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Good day, Bossip Fam! Since the beginning of the week, we’ve oFISHially been in the throws of the Pisces cycle of the zodiac. Out of the 12, they are the last sign of the zodiac and if you’re an astro nut, then you know that with each astral turnover, each sign takes a little something away from the ones that came before them. And so, the Pisces is said to be the wisest most compassionate sign of the zodiac by default. This would explain the intensity of their being – moving people to pay attention when they are present. On the other end of the spectrum, however, the pisces – which is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions – is prone to dwell in the opposing extremities. For example, just as a Pisces can be very wise, he or she could also be extremely foolish. Or, just as one can be honest and unselfish he or she has to the potential to be equally selfish and untrustworthy … nice or nasty … sweet or sour. In most cases, like anyone else, childhood and upbringing are the root of this sign’s strengths and weaknesses. The Pisces are one of the most intuitive, almost clairvoyant, personalities of the zodiac and once they learn, usually at a very early age, to trust their gut they seldom go wrong. Because of their “psychic” abilities they can come off a little quirky, spacey and sometimes even strange.

When dealing with a Pisces, one must be sensitive and handle with care for the Fish operate off principle. Treat me as I treat you and love me as I love you … they’re practical this way. They will go above and beyond the call of duty as a friend to make sure that their loved ones are in a happy space. If a friend of the fish is in the dumps, sure, they’ll call you but they’ll also be the one to say “hey, I know you’re upset and not feeling your best but let’s go grab a bite and some drinks on me. I don’t like you sounding this way.” But when the tables are turned and the Pisces is stuck in a rut, good luck trying to return the favor because they hurt deep. And just like a fish, they will tuck themselves away in the darkness won’t come out until they’re good and ready. Everything the Pisces does is done with deep thought, deeper (mostly good) intentions and from the deepest part of their hearts. But let’s not forget the opposing force! When a Pisces has yet to find a purpose for their life, they can be quite the opposite … shallow, foul and a real drag to be around. They have to capacity to dive into their dark sides and find the darkest, coldest, non-life forming pocket and be completely content in it. This is also why Pisces are prone to addiction – allowing liquor and drugs to become their best friend and this is mostly as a result of feeling rejected or the odd person out but when they find their way out, they came back stronger than ever!

If you’ve had the privilege of loving a Pisces, then you’ve had the time of your life! Everything about them screams intensity. They’re fun to watch, touch, smell and taste. They are fish, don’t forget so they can get lost in the sea of love and show you the heavenly heights and depths of what has been unknown to you for so long. Their love is rich with passion, fingertip grazes, long caresses, kisses to the neck and collar bone … long strokes! Sure, they can be sensual and gentle but there’s the other side of them that just might choke you and demand you to tell them who “it” belongs to. The kind of love the leaves you staring at the ceiling trying to recover from the trembles and shakes from the good love. The intrigue comes from the mysteriousness of this astral sign. What were you thinking? Why and how did you do that do me? And, when are going to do it again? Amazing love experience with and explosive orgasm to make you remember all the love that was placed upon you … and you better never forget it! So if you’ve had the privilege of loving the up and down stream fish then you’ve got a completely non-judgemental, understanding, compassionate companion for life!

My baby sis is a Pisces and she is the one I go to for advice mostly. WIth all my siblings, I’m the one people come to for advice and I am pretty good at helping others but the baby sis is out of control with her wit! She amazes me and now that we’re adults and there’s 8 years between us, she’s still on hell of a force to reckoned with. She is honest and true. For the longest time I didn’t have anyone to talk to about what I was going through because as much as I give good advice no one could ever do the same for me until me and my sis got old enough to discuss everything. She’s the illest and I love her for it! She reminds me of our Mom the most and she has been my rock lately! – Kay, 30

Yo, I dated a non-commital Pisces for four years and I loved her like nobody’s business. But she was funny! I finally get the double sides of them. She would buy two of the same item in different colors. She would say one thing and do the complete opposite. She confused me too often, yo. But I loved her so much I had to let her go because she wasn’t going to be the one to admit that we were no good for each other, you know what I’m saying? So I had to be the one to end things because it was the responsible thing to do. The sex was … I don’t even have words for it. Enough to keep a ni**a at the crib but we needed more than that to make it work. I still think about her a lot but we can’t even be friends because it was so heavy. Loved her … I really did. Wow. – Darren, 31

In my experience with Pisces they all seem to be talented and gregarious. I don’t want to use the word slippery but you can never gauge what part of their personalities you’re dealing with. They are moody as hell! But I will say this about them and I say this because I know my daughter, my best friend and another close friend of mine, they are really good at what they do and they always strive for excellence! I love the Pisces in my life but when they get on one, I don’t even fool with them because they can take you there. You’d be suicidal, depressed and ready to take a deadly cocktail and end it all. So you have to be careful with them. – Brinda, 44

Shouts out to all the Pisces fam! Happy Birthday!

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