New Music: Little Willow’s New Single “21st Century Girl”

- By Bossip Staff

The day you junior stans have been waiting for is finally here: Little Willow has a second single.

At least, we’ve been told it’s Little Willow. Because you can’t really tell from listening.

Check out “21st Century Girl” for yourself:

Are you feeling it?

Willow will be on Oprah tomorrow performing “21st Century Girl” live for the first time. And more than likely whipping her hair.

Head over to to find out what else Little Willow has in the works.

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  • Kim

    Jesus, Mary and Moses……Please take the wheel!!!!

    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
      My friend Vanessa, a 25 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with a m’illionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on a m’illionaire d’ating s’ite called ———-RichMatchmaker. ℃○M——– – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own..——-
      it’s cool but for a minute she sound like kesha and that is one person u dont want to sound like but it’s cool


    OMG! Why are they making her sound like Rihanna! WTH! Next thing you know she gonna be singing songs like rude boy and what’s my name and dying her hair red! I dont agree with her being allowed to be in this industry at such a young age, but she is here now soo just let her be herself and quit trying to make her sound like a trampy no talent having…thing!

    • ok

      She does sound like Rhianna. But the lyrics are ridiculous…’dangerous beauty’ ‘living life on the edge’, ‘taking you for a ride’ and ‘do what I like.’ She’s calling herself chick and talking about her looks and being wild. Standards are so low for female these days. Send this little girl to school. She’s cute and seems nice, but she really needs to be in school and stay out of this game until she is 18. Jay is going to turn her into Rihanna

  • ok

    By Better if you mean less cursing then yeah that’s true. But this is no different from the superficial nothing songs that the Disney kids put out. This song is about nothing but looking good and acting wild. Uggh….No wonder American kids are behind other countries in education.

  • chrissy

    @ok she could get her education and u would still have something negative to say…..

    • ok

      The thing is no one should know about Willow. Why? Because she is a kid who should be in school and hanging out with people her own age. Not touring and hanging out with Jay-Z. I can only imagine the stuff she hears and is sees in that business. Willow herself told Essence she was falling behind and her grades were too. She said she wished she could keep up like the other kids. Now what does that tell you?

    • chaperel

      @ok I wonder if you was saying this about Sammy Immature and all the other child singers who did this before her everyone has something to say because Will and Jada are her parents and this goes for actors too because you are required by law to get your school time in the government don’t care who your parents are

    • ok

      @chaperel, Yes I would say the same thing about other child stars. Hollywood is not for kids. Have you seen the number it’s done on adults and children alike. If Michael Jackson had the opportunity to have a normal life as opposed to being tortured under the spotlight I wish he had the normal life. I don’t need some child sacrifice for some selfish entertainment purpose. Let these children be children. It’s not cute that they are growing up fast and acting like little adults. They can’t process like an adult and it causes more damage than good to them.


    they pushing her tooooooooooooo fast..lost up..mommy and daddy..

  • BLISS up..

  • g

    keep it going.

  • Cheeky

    I think it’s just me, but I’m not a fan of the Smith kids. I think they’re arrogant and entitled and Willow looks like a damn boy (yeah I said it). Will and Jada need to smarten up and take a look at what happened to celebs like Miley Cyrus and Charlie Sheen (both the offspring of famous entertainers). If the kids want to go into show biz, then at least make them wait until they finish high school.

    • Bruh Again


      What has Willow or Jaden done to illustrate that they are “arrogant”?? They have always come off as quite mannerable the times I’ve seen them being interviewed. Is it possible, that because they are part of a successful family, that you are resentful or jealous?

  • jk

    this is just sad,not surprising but sad.

  • Sexylove

    Willow is the best child singer there is but not for long because im coming threw

  • Kandy ....Miss my Glok!

    They gonna burn poor lil non talented Willow out,child needs school, she gonna give dumb interviews like BEYONCE! …sheesh already !

  • i know the truth

    Ke$sha inspired RIHANNA wanna be

    • Yea OK!

