SMH: Islamist Militants Shoot Up And Kill Christian Politician In Latest Attack In Pakistan

- By Bossip Staff

Gunmen shot and killed Pakistan’s government minister for religious minorities on Wednesday, the latest attack on a high-profile Pakistani figure threatened by Islamist militants for urging reform of harsh blasphemy laws that impose the death penalty for insulting Islam. The killing of Shahbaz Bhatti, a member of Pakistan’s Christian community, was another major blow to Pakistan’s besieged liberals, who say the attacks are a symptom of an increasingly radicalized Muslim-majority public. Earlier this year, Punjab province Gov. Salman Taseer was killed by a bodyguard who said he was angry that the politician opposed the blasphemy laws — and many ordinary Pakistanis praised the murderer.

Bhatti was on his way to work in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, when gunmen riddled his car with bullets, police officer Mohmmad Iqbal said. The minister arrived dead at Shifa Hospital and his driver was also wounded badly, hospital spokesman Asmatullah Qureshi said. Pakistan’s minorities gripped by fear and despair
No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, but private Pakistani TV channels showed pamphlets at the scene of the killing that were attributed to the Pakistani Taliban warning of the same fate for anyone opposing the blasphemy laws.

Gulam Rahim was coming from a nearby market when he saw Bhatti’s car drive out of his house. Three men standing nearby with guns suddenly began firing at the vehicle, a dark-colored Toyota. Two of the men opened the door and tried to pull Bhatti out, Rahim said, while a third man fired his Kalashnikov rifle repeatedly into the car. The three gunmen then sped away in a white Suzuki Mehran car, said Rahim who took shelter behind a tree. Pakistani TV channels showed Bhatti’s vehicle afterward, its windows shattered with bullet holes all over. It was not immediately clear why Bhatti, a member of the ruling Pakistani People’s Party, did not have bodyguards with him. Pakistani government leaders condemned the attack.

“This is concerted campaign to slaughter every liberal, progressive and humanist voice in Pakistan,” said Farahnaz Ispahani, an aide to President Asif Ali Zardari. “The time has come for the federal government and provincial governments to speak out and to take a strong stand against these murderers to save the very essence of Pakistan.”


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  • ImSoChi

    Where u at now Mr. Farrakhan? why dont u speak on this?

  • Luke's Corner

    Where’s the Muslim outrage when these things happen? Dont play that ‘religion of peace’ b.s anytime someone speaks out against violent extremism and then keep quiet when people are making your religion the most hated on the planet due to barbaric ways and brainwashed idieology.

  • Amber

    And just why exactly to black people convert to islam…???

    • DR.FUNK

      EXACTLY. Islam is TRASH.

  • Africanking

    How a Muslim speak on behave of other Muslims ? Jews control your media and you are telling them Muslims to say something.

    Btw, he was warned? They told him his Jesus won’t save him and guess what…they were right. Both Jesus and Muhammad are gone a long time ago….they don’t save nobody and people here still fighting over who has the best religion. Both religion really is sad. Full of ignorance and fantasy.

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      @ Africanking

      Both religions are fake, but Christian countries allow Muslims to live there peacefully.

  • coldt7

    Thats right ,get those evil christians out of your country.With their fake religion

    • kerry

      African, white devil and coldt: you guys seem to have the intelligence of a fruit fly. So sad.

  • daresay

    Jesus made the Bible soft when told his followers to turn the other cheek. If they were still following the laws of Moses which was an eye for an eye, Muslims would have been careful before attacking the Bible believers.

    And oh, not forgetting Gandhi who also reversed the laws of Moses that an eye for an eye leaves the world blind…and his non-violent followers are always at the receiving end from other groups…haha

    • KocaKola

      haha? I find it very distirbing that u are able to find humor in other’s suffering.

    • daresay

      …and I can authoritatively tell you I wasn’t crying when the Twin Towers went down…so I guess that makes me insane and a bad person? haha

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      @ daresay

      “Jesus made the Bible soft when told his followers to turn the other cheek. If they were still following the laws of Moses which was an eye for an eye, Muslims would have been careful before attacking the Bible believers.”

      But when there are no other religions around, the Muslims turn on each other for not being fundamentalist enough. Muslims are the ghetto thugs of the world. Any slight is worth killing over.

    • daresay

      “But when there are no other religions around, the Muslims turn on each other for not being fundamentalist enough.”

      But the world cannot exist without “religion” so I doubt if there would ever be such a time…cos its human nature to find something or someone to serve and believe in. And when the Muslims kill each other for not being fundamentalist, the world really does not care. It is only when two different religions/beliefs lead to conflicts that it affects the world/international communities and we are all supposed to show some concern or remorse…boo hoo!

  • daresay

    Well, the difference is that the crusade was over land. i.e. “Property”

    But this was over ideology. i.e. “my Quran is better than your Bible” or “my Mohammed is better than your Jesus” or ”my Allah is better than your God”

    And here is the real deal.

    Quran and Bible = Outdated history books
    Mohammed and Jesus = Allah/God-sent individuals
    Allah and God = the same being

    So what’s there to kill someone over? The two groups are a tard deluded and distant from reality if you ask me.

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    That’s reaching pretty far back. For Muslim violence, you can just pick up a newspaper.


    ALL religions are garbage.Islam just happens to be the smelliest piece in the dung pile.

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  • white male

    11 Muslims in India just got the death penalty for burning 60 hindus alive.

  • white male

    A muslim just killed a couple of u.s. soldiers in germany today.

  • monique

    honestly i dont believe in religion anymore..its just a word…i do believe in god…and the bible…but as far as religion…..i am spritual…which means i know him and i have my own relationship with him…

  • Ok

    @ ChelloMello. That’s an outright lie. Christians in America have blown up abortion clinics in the name of God. Bush went to war because he claimed God told him to do it. Christians here support the death penalty even though it’s a violation of the Ten commandments. There are Christian soldiers/police officers who kill. So stop lying to yourself.

  • Ok

    Christianity has never had reforms because there were no reforms to make. This has to do with culture of those violent Christians. Same thing for Islam. It has not to do with the religion but those people and that culture. Stop blaming religion for people’s behavior. And please don’t pretend like Christians aren’t corrupt. There has been more killing and wars in the name of Christianity than any other religion.

  • akilah

    God is real,regardless of religion

  • JayJay

    muslims AINT SH!t!!!!!!

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