeze reported that Viens was a ‘person of interest’ in the case.

The newspaper also reported that blood was found splattered on the walls of his home.

Mrs Viens was last seen leaving her husband’s Lomita, California restaurant, the Thyme Contemporary Cafe.

Damn homie, wouldn’t it have been just as easy (and a LOT less painful) to just hire a lawyer?? Just a thought. Carry on…


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  • 90's baby

    Good riddance.

    • fdsgd

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  • Nana

    Lmaooooo these muhfuggas would Revive and treat him…..then sentense him to life!!!!!

    Gotta love the justice system…..

    I say let the muhfugga DiE!

  • thats crazzy crazzy

    Dear God
    Please heal that dead woman’s man so he can go to jail for killings her. He could have jumped off the cliff and not kill her but he chose to break several of your 10 commandments. But that’s ok heal him anyway.

  • me


  • don't ask

    The police finally did a luminol test of his house looking for blood after more than a year. Now he’s going to have to recover from his injuries so the state can put him to death for his wife’s murder. Justice will prevail sooner or later.

  • jmagic

    just because he ran from the police and jumped off a cliff doesnt mean he’s guilty,i mean oj did it and he was found not guilty,Ray carruth did it also,they should look for the real killer

  • Beautiful Brown Queen...

    Whoa! I don’t know about this one. smh

  • Big B

    I see people laughing what is funny about this story? They should keep looking for the killer just to be certain

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Bossip is f*cking with me today :( :(

    Sounds like guilt to me. Don’t report her missing, already on to the next one? IDK but I don’t see myself jumping off an 80 foot cliff if I am innocent.

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