How did we totally miss the fact that Aubrey O’Day from… we’re not sure what set she claims these days, convinced someone to give her a reality show?

“All About Aubrey” debuts on Oxygen on March 7. And of course, Aubrey found a way to work Dawn Richard and That Dirty Money into her promotional strategy.

In an exclusive interview with That Grape Juice, Aubrey spoke out against Dawn’s claim that the other members of Danity Kane didn’t love making music the way that she did, citing it as a personal source of anger and frustration within the group.

“I think that her comment is a reflection of her negativity. I wish her and everyone else the best and I would definitely have to say that everybody in our group loved Danity Kane. There wasn’t any one person that loved it more than another” Aubrey explained. ”Everyone fought the group’s battles as well as their own battles and it affected everyone in a very emotional way. I don’t think it’s anyone else’s right to decide who felt the pain of that greater than everyone else.”

Still, Aubrey has found a way to vent about the problems of the past through her music. “You’re going to get an amazing ballad called ‘Goodbye Heartbreak’ on the show and it’s about letting go of being angry or negative or anything that brought you 10 steps back” she revealed about the song which she gave her fans a glimpse of on a Ustream session last year. ”It came at a very emotional time during filming and it was exactly what my heart was feeling in that moment. You’re going to be able to see me write, record and perform it live.”

Lawd. Okay Aubrey… we can’t front: she made for good T.V. So we’ll be watching and tweeting when her show launches on March 7.

Flip the page for the show’s description, trailer and video of Aubrey answering her fans’ questions about it.


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