Meet NeNe’s Newest Victim BFF

- By Bossip Staff

As promised, NeNe Leakes has effectively relocated her shenanigans to Los Angeles.

And she’s already set sights on a new victim to torture with her special brand of “friendship”: Taylor Armstrong, aka one of the super boring Beverly Hills Housewives.

Taylor and NeNe were spotted having dinner in Hollyweird last night. And we figured out what these two have in common other than Bravo Housewife-dom: shady azz husbands.

Even more is coming out about her con-artist of a husband Russell Armstrong and more scams from crazy Taylor!

He’s a convicted felon, first off after being charged by the IRS of evasion of assessment. He’s also been repeatedly sued and filed for bankruptcy in 2005. And he sure picked a great partner in crime in Taylor.

Taylor is also a huge fan of getting knifed-up and a much lesser fan of telling the truth. These two are either going to be like two peas in a pod, or they’re going to eat each other alive.


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  • tommykimon

    Hopefully white girl gets hip to NeNe real quick or ol girl is going to eat her alive.

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  • N!

    Psycho analyzing n sh!t….smh!


    well if it isn’t the new dynamic duo, BIG MOUTH & PACKMAN.

  • whatisthat

    nene’s puppet..she is a puppetmaster..the sistas was not having it..but these white girl love to be up under wig wearing kim and this chick here..

  • Amber

    OMG but taylor and kyle used to role together on a regualar. wonder what happend.

  • Where dey do dat at?

    SMH @ Kim’s replacement! LOL…beware of the Ides of March…NeNe will get you too…bwahahahaha…


    Thats a nice Louis..Never seen a red one.. Can’t wait to see NeNe on Celebrity Apprentice! You go girl..make that cheddar…

  • 1luv

    Taylor is one back stabbing broad from what I’ve seen. She started most of the drama on the BH Housewives so she is time enough for Nene. But I would love to see them two get into it.

  • bouyant

    oh! the big lip monkey from Beverly hills, at least the other monkey’s lips are real.

  • confidently_ugly

    her new best friend is a muppet??? The thing about bullies is they know how to pick their victims. NeNe knows who will put up with her mess

  • darealwifey

    Since NeNe has been threatening to leave RHOA, and she has now moved to Cali, could it be that she is attempting to change shows? Wonder if she’s trying to join RHO-Beverly Hills? I bet the drama would follow her no matter WHERE she lives. lol

  • Laura

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    , and she has now moved to Cali, could it be that she is attempting to change shows? Wonder if she’s tryi

  • Pebblebeach

    my gosh…ne ne in Beverly Hills…please…on whose dollar….

  • Brother John

    Well since Nene got punked By big money Lisa Vanderpump I doubt she wants any part of that show. Lisa is ultra rich makes her own money and happily married so Nene can’t say much about her not to mention very connected in Hollywood. Nene back down and shut her mouth…she knows who to raise her voice to and who not to……

  • LOL!

    she sho’ is ugly.


    If Nene relocates to LA and they put her on the RHOBH she’ll be squashed by those women’s handbags. Nene thinks she has the kind of dough to keep up but those ladies are chipped in.

  • Common Cent$

    Wow fame is really a b*tch they build you up just to tear you down not seems like just yesterday she was the favorite nene I still got love for you even though no one else does lol

  • Mabel

    Nene looks like a giant next to her.

  • sup

    Nene looks like a friggin overweight gorilla!!!

  • purple diamond

    NeNe will never be able to join the cast of RHofBH. She don’t have that kind of money. Now she does have the money to be on RHof Orange County… They all broke now!!

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