You Can’t Be Serious… Guess Which 90s Sitcom Star Is Dropping An Album

- By Bossip Staff

This guy was pretty quiet in the years after his sitcom stardom. But he must have caught the attention whoring bug from his ex.

The former Mr. Superhead, Darius McCrary is singing now.

From the press release announcing his debut:

Darius McCrary has announced the release of his official first album “The Dissertation of Darius McCrary” today. Now more than ever the eyes of the world are on him as he transforms from a successful Hollywood actor that the world has come to know and love into the talented musician and singer he’s destined to be.

With 10 time Grammy Award winning Chaka Khan as the executive producer on this project, McCrary’s fans are on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the album’s release which is slated for April 12, 2011 and there’s already a buzz swirling around that this album could very well be Grammy nominated.

“This project took a lot of time, hard work, blood sweat and tears to complete but it’ll all be worth it when I’m finally able to share the musical gifts that God has given me with the world,” said McCrary at a recent interview in Hollywood, CA.

In 2009 McCrary assembled a band (The D List) which consists of five other highly skilled musicians, one of them being his brother, Donovan McCrary. McCrary and his band began hosting “Private Parties” at The Garter, a club tucked away in Venice, CA every Wednesday night in early 2009 to a packed house every week. To date, McCrary’s private parties have become a big hit as McCrary and the D List have been requested and booked to perform at venues around the world.

“This album will appeal to music lovers everywhere. It’s not geared towards one particular targeted audience because I believe that music is a universal language that crosses all barriers regardless of if you’re black, white, brown, Puerto Rican, Haitian, young or old. I just wanted to make good music that music lovers would enjoy.”

We were ready to completely dismiss this joke of a project… then we learned that Chaka Khan executive produced the album. Which, as you may know, means she put up money behind Darius and the D-List.

Wanna hear what he sounds like? Click here

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  • Nikki

    Darius singing is not new. He has great vocal ability.

  • bugaboo

    He should’ve done this a long time ago… now w/ his current rep it may affect his success.

  • purple love

    Go eddie!!! Or Malcolm and richie/devon sings 2

  • Mrs. Rance

    Why does it have to be a joke? The man can sing. It amazes me how rappers & singers are allowed to get acting gigs even if they can’t act, but actors aren’t allowed to be singers. It took Jamie Fox 15 – 20 years and the fame of Oscar winning Ray to finally be given a chance. I don’t get it.

  • Rod

    He is doing a reverse kardashian by using superhead as a way to boost his career. He could always sing,but needed some controversy to stay relevant.

  • I Stay SMH

    he had a song before. or was on something singing. not new

  • kerry

    Someone has to support superhead.

  • http://Tha'Suckage... Tha' Suckage

    Dude can sang but he mightve just waited too long. Should’ve done it at the height of his career like J-Lo did. But there’s always Celebrity Rehab! He can sing during a outtake or something….


    OH LAWD!

  • Roc

    I heard a few songs on the album and I am going to rate it P.G………… Pure garabage

  • Did I Sing That?

    Snork snork….

  • tommykimon

    Didn’t know he could sing. I will not be checking out his album though.

  • kidrebelny

    He has been singing, I remember the episode on Family Matters when a singer came on the show and they singed together. Her name is Tracey Spencer

    • nonya


    • Whaaaat??


  • mouthpiece

    And I thought it was Steve Hurkle,”did I do that(*snort*snort*)”

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    He has a beautiful voice. He used to sing on Family Matters all the time


    He been singing!

    and good!

    Damn where yall been at?

  • QueenLove

    “Blame it on the azz beads!” his first toot toot tune, I’m sure.

  • Bossip, Post THIS ONE... thanku

    Go Darius!!!!!

  • lemme see ya twitter i can make ustream

    he could sing back in his family matters days.


    He was always a singer, he is actually quite tallented, but what do ya’ll know about music most of ya’ll think Trey Songz can sing.

    • Imari

      You said it!!!

    • daisy jay

      Trey is decent. A 6 on the scale.

    • Ms_504GV

      More like a 2. Usher can’t sing either. I’m piqued to see what Darius has to offer.

  • rhina

    yes he can be serious! he has always sang.Matter a fact he is my pastors godson and has kept the church rockin a few times. He has a great voice.

  • Juliemango

    He can sang his possible success will have supahead in the spotlight again!!!

  • eygotitall

    I listen to some of the songs & it didn’t sound I have heard worse

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