It’s a Wrap, Game Over

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Click here to see Britney’s new video. Poor thang, we really want to see her come back up. It just doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. R.I.P, Britney Spears’ career. Someone tell ol’ girl the super gimmicky pop stuff is not working anymore.

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  • Ziggss

    First snitches!

    Britney = wack

  • SoK

    lol. its not as bad as her last 3, but she’s still wack.

  • maurice


  • ahni

    I think she looks gorgeous. not really into pop. but white people will love it I’m sure.

  • chris

    damn britt lookin like a sexi ass white girl again

  • We are free

    Did someone forget to tell this fool HE DO NOT NEED THE WHITE MAN TO GET HIS REWARD! He need to ask MCcain why he can not be rewarded now? I shake my head in pitty for this man. Vote on Nov.4th I say “YES WE CAN”

  • tatiana

    okay, i c she comin back strong. i aint mad at u brittany. do you. she lookin good

  • Creole Baby Ain't Got No Babies Bebe

    i already peeped this video on youtube. why is it game over?

  • Martina

    this video Suck.

    First post from Holland Netherlands Europe.

    Peace out

  • We "Blacks" Are The Real Hebrew Israelites

    *doing the Carlton*

  • Oshie / who lives in a muthaphukkin pineapple under tha muthaphukkin sea?

    May I speak on behalf of white people when I say we do not love it.

    Stop trying Britney. It’s too hard. Here, have this bag of cheetos and some vanilla Stoli. Atta girl 👿

  • TMarie

    I actually like this first I thought it sucked but now I think its pretty hot and I cant wait until she performs it because britney was an amazing performer before her lil breakdown

  • always knew

    Ok…Britney might d very well, to start some companies that don’t depend on her ‘talents’, she should get other businesses started, just in case, her career, doesn’t come back like everyone is suggesting…Other than that, she Brit? Not good or bad, just Brit….NEXT!..

  • always knew

    might do..

  • always knew

    @Mischagirl- And Beyonce will WIN, hands down!!..

  • Mel

    i think the song is kinda hot, it’s catchy and the video is pretty fly as well, ill give ole’ brit 4 out of 5

  • get real

    lol “white people will like it”

    now if that wasnt ignorant….

  • get real

    not really feeling the song, but she looks healthy, it’s a step in the right direction.

  • real deal

    I like the song and the video. Britney is back and here to stay. You go girl and do your thing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tori

    She sucks. She can’t do anything new. And where is Queen Beyonce at? Now she actually has talent and changes up her style.

  • LaLaLaLovely...Soon2B"mRs"... I Love GOD, JaMal (fiance), Champagne, Diamonds, Manolo Blahnik, and Screwston, TX...WE SURVIVED IKE!

    I personally don’t like this song but I didn’t like her first single “Gimme More” off her last album, but wasn’t too disappointed when I bought the album. Lol… Yes, I did buy the album, I was one of those who was interested in what drugged up Britney Spears had to say and wanted to hear what she had to offer. I can’t say if her career is over but I sure hope it’s not, not because I like her (cuz the music world was just fine without her) but because she has her own bills to pay as well as K-Fed’s bills.

  • Elle

    looks great!

    shes hot.

  • Anjel

    I love that Britney’s back and looking awesome! I wish her the best! Her Fans will support her regardless!

  • Tinia

    Its going to be hot the in gay clubs and Europe, watch.

  • noelle

    I can definitely sense a Toxic video vibe theme. I like the “you you your” part lol.

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