Baller Braylon Edwards Brings Out Bangers For His Birthday Bash

- By Bossip Staff

Braylon Edwards is known for doing it big on and off the field, so celebrating his 28th birthday would be definitely have to be over the top.

Braylon Edwards and guest attended Braylon Edwards 28th birthday bash at the MGM Grand Detroit Ignite Lounge on February 25, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan.

In attendance were many different NFL and NBA stars, many models, and even actors and actresses like Kyla Pratt.

Braylon also had a 4 foot cake with a replica of himself on it, and received the new Audi R8 for his birthday.

Check out photos from the party at

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  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Braylon is FOINE

    But tht woman “Looka-like-a-man”!

    • klalov12

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  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Cool Cake
    Dollicia is GORG!
    Kyla is a cutie

    Look at tht “chicks” hands in the above pic…. Hmmmmm

  • if anything be noble

    In Braylon We Trust? Really, Braylon? Idolatry much?

    • The Ugly Truth


      That is whts wrong with the world 2day- – too many ppl LOVING THEMSELVES & not others

  • jdmann

    Judging from the outfit he put together Braylon might be color blind.

  • Kadadah

    And I’m sure they all BECAME bangers after the party as well 😦


    If that’s what goes for a “BANGER” these days, you can have that bytch. 😈

    • Sa.s.sy24


  • caper

    in 10 yrs 50% of these bangers will be like me busted …… broker than a flealock

  • Kadadah

    WTF r u on, Ochocinco IS ugly!




  • clestia

    Do me do me do me plz!

  • Miss Elite

    I was at this party and the “girl” in the photo is so awkard and goofy in person. “Her” weave looks good though. But “she” definity isn’t used to being in the mix!

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