Is China Exploiting or Helping The Congo?

- By Bossip Staff

While Washington is preoccupied with war in Afghanistan and Arab liberation movements, Beijing is feeding its insatiable “Made in China” machine by cranking out mega-deals to develop Africa’s infrastructure in return for rights to grab resources, such as minerals and oil. Some African leaders compare these resource-for-infrastructure swaps to Marshall Plans — deals big enough to jumpstart economies. But critics in the West say the swaps amount to a “Great Chinese Takeout” or a series of sweetheart deals for the Asian colossus. China’s biggest bet on the continent is a $6 billion accord with Congo, a country buried in debt but rich in virtually every known mineral, from gold and diamonds to coltan, a key element in cell phones, computer chips, nuclear reactors, and PlayStations. Congo has 80% of the world’s coltan reserves.

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      Get them to build the oil infrastructure then radically nationalize!!!

    • WTF!

      China is over flowing with ppl, they are looking for somewhere to place all those ppl. They don’t have enough resources to hold that many ppl, 500million Chinese are in poverty. Soon Africa will be filled w/Chinese taking over. Africa needs to realize they are the Sleeping Giant-they need to unify & use their own resources to build the continent, or face another 500+ yrs of being conquered.

    • Uhh Yeah Ok

      It’s not that easy when all groups of people around the world want you to fail. There is not one outside group who is not funding a war in Africa, right at this moment or in the past. It makes it easier for negotiations to take what they want, makes the people look incompetent, and everything is dirt cheap because people NEED it as opposed to wanting it.

      www dot ww4report dot com/node/9533

  • tg

    EASY – Exploiting. Who doesn’t exploit Africa and its resources except it’s own people. DANG SHAME
    I’ve been telling my family for the last 5 years – by 2015 or early in the future – they’ll have a Chinese restaurant on every corner in Africa – as they do in almost EVERY COUNTRY in the world.

  • theBlackPocahontas

    Exploiting. Chinese white folks are just as evil as European white folks. Please remember that they are simply white folks who eat Chinese food. Of course they make friends now, because anywhere in Africa has what other countries want, NATURAL RESOURCES.

    I haven’t seen any non-threatening motive that any country has had for Africa, so why would we think it could be now? I can’t even stand China in America. They are not here to help or make good business moves, they are here with the thoughts of takeover IF the US blinks. Same for the Congo

  • Amber

    lets be real… that pop eyed african guy looks dumb as hell. it would be stupid of the chinese not to exploit him. maybe when africans stop voting for these losers, and appoint black more dysphoria’s , ill change my tune.

    • Jay

      Ridiculous, What does your little goofy white behind know about the Africa or politics. Get your little white behind out of here

    • Amber

      who said anything about being white. you racist despot. your exactly the type of loser that i was referring too.

    • Jay

      If that pop-eyed african looks dumb, then you must be an idiot. You used the term “despot” incorrectly. You dont use a term like despot to sound intelligent, it is used to describe a tyrannical leader or an oppressor. Next time you want to sound smart, use words that you understand. Looks have nothing to do with intelligence at all and you proved the point by making syntax errors in your little tirade. Use normal words little girl, and shut the f up and keep it moving. Drop some knowledge on the subject rather than be ignorant on a post.

    • Amber

      and you have just proven what an obtuse oddball you are by further replying.

    • me

      Here’s a tune for you. Put a .38 to head and pull the trigger. That’s a tune I’d like to hear!

    • Amber

      oh, did i touch a nerve. #howrudeofme.

  • foreallydoe

    To answer the question, a little bit of both. That’s how capitalism works.

  • Yeti

    It’s called trade not charity. The Chinese don’t owe anyone sh it. If African countries don’t have the capital, technology and infrastructure to exploit their resources then what do you want them to do? Leave the resources in the ground and get nothing? Besides it’s not like any black people are getting a sniff of that money.

  • white male

    Trade the resources for roads and infrastructure

  • really now

    Jay I’m with you, Amber is a dim-whit. Africa needs development, and they need it NOW.

  • kslim1

    If China really wanted to “help,” they would teach the people of Congo how to use their own resources without relying on foreign investments…I mean seriously, u expect me to believe that Chinaman isn’t going to screw these Africans over just like the Europeans did? The only difference is, the Chinese will be more diplomatic about doing so. SMH @ these Africans…DON’T WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY WITH FOOLISH INFIGHTING AND FIGURE OUT A WAY TO BECOME ECONOMICALLY INDEPENDENT WITHIN THE NEXT DECADE! As far as the instigating Europeans go, keep your eyes on them too: don’t forget about Rwanda.

  • kslim1

    Final point, every corporation in the Western Hemisphere has Africa to thank for it’s immense wealth…Without African resources (mineral, cultural, human) Europe would be a barren wasteland and it’s technically not even a continent…so if China Man wants a piece of the pie at least he’s offering the Africans a slice. Unfortunately because the government in Congo is still corrupt most of that money will go to the military and government officials. Quite frankly, I wish we’d stop raping the earth of it’s resources…it’s devastating.

    • yt

      No, because the Chinese don’t even employ local Africans to do even the most menial of jobs. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese are colonizing Africa as we speak.


    Get them to build the oil infrastructure then radically nationalize!!!

  • Uhh Yeah Ok

    Oh please! to all the comments above..

  • drenk

    just like any other resource hungry country, china will “help” all those countries that have oil, natural gas, iron, copper,zinc, whatever else they need to keep their economy growing

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