Rosario Dawson Gets Frisky And Grabs Herself A Handful Of Schlongy Man Meat Onstage

- By Bossip Staff

This sounds like some fun:

At Saturday’s Independent Spirit Awards, Rosario Dawson and Paul Rudd were in a very jokey — and handsy! — kind of mood. After Rudd felt up co-presenter Eva Mendes’ breasts in a scripted routine, Dawson literally took matters into her own hands and returned Rudd’s gesture in an improvised moment.

“I’m a women’s rights activist and I was getting a little tired that he was grabbing her boob onstage for half an hour,” Dawson, 31, told Access Hollywood. “Nothing bad, but it was funny.” To teach the 41-year-old How Do You Know actor a lesson, Dawson jumped on stage and took hold of Rudd’s genitals.

“I was sitting there with my fork like, ‘If he doesn’t stop, I’m going to stab him with my fork,'” the Unstoppable star explained. “So I got up there and I stabbed him with my fork, and he didn’t stop, so I was like, alright, I’m going to grab his package.”

The audience members weren’t the only ones stunned by Dawson’s frisky behavior. “Eva kept laughing nervously and Paul seemed totally not into the joke,” an onlooker tells Still, Dawson told Access Hollywood she has no regrets about the unscripted moment.

“It wasn’t bad. It was actually a pretty good package,” Dawson laughed. “I’ve kind of been curious since I was a teenager watching Clueless. Women should get to cop a feel, too.”


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  • mouthpiece

    That was pretty awesome,Paul Rudd just had to get his own,nicely done Rosario.

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    • Laura

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      love it when a woman use womens rights as a means to be s1utty and the arguement guys do it so i can too lol

  • lovedatvoice

    Good girl Rosario!!!Grrrrrab his ding,rrrrrip it off!!lol.

  • Curious1 aka 2 My Hata's: My Middle Fingers Salute Ya

    I don’t get it…why and how and who let her just get up on that..scripted or not..Dawson is so corny and that was none of her bizness to just ” correct him”…but she did have ballzzz ( pun intended)


    SO LAME!

  • Abusement Park

    In the interest of furthuring women’s causes, I volunteer my package for Ms. Dawsons next grab and fondle protest.

  • WithAllHonesty

    LMAO @ “Jar Jar Brinks”
    That’s who she reminded me of!

  • Whoa

    rosario use to have more weight on her.she should lay off the hollyweird drugs cuz i can see her ribcage. but eva is abeauty!

  • SMDH

    I wonder how his wife felt about Rosario grabbing his package and him holding Eva so tightly?! Who’s sleeping on the couch tonight.

  • Nancy

    I love Paul Rudd. He is seriously the coolest, funniest guy ever. I’d love to cop a feel but I bet his wife was not pleased.

  • GOLDiE

    Imagine if a dude did that to a white gurl on stage… OMFG! Tasteless!

    • JustAshley

      Thank you!

    • coldt7

      Yeah if a man had done this to a woman it wouldn’t be funny then.It would be jail time and lawsuits coming,double edge sword.

    • ManchesterUKer

      If you can read the post states that she did it as a retaliation to him groping a woman on stage

  • JustAshley

    Maybe she was hungry… can basically see ole girls rib cage. SMH

  • G.M.

    is Paul feelin Rosario boobs with his other hand…lucky baStard…but if i were him, i’d put that b1tch Rosario on her knees where she belongs lol and i would of been rubbin Eva’s a$$ during the whole presentation lol

    S/N: love it when a woman use womens rights as a means to be s1utty and the arguement guys do it so i can too lol

  • Imboredwithmylife

    ……….and these are stars? so sad.





  • nymphis

    Rosario looks like the mascot for skull & bones
    And that’s prolly all she’s good for too.
    Skull and bonin

    • 8ESBABY

      LMBAO!!!! I was eating and came across your post and damn near choked! “The mascot for skull and bones!” *dead* Now that you say that, she does remind me of the villain in He-Man. (yeah, you 80’s babies know what I’m talking about!)

  • Mr. Watson

    Rosario is beautiful…. but she does look boney as hell is this pic! Eva… Super bad ! What more can I say….

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  • Best Kept Secret

    Lmao @ all the comments about Rosario Dawson she is freakin bones and her turned to the side doesnt help she damn near disappeared!

    Lol I think his name was Skeletor!

  • w

    Teach me a lesson Rosario..Please!

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