Good Idea or Bad Idea?? Oprah Has Been Invited To Do A Show Live From Tahrir Square In Egypt

- By Bossip Staff

They did Joe Pesci this same way in ‘Goodfellas’, sounds like a set-up if you ask us…

Oprah has received an invitation from Egypt’s new minister of tourism to do a show in Cairo’s Tahrir Square–the center of the recent Egyptian revolution.

It’s part of an effort by the minister, Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, to boost tourism to the country. Nour also invited other celebrities to come to Egypt. Tahrir Square in particular is becoming a tourist destination, with several guided tours already set up for people to see the focal point of Egypt’s historic uprising.

USA Today says that some American travel companies are resuming trips to Egypt in March (tourism has been down in the country following last month’s uprising). But there’s no word on whether Oprah will be there to greet them. (After all, she’s already taken one rather extensive trip this season.)

You might want to give this one some thought Oprah. Although the revolt is over, there may still be some bad blood over there, and you don’t want to end up like Anderson Cooper…

Do you think it’s safe for Oprah to do a show in Egypt??


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  • Amber

    i think its a great idea. now atleast the world can see arabs molest black women on daytime t.v.

  • yt

    shit’s gonna get real in Egypt again when Oprah starts arguing about who built the pyramids


      LMAO *DEAD*

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  • honey

    YES! let her go and I hope she can’t get back. Maybe Jay-Z will go with her

  • It's Me

    play with them Egyptians if she wants to. Her azz come up missing…

  • tg

    No need for her to put her life in harms way for another interview. She’s proven her skill and worth, but if she doesn’t value her life – then by all means – GO.

  • Shannon

    Oprah will go there and idolize the 3 white people that are still there!…LOL>…she will prolly tell the world a WHITE race built the pyramids and all the Biblical temples on eastern Africa..


      When you give millions upon millions of dollars to HSBC like Howard, Spelman, Morehouse and the like then you’ll have the nerve to talk down about Oprah Winfrey’s race relations. Until then STFU. Ms. Winfrey has given more of her funds than any other black out there – including the over glorified heavily business backed donations of our dear brother Michael Jackson.

      Winfrey’s audience is all races and just because she’s a black woman who has a legion of white women following her don’t hate. Her money is as long as her hair.

    • davis

      Shannon u are an ignorant ***** we knows nothing about Oprah givings to her own people. Google before you talk bullshit

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!

    Go AHEEAAADDD OPRAH go unite with your Afikan brothas/sistahs woooohooo do it!


    Oprah has less than 40 shows left to do and is on hiatus until late April. All of her shows are in production and there won’t be no show for Egypt. Sorry.

  • davis


    I totally agree with you. I hate when blacks hate on blacks. That’s why it is hard for us to keep shit….then we have the nerve to always complain about how other races treat us!

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