Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: Several Awesome Reasons Never To Hit The Pipe [Pics]

- By Bossip Staff

For years now we’ve seen commercials telling people to say no to drugs but perhaps those commercials would be more effective if they were a little more like this!

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  • Nana

    Sooo sad!
    BEFORE…..>Katt Williams

    AFTER……>Charlie Sheen

    • MrsMom

      You know you f*cked up when the after looks better than the before!!!!!

    • klalov12

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  • BMM





  • Soul Touch

    Their eyes are so empty…as if their soul left a long time ago.

  • TattedChick


  • MacMoon

    I pray for these people and pray it doesn’t happen to me.

  • nymphis

    what is it about crack that makes they lips twist like they don’t believe what you sayin. Like umm hm. I can’t figure. Anybody got bobbies #

    • ThickLikeCornbread


  • chica

    @nymphis, Most of these people appear to be meth addicted. Sad.

  • Unico

    Oyi, if only they would reveal the name of the dealers, it would cut down on this epidemic.

  • GA by way of CA

    #9 scared the shyt outta me

  • nymphis


    Parecen como alma que lleva el diablo

  • Breezy1

    I SAY HOOOTTTT DAMNNNN!!! SMH!! SMH!! SMDH!!!!! No other words!!! That one chick should have gave up on drawing them there eyebrows on like she gave up on life!! WHY, WHY, WHHHHHHHHY!!

    • WTH!!??!!??

      Thats the same thing i was thinking!!! lol SMH!!!

    • KocoaGreen

      yess!!! then the line all crooked and ish lol…meth is white folks crack, at least with crack you got atleast 5yrs before you just all phuked up, meth gives you 6 months tops before you look like the nightmare befor x-mas legalize weed and mayb this will be the thing of the past…idk its just a thought…

  • shawn

    The 2nd guy look like he got a hold of something worse than crack.He look like He got AIDS.WoW!Just say no to drugs kids!

    • super steph!

      thats what i was thinkin…he must be shootin up :/

    • Ok

      And what does AIDS look like? Please you don’t know what a person who has any disease looks like. People who look perfectly healthy can have AIDS. Some of guys on this site are so mean. Instead of making fun of these people and treating them like lepers you should be praying for them. Drug addiction is a psychological/mental and health issue. These aren’t criminals, but people with problems.

    • DollBaby1o1

      I ain’t prayin 4 these f@ggits!

      If us raggin on them can’t encourage them, then h0ney…


    • http://16328568 babby carter

      dat dude look crazzy like i would be runnin from dat hobo askin 4 spare change. He can kiss my butt cuz i would dipp on dat hipacrip

  • 7lady

    I’m so glad I don’t have an addictive body. I get a couple drinks on the wkend and sip a little wine through the week. I might smoke some weed a couple times a year. But nothing compels my body to want it daily or stash it or drink vodka alone. I thankgod for that. It’s so sad how they’re dependent on that stuff.

    • Ok

      You drink and smoke weed and you don’t think you have a problem or have an addictive personality? I think you’re in denial.

  • that's crazzy crazzy

    They all look like please be dumb enough to feel sorry for me or do an act of kindness so I can f**k you up and take advantage of you steal your resources beat you in the head! All I want is crack and meth and to prey on anyone I want.

  • whatisthat

    oh, my!!! what town and state they are in? would never what to live there..these people need the Lord in their lives..they could change today,if they allow God to come into their lives..this could happen to anyone..

  • spade

    line up crack heads spade has blue tops today 3 for $25.

  • http://www.truthquake.com Herr

    Gross. Drugs really age people. How many times do people have to be reminded. Illuminati news at TRUTHQUAKE.COM

  • Shes such a PhXcking Lady

    DAMN… that girl’s eyebrows look strung out on meth…LMAO…moral of the story: dont do your makeup while high

  • kidrebelny

    God Bless all those people, bc really the only high I need is the spirit of the lord.

  • So Sad

    We all know that white people age twice as fast as black/Indian people but dang! picture 7,8,9 and 10..Lawdhavmercy! Keep away from those drugs!

  • afrodite

    the scars come from obsessive picking

  • afrodite

    I wish there was a lil bio about each person tellin about their life and why they started tusing that shit

    • afrodite


  • deedee456

    I bet number eight got arrested for her dumb eyebrows. What emotion is she trying to express in that second photo?

    • dgrrl

      you, go to the corner———->
      *dead and in hell*

  • KoolAidKid

    Before: Dennis Miller
    After: Kris Kristofferson

    BTW: His jaw looks like that because he lost all of his teeth.

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