Where In The World Are Rih Rih And Her Ratted Red Wig Today??

- By Bossip Staff

Today, Rih Rih, her Ratted Red Wig and boo boo Melissa Forde are in Australia, doing what they do best: shopping and disrupting the lives of commoners.

Rihanna made her first appearance in Sydney today, hitting up the new upscale Westfield Shopping Center, where she checked out Gucci, Christian Louboutin and lingerie shop IM.

Rihanna is performing in Sydney on March 4 and 5.

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  • 90's baby

    That red Ronald wig is still not working for me.

    • Amber

      either way, the wig looks ten times better than her girls hair.

    • speaking of this ish..

      Oh Na Na Where’s my wig?

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    must be nice

  • stanstan

    love rih , fire crotch && all . 🙂 melissa can atleast smile , i bet she has ”m” on payroll .

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  • I'm ze true silver hare

    that hair,that hair.. I’m sorry but she looks like a used tampon, SMH. Oh well I still lurve her

    • Hater

      LOL @looks like a used tampon

  • purple love

    O is she wearing a wig? All I saw was legs smh

  • Sukanya Nat Aoi

    Melissa starting to look a lil man-ish to me, and rihanna no comment.

    • Hater

      Thought the same thing, she looking kinda hard in the face, aint nann cute!

  • Steph

    Ok…..ummmm, seriously!!! I can’ttttttttttttt with that hairrrrr-aaaaaa!!! & what is she wearing??? The girl is bad, but even the badddest don’t walk around looking like the came off a one-night stand!

  • kidrebelny

    at least if she’ going to wear a wig, let it be the same color as the other wigs. One day it’s kool-aid red and the next its a light burgundy.

    • Hater

      haha true, true!

  • BritishGirl

    What’s the point of her going and spending all that money on designer clothes if she can’t even fix her hair. We would cuss the ordinary woman for looking like that, but somehow Rhianna gets away with it huh? No her hair is trampy and I can’t look beyond that.

  • Jason

    Rihanna got me breaking into a sweat. Girl look so good.

  • ok

    Hopefully that chick they call “boo boo” is getting paid cause she doesn’t look too happy.

  • PrettyKush

    Rihanna look baaaaad yall just mad because yall know it, and yall could never rock red hair. Aint a damn thing wrong with her hair, its pressed and laid..Not too many girls can rock red hair. and That Shirt Dress looks adorable with her babydoll legs. I love me some Rihanna so let the haters hate while yall help her elevate.

  • PrettyKush

    Riris legs are so fkn flawless they look unreal.

  • monique

    ummmm…she must not like girly girls i’m going to leave that one at that…she looks good though

  • gossip

    I liked her hair short. I’m not so crazy about this style.

  • gossip

    Is it me or does that chick holdin rih rih’s hand look like a dude .follow me @tinkabellbby21

  • Terri

    She looks great. Hi Melissa, we ain’t seen you in a minute!

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