Pure Comedy: Man Sues Strip Club For Injury From Stripper Shoe

- By Bossip Staff

We couldn’t make some of this stuff up if we tried.

A 34-year-old Indiana man is suing a local strip club after a dancer’s shoe flew off during a performance and hit him in the mouth, according to a report.

Jake Quagliaroli claims in his lawsuit that he will suffer “lifelong dental injuries” after an erotic performance at PT’s Showclub, in Indianapolis, left him with his front teeth chipped, according to news organization UPI.

In his complaint, Quagliaroli claims negligence and battery, and requests a jury to determine damages.

According to UPI, the lawsuit claims he was sitting 20 feet from the stage.

Bill Powers, the nightclub’s agent, said the nightclub hasn’t had any similar issues in the five or more years he has worked for it.

Wouldn’t you be too embarrassed that this happened to you to go an sue someone about it?


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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Didnt some guy sue last year for gettin poked in the eye by a stripper…

    They should settle outta court fre lap dances for life

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  • nymphis

    can somebody please xplain this whole strip club thing to me.I don’t get the fascination.seems like lickin ice cream thru a window to me.

    • yt

      yeah and that’s not even gettin into the chance of getting my front teeth smashed by a shoe

    • kerry

      There is something exciting about having a bunch of broads lined up like cattle willing to spread their cakes for a chance at getting a dollar.

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  • rip NAT TURNER

    @ nymphis
    Ice cream through a window ! GOOD ONE. Fool trying to get back all the $$ he tricked off.

  • kerry

    He is absolutely right to sue. He went to see some goodies not get hit in the mouth.

  • daisy jay

    BAHAHAHA her shoe flew off. Wack @ss stripper…

    Good way to put it. You seem like you HATE being teased. Me being a female, I find male strippers disgusting and boring. Besides, if I liked them, I would want ALL of them, not just to have them wave their tiny d!ck in my face…

    *looks up at picture, mumbles quietly* I like those heels……………..

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Two words Ha Ha! Well not two different words but u get me. @Nymphis I never understood the thrill either. Its like why work yourself for someone who is pretending to like for for money? And Male strippers are just gay!

  • nymphis


    I don’t want some funky musty in the middle stripper grindin on me and funkalatin my clothes up.and I’m suppose to pay for that? What about my cleaners bill?

    Have a beautiful day


    Like you have a man or a boyfriend

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