Twitter Files: Chris Breezy Is Sprung Off That Special “Kae”

- By Bossip Staff

Chris Brown is a Tweetin’ fool… for love!!!

The R&B bad boy took to his Twitter to showcase his lesser known talents as an artist:

The paintings (pictured below) seemed to capture the image of 22-year-old Vietnamese and Black model Karrueche Tran who has been romantically linked to Brown since the pair were photographed together in December.

Awwwwwwww how precious is that. She’s his muse!!!

Check out pictures of Karrueche, better known as Kae, as well as Breezy below:

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    • Sally

      NICE NEWS !
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      This is coming from a person who not only clicked on the thread, but posted a comment.

  • Saltyballs

    Dam she bad I have never seen chris with an ugly chick tho so im not surprised

    • chitchat

      You must not have seen the chick who wound up with Rob Kardashian.

      Anyway, I bet the ex-girl who was neglecting the son is salty as hell right now.


    He look GAY as hell in that top picture LMAO

    • The Real Truth Teller

      Only gay people go around calling everyone else gay.

  • De'La Flyy

    So glad to see he moved on & got back on track! Hopefully she feels the same way ; wish them both the BEST! =]

  • Lovely1

    They make a cute couple, Hope he is not being used! he is such a sweetheart! So sweet to his fans! Love You Chris!!! FAME in stores 3-22-11 GET YOUR COPY!!!! #teambreezy

  • The Ugly Truth

    Im sorry but Kae aint tht cute, compared to Jasmine (the model) he was dating. And, Kae seems to be very tacky & unladylike & hoodish.

    Chris needs to be careful

    • The Real Truth Teller

      What the hell are you talking about? Kae doesn’t seem to be tacky or hood but she is real and that is EXACTLY what Chris needs.Chris don’t need any more fakes.

      Jasmine wasn’t all that,she was an opportunist that cheated on Chris,the minute he left the country for his series of concerts in Brazil.

  • TN6886-4CB

    CB must be super artistic. He seems to master artsie things. Back a year ago them naysayers were claiming that he was done for. With the right guidance he will NEVER be broke. He sings, writes, rap, dances, composes, paints/sketches, models, mentors, and I cant wait for his next gift to be unveiled. I think his girl is a cutie. I pray he’s happy and that the relationship is nurturing for both of them

  • RMEs

    I think Chris should keep his relationships private. Twitterin everything that goes on aint gonna bring nothing but trouble. But alas, he’s only 22…

  • JustAshley

    She’s a cutie.

  • Me

    She ain’t that cute IMO, skinny body wit big Vietnamese head lol

  • hmmmm....ok!

    Awwe I like them together!

  • YourDelusional01


  • Juliemango

    Chris looks looks sweeeet in the top n last pics and i dont mean that in the gay sense of the word!!!

  • So What

    He looks like an idiot and he is channeling his inner Rihanna in the photo that he is posing like she did on her Rated R album and if you notice why she dreaming about a white man, is that who Chris wants to be and lastly the picture of love looks like he painted Rihanna after he beat her and the new girl will be next.

  • DeeezNutz

    Yeah that’s what I was wondering too, who’s the white brother that’s painted in the picture. Oh well, what’s the saying..sometimes it only makes sense in the artists’ mind

  • Karmal

    oh really…that’s interesting.

  • The Diva

    Co sign!

  • LOL!

    WHO da FUNK cares?! Wait you guys do… some people need a hobbie.

    • daisy jay

      This is coming from a person who not only clicked on the thread, but posted a comment.


  • lynette

    if chris is happy, then i am happy for him!!! i see you breezy!!!

  • daisy jay

    Well, there are a few factors. Chris is VERY famous, so we all know he’s got a ton of groupies. He only gets with groupies orrr he just gets with a chick that’s downright crazy. Chris JUST turned 21. This girl just showed up. He’s supposedly sprung already? This won’t even last half a year. Something will go wrong and he will be on to the next girl. Yeah, I’m not there to analyze both of them, but it’s kinda obvious. He’s a kid. He can’t spell love yet.

  • The Real Truth Teller

    Yeah but remember that is definitely your opinion because I have definitely heard otherwise.

  • The Real Truth Teller

    Instead of you being worried about what Chris will do,you need to be worried about that dude in your picture because I didn’t know he was married and neither does he…Now ponder on that while you minding everyone else business!

    Shoutout to TeamBreezy.

  • Dr Black

    The only reason he died his hair was to be controversial. Rhihanna stayed in the media because of her red hair. So now he wants some of that media attention. So out comes the Sisqo Hair style. He is obviously in competition with Rhihanna, but the thing is, he will never catch up t her. She is ignoring him, but he keeps doing little subliminal things to get her to react. I am so glad she is not, And I know all the Rhihanna haters on here are MAAAAAAAAAAADD LMAO

  • Terri

    Let’s hope so, Mrs. Rance.

  • dirtyluxury

    Ehh she’s cute but its something about her idk not hating but it jus something fishy about her hopefully he’s not goin head over heels for her he should take this slow! He needs to be happy also! Best wishes to both of them

    • OhMy

      EXACTLY! Somethings not right with her. Does she work or go to school bcuz he’s dragged her all over the country with him just like riri. even took hm to VA for the holidays & last week. Shs been around for a minute bcuz she was ice skating with him when he & razb spazzed out!

      I’d say its serious but he keeps saying NOT! He was all over stripper girls at his album release party & bragging with terrence j abt “thongs” at his party & Kae was with him! what kinda girl tolerates that fm her boyfriend. Can you spell g-o-l-d d-i-g-g-e-r!

      Breezy needs to chill with these random chicks that he picks up “where Viet Nam meets the hood” #REALTALK

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