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Good things come to those who wait and the best sexual encounters are all about the build up. In fact, for ecstasy to end in between your legs it actually has to begin in between your ears.

Imagine taking a ride on a roller coaster: this is your brain on lust. Sexual arousal is an intense series of intense physical and mental responses. The “climb” includes desire and excitement, the peak is the plateau which leads to loops-to-loops of orgasm (you lucky girl, you) and when the car slows to a stop you arrive to resolution. Add a dose of dopamine (a chemical in the brain that insists the body find things that make it feel good) and you’ve got a good night (or a good day if you like it with the lights on).

So what can you do to make sure that the opening act is just as good if not better than the main event? The key to building anticipation is to infuse a bit of pleasure and passion into your daily routine long before your clothes hit the floor. Remember that dopamine that plays a key part in his yearning for a little bit of you? It loves novelty and excitement.

Take note of these hot tips that will surely guarantee a bedroom inferno



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