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Whether or not he is cracked out, f**king dirty prostitutes, or ‘sober,’ Charlie Sheen, is psychopath ready to blow.

According to Radaronline:

“Charlie Sheen is officially banned from the Warner Bros. studio lot, is exclusively reporting.

The edict came down Friday night, with the Burbank, CA lot’s entire security department put on alert that Sheen is not allowed access to the facility.

As to be expected, Sheen didn’t take the development lying down when broke the news to him.

Sheen has shot Two and a Half Men in one of the studio’s giant sound stages since 2003. That’s over, at least for the rest of the 2010-2011 season.

“The top people in the studio’s security department were all called together Friday night, and the word was passed to all the guards: Charlie Sheen is officially banned,” a well-placed source tells

“If he and his driver show up on Monday — as Charlie has said he would — they are to be turned away,” the source adds. “Charlie is not allowed on the lot under any circumstances.”

The order is so strict, Sheen’s car isn’t even allowed inside the gates to turn around and go out. “Everyone was told not to even let him in far enough that he could make a U-turn and leave. If he approaches the gate, he’ll have to back up to leave, no matter how many cars we may have to move behind him. It’s that serious.”

Sheen’s response was every bit as serious.

“Wow, that’s kind of strange given [Warner Bros. Television President] Peter Roth always said it was my show that kept the lights on.

“Doesn’t matter too much because after Wednesday they’ll have to rename Warner Bros. as Charlie’s Bros. I will fire those clowns and bring in my own team.”

The order to ban Sheen from the lot is in effect until further notice.”

SMH! Whose pissing in dudes cup? We want a re-test. There is no way Sheen is sober…



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