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Chris Brown Paints Picture For New Girlfriend (GO)

Justin Bieber Motorboated Selena Gomez (GO)

Joell Ortiz – Checkin’ 4 U (Video) (GO)

Oscars: Scarlett Johansson (GO)

Lil Kim To Appear On MTV’s ‘Rap Fix Live’, Previews New Nicki Minaj Diss “Ether” (GO)

Kendall Jenner’s Gorgeous Prom Dress Shoot (PHOTOS) (GO)

Katie Holmes to sue the publishers of Star Magazine for $50 million (GO)

Lupe Fiasco Explains Why He Hates His ‘Lasers’ Album (GO)

Wendy Williams, Kirstie Alley Join ‘Dancing With The Stars’ (GO)


Delaware Movie Theater Sued For Quieting Black Audience (GO)

Celebrity Bites: Who’s Top Chef Of The Celebrity Restaurant World? (GO)

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    HAVE YALL SEEN THE PICTURE OF CHRIS BROWN AFTER HE BEAT RIHANNA? Proves all the chris brown groupies wrong she did not while out on him. He didn’t even have a scratch while she had a busted lip, swollen eye, and two nots on her head. SMH

    • klalov12

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    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
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      marilyn lee 3/1/11, 06:46:PM

      I see nothing wrong with changing up at times, I’m sure he will change again. His new girlfriend is a very pretty brown lady, I didn’t get that he was trying to be white.

  • Amber

    it suits him.

  • Jay

    Looks like eminem with some color in him. Never thought being edgy was trying to look white but what do I know. Hope the kid comes back to his senses, if you got talent you dont need these gimmicks. This kid got too much talent for these garbage, he going to alienate alot of blacks with that blond crap.

  • MsFranki

    I hope this look is temporary.

  • afro british

    forget the blond,those tatts are scary!he looks dirty.


    “You pressed huh over a picture that’s not even Chris?”

    SMH You’re in denial. The facts don’t lie.



  • marilyn lee

    I see nothing wrong with changing up at times, I’m sure he will change again. His new girlfriend is a very pretty brown lady, I didn’t get that he was trying to be white.

  • CB is a CHICK

    Chris Brown is on the DL plain and simple, no real dude dyes their hair and looks like that or acts like that. He is exploring his inner Patty Mayonnaise.

  • White Women Rule

    Why are all of you Bitter Betty’s concerend about this man’s hair color or if he’s dating white women? Darling, this is what’s wrong with some of you black women. You tend to stay in everyone elses business other than your own. Whatever this man chhoses to do darling is his business. He is not with you now, nor will he ever be.

    • egypt

      i agree i’m a black women and i think that black women need to stop worring about what black man is dating a white girl. truth b told i like the fac that some black guys date white girls it saves us from alot of crazy,lazy men who beat and kill. and black girls stop making such a big deal because most of the black guys that like white girls wouldn’t have a chance with u in addition white guys r not soo bad, they r romantic,they show u the world and they don’t have 5 babies momma’s they have wives. so u r right black women need to stop acting so stupid and let the white girls rule, hell we r tired of public aid and Aids. u rule white girl

  • double standards

    @charlie IKR? I guess Malcom X was trying to be white too because he was born with Red hair! It’s funny cause this fool would never say that white ppl who tan are trying to be black..LOL! some ppl are to stupid to live!

  • Crisqo aint ish

    So why he painted a picture of RiRi beat up with a Joker hat on straight disrespectful

  • bluekid1

    It looks good! Haters need to get on with that shhhh!

  • LOL!

    CHRIS SHADY! LOL! maybe bleached hair is making a comeback like other styles. late 90’s throwback.


    Yall need help!!

  • Shut your face

    not bad.

  • http://respectyourselfblackgirls egypt

    in our culture if a women is beat she had to of done something to the man. if this was a white kid in the entertainment world he would b crusified because they have much more respect 4 their women. us on the other hand always find a reason why the women should b punished even when her eye is hanging out. in addition, if he do date a white girl u should thank her because its not your eye hanging but u want to hate because its not gonna b your eye next and we call white girls stupid please. former president Bush have more since than us black girls when it comes to these nappy headed boys who don’t care anything about u. sooo sad, and stupid.

  • Terri

    Not attractive at all.

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