It’s A Wrap For This Guy: Anthony Waiters To Serve Three Life Sentences For Kidnapping And Torture

- By Bossip Staff

Anthony Waiters was sentenced to serve three life sentences Monday for the torture and imprisonment of then 16-year-old Kyle Ramirez for more than a year. Waiters, 31, was the last of the four defendants to be sentenced and the only one to be tried for holding Ramirez captive inside a Tracy, Calif. home, where he was shackled to the furniture beginning in 2007.

The other three defendants included neighbors Michael Schumacher, 36, his wife Kelly Law, 32, and the teen’s then-legal guardian Caren Ramirez, 45. They each pleaded guilty to over a dozen charges in October, and were each sentenced to at least 30 years, the maximum under their plea deals. The jury convicted Waiters in November of torture, kidnapping, child abuse and false imprisonment. He was ordered to serve the three life sentences concurrently and will not be eligible for parole for 19 years.

Ramirez testified during Waiters’ trial in October that Waiters had cut him, lit his pants on fire and beat him unconscious between 2007 and 2008. Ramirez even recounted for the jury a time when Waiters allegedly cut the teen’s arm and poured bleach on the wound while others held him down. Ramirez was eventually able to escape by jumping on a backyard trampoline and hopping over a retaining wall, and stumbling into a nearby health club.

Waiters, a former youth football coach, told Superior Court Judge Terrance Van Oss that he was innocent and has love and respect for “Mr. Kyle” and his family. Prosecutor Angela Hayes said that after the sentencing Waiters was still in denial. “In his mind he’s convinced himself that he didn’t do those things,” Hayes said. “He knows full well what he did. The evidence is overwhelming.”

Waiters’ attorney said his client is planning to appeal.

Damn…three life sentences is no joke!


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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Damn thats a long time

    • kferad

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  • yt

    three life sentences = eligible for parole in 19 years

    american law for you

    • It's Me

      it says he is NOT eligible for parole in 19 years!

    • CLB

      it said “not be eligible for parole [for] 19 years” not in 19 years.

  • Amber

    god , how scary is he…
    wouldnt like to meet him in a dark ally at knight. black men are toast in 2011

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  • Mrs. Rance

    What kind of life sentence is that when the dude can be out in 19 years? I gotta read up on this story. Why the heck were these people holding the boy captive? No excuse would be valid, but what was the excuse?

  • nymphis

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    Something about this story aint right…

    Its got to be some missing to this!


  • It's Me

    if this true that is goody for his punk azz. Cutting a kid then pouring bleach in the wound!

  • sister alice

    He will never make it OUT because Big Bubba ain’t wrapping it up!

  • Jay

    This dude caught life but some white boys almost murdered a hispanic dude and they get a cover up and 3 years. Crackers nowadays

    • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!

      Bingo, you hit it on the Head….werd up!

    • yt

      lol future racist black jurors right here




  • Mrs. Rance

    Basically this boy had an abusive foster mother who invited her friends in on the abuse. I’m no legal expert so I’m not sure why it was considered kidnapping when it occured in his own home, but I ain’t mad at them for including that charge in this case. The boy was 5’8, 100 lbs when he escaped. Now two years later he is 6’2, 250 so he was severely malnourished and his growth was stunted. They all deserve life without parole and I hope he sued the foster care system.

  • nymphis

    mrs rance

    If you take a person against their will from the kitchen to the basement it’s kidnapping by law.even if it’s in their home

  • mouthpiece

    How terribble could people get these days?where is the full story anyway,of how it all began?what happened to make these people think they could play God and turture some poor kid like that?

  • The Ugly Truth

    Im not getting this story.

    Y was the boy being abused?!

    Y & how did neighbors get in on the abuse??!!!

    Could some1 give me a link to the full story?!

  • CLB

    just why????? and why sentence someone to 3 life sentences but eligible for parole after 19 years…that’s crazy.

    sidenote “each sentenced to at least 30 years, the maximum under their plea deals.” how can u be sentences to @ least 30 years if that’s the maximum???!!!! i’m thinking you meant minimum

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