Hate It Or Love It: New “Madea’s Big Happy Family”

- By Bossip Staff

Tyler Perry has released his trailer for the latest movie in his Madea series, “Madea’s Big Happy Family.”

The film stars Bow Wow, Teyana Taylor and the actor/director himself as they work on family values through drama in the comedy.

Taylor plays a single mother tied to the Atlanta rapper through their child struggling to make ends meet at a fast food restaurant.

Perry’s new film hits theaters April 22, check out the trailer for “Madea’s Big Happy Family” below.

Head over to HipHopWired.com to peep the trailer.

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  • Nana

    Happy to see Teyanna on something other than twitter…..

    • klalov12

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    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
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      Tell me who’s getting rich off this junk….only Tyler.

      Nobody in his right mind needs a 30,000 sq foot home for 1 person.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Ahhhh, entertainment for the GREAT UNWASHED!

  • :P hmm

    ehh doesnt look as good as the play was.

  • ok

    DVD now being sold in the parking lot of your local shopping center!

    • jamaicandiamondz

      lol yes indeed…i never saw a commerical fir dis at all

  • nymphis

    straight to blockbrothas 2 for $5

    • G.M.

      lmao…fuccin hilarious XD

  • Somali Ninja

    Looks terrible!

  • nymphis

    Tylers just about used up all the stereotypical themes.the only two left is

    The Madeas watermellon patch weekend
    And the kids celebratin their good grades @ popeyes

    • Boomboomroom I's poisen da White peoplez!!

      LOL!! ROFL!!!

    • Iris


    • 504_MsGV


    • Bella

      So true. And from the looks of that trailer I will not be supporting this one. I just looks too doggone ignorant for me.
      And right now, Madea is absolutely looking like a man. He needs to go to school for cinematography because Tyler’s skills are starting to show. How long can he really get by on this bs? *rolling my eyes extra hard*

  • http://Hotmail Islandbaby

    Enough of this already. Its about time he hang his dress up.

  • cheryl

    i bought the dvd and enjoyed it.
    too bad some people cannot see the value of madea and her big family whether happy or unhappy, reunited or apart. Apparently for a lot of folks it just hits too close to home. Don’t hate, congratulate.

  • Cora

    Im gonna support Mabel

  • Terri

    I’m still gonna see it. lol

  • Abbey

    Teyanna looks like one of those dragons from dragon tales ones name was wheezy lol.

  • 7lady

    And where they get that lil mixed baby? They couldn’t find no lil brown baby that would look more like it came from bowwow and teyana. Smh

    • Um.....Duhhh

      @7lady…the baby is not mixed. Both of his parents are black, we are church members.

  • toya

    i respect t.p for his hustle but y can’t he make more films like “the family that preys?” i love madea but wit nene,basketball wives @ wendy willams we get enough’sista gurl” during the week

  • RogerThat


  • RogerThat


  • LOL

    Teyana Taylor look sooo ugly next to Lauren London.

  • QueenLove

    Tell me who’s getting rich off this junk….only Tyler.

    Nobody in his right mind needs a 30,000 sq foot home for 1 person.

  • !!!!!


  • Mrs. A

    You ain’t said nothin but the truth!!!

  • simone

    and Teanna Taylor is no where near ugly, she a beautiful girl. It’s also good to Lauren catching her senseing back and going back to work.

    • Grrr

      Teyana Taylor looks like a monkey. Go to hell!!!

  • simone

    *she’s *senses

  • Wouch

    If Teanna is not ugly then i don’t know who is.

  • ch

    And you wonder why black is just a popular dress color at the Oscars?

  • G.M.

    real actors wouldn’t be apart of this bullsh1t lol

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