Some Morning Cakes: Cyn Santana On The Cover Of Smooth Girl

- By Bossip Staff

The beautiful Cyn Santana lays it out for the newest cover of Smooth Girl.

Check the photos at and cop the newest issue on stands now.

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  • It's Me

    yup, she can get this pipe whenever/where ever she wants it.

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    Shawty is BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think this is the baddest one y’all have put up to date!!!

  • Pimpin

    Yep, she can get it, chocolate, caramel, cafe au lait, its all good to me!

  • eman

    dang she fine

  • SMH

    another booty model that they had to air brush.

    these pictures are simply not real…

  • average black guy

    you know as i read through the comments i thought to myself , damn no hating. Then i get to the bottom and see SMH all jealous and hating. We all know that there is some airbrushing of these models but i am willing to guarantee no amount of airbrush will make you look like that. Lol

  • RAW


  • Shananigans

    and another one…yawn

  • NayNay

    she is gorgeous.

  • WithAllHonesty


  • jmagic

    and you know this how?if she a hoe why you stalking her on twitter?Black women always hating,and if a black guy hating you know he gay

  • mj's fanatic

    fat ! next

  • Juliemango

    I enjoyed that treat!!!

  • super steph!

    wow didnt i just see you on the ’10 hotels’ post saying youve “been a lot of nice places”? obviously your ignorant a$$ cant afford that yourself, so either your lying (probably) or a whre yourself. lol.

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