Black Actors Who Deserve Oscars

- By Bossip Staff

Sunday is the big day! And while we won’t hate on the current Oscar nominees (The Social Network, Black Swan, and Inception are dope), we’d like to file a grievance with the Academy for ignoring, or robbing a few black actors & actresses their just due during Oscar season.

They may not always have the lead roles in the films they’re in, but they definitely always steal our attention when they waltz across the screen and stay in our minds long after the movie is over. Quietly brilliant, they are the underrated stars in the little universe known as Hollywood.

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  • BarGolf

    That includes business interest’s as well.

  • BarGolf

    I saw the play Thurgood played by Mr. Fishburne (Rating: Outstanding). I don’t need some caucasian person telling me if or no he deserves an award for his performance. Just like I don’t need them telling about any black actor or actress performance rating.I can and do decide for myself.


    Just so ya know, I’m about to flip Somali Ninga’s little azz over and beat the brakes offa that snootch…. 😈

  • if anything be noble

    Because Black people in white mainstream culture MUST = broken, dysfunctional, diseased pathology.

  • Troi Dustin

    Well, think about who is doing the voting and then it should make sense to you.

  • caper

    and we [blk folks] can’t be included in their party/oscars evey year. let the white folks have it to themselves every now and then. we will get back in someday like…..once in a blue moon. i know this year mickey rooney can feel right at home.

  • blk mamba

    SAMUEL JACKSON…. A Time to kill.. jungle fever, eves bayou, Pulp fiction .. hello

  • kslim1

    Cosign with Troi Dustin…we shouldn’t worry about being accepted by the mainstream because their standards are obviously not on par.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Mya Lovely sterlin’ performance in Justin Slayer’s PHATTY GIRLS Vol. 3 deserved some serious Oscar recognition. 😛

    • ringo

      You are mistaken, I think Pinky’s role in Ba Dunk a Bounce 4 deserves some recognition

  • T3P

    I feel you bruh, but the thing is hollywood holds itself out as this liberal nicey nice place. They need to be held to account. If you want to say you reward the best then make sure you do, and if not then expose them to tell the truth. But i get the frustration. How can you have no love for Angela? Goes to show, Republicans will show they don’t want us, liberals will say welcome as long as you stay in your place. Both the same.

  • BarGolf

    Actors and actress act!

  • Troi Dustin

    I’m not a bruh, I’m a lady, but thanks for feeling me. I can see both sides of the argument, but personally, I’m just not for putting myself in the lame position of begging white people or any people for anything. So many ppl spend so much time trying to change others opinions. I’m not wit it.

  • klalov12

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  • mo

    I would sure like to know the group that does the voting. They tend to award and celebrate mediocrity!!!!!!!

    • Chaka1

      Do your research and pay attention. Hollywood is run by Jews and foreigners. Look at the credits. Check the actors’ backgrounds. Most are Jewish, British, Italian or Australian.

  • Mrs. A

    Will Smith should have won an oscar by now (Ali, Pursuit of Happiness,Six Degrees of Separation) SMH

  • Chaka1

    Ya’ll missed the point with the Oscars. Hollywood is run by Jews and foreigners. Please pay attention and place your anger in the right places.

  • ringo

    Halle Berry believes in the one drop rule when it comes to a paycheque. Waiting to see her crazy a$$ at the BET awards with her 2nd french bf. “Allie why so many negres ar air? “


    Denzel Malcom X
    Don Cheadle Talk to Me
    Bernie Mac Players Club
    Ice Cube The Longshots
    KeKe Palmer Aqueela and the Bee
    I agree Will Smith should have gotten one for Ali
    Halle can act!

  • Oh snap

    Chaka1, you’re an anti-semite. Hollywood is not “run by Jews and foreigners.” If the majority of people who are bigwigs in Hollywood happen to be Jewish and/or foreign, then it’s because they deserve to be there since they worked hard to get there and are smart. So enough of the anti-semitic crap you’re spewing.

    • Marquis de Sade

      You’re bein’ sarcastic, right? 😆

    • Oh snap

      I am certainly NOT being sarcastic. Are you another anti-semite? The people in Hollywood are smart and talented. So what if many of them (did you count?) happen to be Jewish? Any excuse to bash the Jewish religion…terrible.

  • Cenister

    Cuba Gooding Jr in Radio

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