      100% agreed!!! Same thing I thought when I heard it!

  • rellee

    its cute like it


    uh uh…this sound a lil too grown to me. i ESPECIALLY ain’t down with that ‘moaning’ voice she’s singing with on the hook.
    too grown a*s jada. nuh-uh! 😦


    Sound like her cd will be better than Rihanna’s… goody goody for her. I like the song tho, it’s cute for her!

  • thesaneone

    i see the haters are already at work on this lil girl. smh

  • don't ask

    No one is hating on this little girl. Her talent is marginal and no one would give a a second listen if she were not Will and Jada’s kid. American’s are too quick to look for the next big thing and don’t demand quality from their entertainers. This child is lacking developmentally and educationally and will suffer in the long run.

  • Fed Up

    I’m so sick of everybody and there negative comments. Everybody feels that the way they think or do things is the only right way. That’s what is wrong with the world. It’s not Willow or her style of music, it’s a bunch a judgemental people who like to act like they are the authority on everything in life. And believe everything they see in a magazine or see on television. Get a Life!!!!

    • crazyblonde

      not everyone needs to love her u know .. everyones entitled to their opinion the same way u feelin her we aint gotta feel her music aswell

  • lesbiyonna

    Go Willow! great song!

  • Pops

    A education is priceless. Why not send her to school and let music be her hobby or used as an incentive to get good grades. When people get tired of her and they will just like any other artist, is that when you will send her to school. “Just because you have a different opinion than others do not make you a hater”

    • Marissa

      Education is priceless? Why do we act like education is more than a means for you to be successful, and another route to making money? Its nothing more than that & actually doesn’t always guarantee success. I’m sure Will, and Jada don’t plan on letting their kids me dummies because they aren’t. I’m not a Willow fan by any means. Just hate how everyone likes to throw out education as the reason why she shouldn’t do this.

  • crazyblonde

    sounds a bit like kesha really when she speaks ..”rock the beat”.. not feeling it

  • Nikki

    It’s so sad to see grown people trying to stomp on the dreams of a 10 year old. I hope that your children are afforded the same thing when they try to do something. You folks forget that Karma is a big ole b*tch. You keep talking about her education but what about yours and the education of your kids if you have any? This child is fluent in Spanish and Mandarin, some of you all have never even left your neighborhoods or your City to experience the world. Her life experiences at 10 will probably outweigh some of your entire life experiences, because you are so closeminded and limited in your thinking. Do you people really think that Will and Jada, don’t have this child being tutored and home schooled? Whether she was doing this or not, she would be tutored because they travel to be on location a great deal, so they have to have these things in place. I wonder if you guys take this much interest in the education of your family members, (Cousins, Nieces, Nephews, etc.) those are the people you need to be worried about, not this child, who has a solid family foundation and the world as her learning tool. SMDH at you ignorant black folks, you never fail to amaze me. Get up from behind the keyboard hating on a child and go set some goals and make some stuff happen for yourself, then you would not be so envious of others, the same people breathing negativity on every post.

    • Lisa

      I so agree with you. This is a child and these grown people are talking about her like she is their age and stole their man or something. I wonder how they would feel if people were talking about their children like that. I’m sure Will and Jada aren’t going to let this child get out of control. Damn black people give this CHILD a break. It seems she is doing what makes her happy can you say the same?

    • Shameful

      I agree with you and Lisa. Go on, Willow, keep doing what you do. Same to Jaden, and Trey, two talented young men. And many blessings to Jada and (especially) Will.

  • darealwifey

    OK! Say it again! I was completely taken aback by that, “Giiiirrrrrrrl!” Oprah is GROWN. Willow is a child. Wealthy or not, know your place! I think little Willow is being pushed into the role she’s playing now. A child CANNOT know what all is involved in having a career at her age.

  • Dash

    I agree Nikki, remember she is only 10 ppl grow up!!!! ASAP

  • Ms. Jones

    I think its cute …Its a shame yall have to hate on a little girl

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