Come On, Man!!! You Cannot Be Serious…

- By Bossip Staff

This is a real product. Spotted on the shelves of our neighborhood superstore.

Who the hell created the DEMAND for spreadable bacon? What kind of fatassery is THAT!!! And they had the audacity to make a “light version”???

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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Only in the SOUTH more specigifically Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, thats where 90% of the population is HUGE

    • BayouSwampMan

      Dumb stuff happens everywhere, not just in the South genius. If you had been anywhere relevant, you would know that. However, “ignorance is bliss” so you must be happy all day.

    • TheRider

      Actually no, I live in California, the Bay Area, and I saw it at Raley’s.

    • klalov12

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  • Nana

    Precious Alert!!!!!!!
    Precious Alert!!!!!!!!
    Precious Alert!!!!!!

    • Kadadah

      Haaaaaa, it is 2 damn early 4 that!

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa... (ARSENAL MASH UP BARCELONA)

    only in America lool… I do not think that would be legal in the UK..
    But would anyone even eat that??

  • jmagic

    Seem like something some fat bycthes would spread on there bagels after spending 2hrs in the gym but only working out 10 minutes

    • Kadadah

      Haaaaaaaaaa, I fkn can’t. Pure comedy!

    • GA by way of CA

      i just choked on my chips reading this, haaaaaa.

  • lmfaowowwow

    lmao at these stupid comments! @wtf really wow! @nana ok crazy person who had a obsession with rihanna lmaowowwow!

  • lmfaowowwow

    btw… about the pic that’s pretty fat who ever invented that must be OBBBBBBBB!

  • stfu

    @wtf How do u get rihanna’s face out of some bacon flavored spread?? It happened 2 years ago! Stop beating a dead horse. (no pun)

  • Nana

    @lmfaowowow Yeah u don’t want none of this CRAZY!!!!!

  • Informed

    Actually the product was created in Seattle, Washington one of healthiest cities in the country. Additionally the creators of the product are Caucasian and not huge…read the back of the product and you will see their bio..

  • that's crazzy crazzy

    Opps up side ur head! Raise up off ” THE NANA”!


    y’all betta ask somebody.
    *in Dutch/Ed O’Neill voice*
    “nothin’ burps like bacon”

  • Allie

    *shakes head and walks away*

    • JenB

      I’m with you on this!

  • tommykimon

    Only in America, That’s why Americans are getting so big.

  • ZeZee

    Di-sgust-ing and greasy looking. I feel full and sick just looking at it.

  • Cloud


  • bouyant

    gross! what would anyone put that on?

  • Mabel

    I love bacon, but if this is lower in fat than regular bacon, it would be a wise alternative. I could see this product really taking off big time, what a novel idea.

  • SpicyCreole

    not only in America you damn fool, when I lived in the UK… them mofo would put a pound of butter on bread with meat and chow down. they use butter as a spread and would have jam with butter, ham and cheese with butter, marmite and butter. They do some of the most disgusting things there too and for a country so small, they have one of THE highest obesity levels world wide.

    • DeeezNutz

      @SpicyCreole~~you know you’re so right. I remember taking care of an elderly lady that was from the UK, and for luch she would request an All butter, Peanut Butter, Bacon & Banana sandwich, no lie. It usually had 4 pieces of white bread, a super thick layer of REAL butter on all 4 of the bread slices) about a total of a 2 cups of peanut butter & usually about a lb of bacon (16 slices in all). Oh yaeh & 2 bananas total cut up. I couldn’t believe it. She said that’s the way her whole family use to eat.

  • SpicyCreole

    and let’s not even get on people from the UK with their teeth and hygiene… ugh.

  • DeeezNutz

    Man this site can be so dramatic sometimes. SMH. I’ve never seen this product b4, but I’m sure if I stroll into any Trader Joes here in the Midwest I’d find a jar w/no problems. Or a Big Lots for that matter. Slow news day Huh? And folks wanna talk about fat Americans, in Holland they put goo-gobs of plain mayonaise on french fries. I actually prfer tartar sauce.

  • mixed bad chick

    This is freaking gross! Who makes up this type of ish? I’m gona be sick.

  • likostar

    “no pork on my fork”

  • Unico

    People already eat a sandwich with bacon and mayo, not sure what is so shocking about combining both and leaving them out individually, it cuts down on adding bacon and mayo.

    hmm. I find it funny personally.

  • brooklyn

    C’MON SON and the got the nerve to have the lite version smdh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B

    It’s bacon flavored sandwich spread. Can someone say colon cancer.

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