SMH: NeNe’s Still Popping Yang About Star Jones And Sweetie

- By Bossip Staff

NeNe’s antics and accomplishments have landed her on the cover of Rolling Out’s latest issue.

Which means another opportunity to trash talk Star Jones and bring up how difficult it is to be NeNe Leakes.

STAR JONES: NeNe tells Rolling Out that Star Jones has a problem with women, in general.” I had an experience with Star,” NeNe huffs. “I had never met her before. I believe that any woman who gets around Star will find that Star’s not cool. And when you watch “Celebrity Apprentice,” you will see some sides of her that are just not cool.”

CELEBRITY APPRENTICE: NeNe’s much anticipated appearance on “Celebrity Apprentice,” will be nothing like what you’ve seen of her on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” she says. “Celebrity Apprentice wasn’t a great experience for me; it was a very hard show to do. We shot the show in literally 45 days. It’s a big show with 16 celebrities (you have eight guys and eight girls), as opposed to working with five. The hours are bananas; you work six days a week, and you rise at 4 a.m. and you get in at midnight. The earliest was 10 p.m.; but sometimes it was 1 a.m.”

DONALD TRUMP: Working with Donald Trump was golden, however. “Donald is great; he’s very real in his own type of way. He’s not the easiest person to get to know right away,” NeNe recalls. “It takes some time to get to know him. I found him very cool, and I must say he really likes me. You know he likes women who are really tall. And he’s had some brown sugar.”

NeNe continues, “Yeah, I would date Donald Trump…let’s hook it up. I met some really important people through Mr. Trump, he has that swagger.”

RETURN TO REAL HOUSE WIVES OF ATLANTA: Overall, NeNe’s states that the reality show path to show business has been a mixed blessing and returning for another season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” isn’t a done deal. “I can’t say today that I want to be a housewife next season, I don’t know that. Maybe a month from now, I will feel different. I want to have the opportunity to talk to the producers to see where we can go as far as the editing, and as you know, we don’t have any control over that, we just shoot the show and they show what they want to show.”

If NeNe does return, frenemy Kim Zolciak’s assistant, Sweetie Hughes, will be yet one more dynamic for her to deal with.

ON RUINING SWEETIE’S LIFE: Last season on “Housewives,” NeNe called Sweetie a slave. Afterwards, Atlanta radio host Rickey Smiley launched a “Free Sweetie” campaign on his show. Recently, Sweetie publicly charged that, “NeNe’s traumatizing my life. She’s bringing hell to it.”

NeNe delivers a smack: “I’m not ruining her life; what kind of life does she have anyway?”

How long do you think she’s gonna keep up this mean girl/victim act?

Mr. Jeno/Steed Media Service

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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    who the hell is that standin on the couch ??

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    • Sally

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      Who Cares they not gon like you anyway~Cuz nene kno she cant go in the hood with that b.s Cuz they would definatly GIVE HER THE BUISNESS~OH YESSS


    Nene needs to count her blessings and look the other way, otherwise KARMA will bite her right in the behind.

  • Intrinsic Beauty

    Booooo! Ay, NeNe…shut da Fxck up!!!

  • waitingonrealmusic

    I think Ms. Leakes is getting a bad rap. I met her at the airport and she was very down to earth and nothing like what was portrayed on the show. I hope everything in her life gets better and i hope she does not get anymore plastic surgery.. it is not that serious and there was absolutely nothing wrong with her nose. but i guess when you think you are ugly or have been told you were ugly or made to feel you are ugly.. these are the results….. still think she is cool thought. …. Atl 4 eva

  • cia


    • islandgirl




  • OMG

    She is ugly in and out I don’t know what all the surgery is about waste of money cause she still looks busted

  • ThickLikeCornbread


  • alabama pride

    Why is her ankles ashy?

  • rip NAT TURNER

    FREE SWEETIE ! FREE SWEETIE ! Nat Turner died for u. FREE SWEETIE !

  • rip NAT TURNER

    Free sweetie ! But they can KEEP Ne Ne

  • darealwifey

    Funny that NeNe doesn’t care about the affect her words have on Sweetie’s life, yet NeNe feels Kim should care. Double-standard. “It’s about being human.” SMH

  • foxy lady

    Leave NeNe alone. She is no worse than any of those white bytches on the other housewives show!!!!

  • Juliemango

    Cant wait to see outspoken nene on the apprentice and shes right about sweetie i dont like the way kim treats her kims parents are a good addition to the show tho especially her dad!!!

  • BerriGirlV

    Evryone needs 2 leave NeNe alone!!!!

    • Mic

      Nene need to leave Nene alone. Just look at the way she talks. She sounds like some busted pimp, not a sophisticated woman. I can’t stand her hypocritical self. All she does is talk and contradicts herself sometimes in the same sentence. There is no integrity in Nene Leakes. And as far as people saying that we should be criticizing the other caucasian housewives, color has nothing to do with it. If Nene don’t want to be talked about stop putting her business on blast and sit down!

  • daisy jay

    God stubbed his toe on a planet when he was creating Nene.

    You serious? She’s still talking sh!t? It’s like she’s arguing with a WALL. She keeps making herself look dumber and dumber. Everybody is ignoring her stupid @ss, but she’s still running her mouth.

    Whoever likes Nene needs a neurological exam. Immediately.

  • jajay

    Nene abt Sweetie: “I’m not ruining her life; what kind of life does she have anyway?”

  • me

    true. but hey she got on the cover of rolling stones. wow!

  • kslim1

    Rolling Out is not Rolling Stone in any way, shape or form.

  • Zok

    Jazz you nailed it! Yes!

  • lara

    NENE -one ugly chick who looks out of place and appears meaningless

    The hair-bang and ponytail help her look tremendously nice – the only good features

    Nene over reacts and says the wrong things -gutless, insensitive – does not know what she is doing

    NeNe needs education, professionalism, and good humor
    stop the blatant show NENE

    • tank

      i tell u what; why don’t you bring your family photo album to the show and tell party and lets see if you got room to call somebody ugly. NENE is alright where she is. and thats not dignifying tricks like you.

    • daisy jay

      Took the words out my mouth.

      You serious? Who made the rule that somebody needs to be pretty with a pretty family to have the right to call somebody out on something? How about you shut the f*ck up with that sorry, tired argument. Anybody can say what they want no matter what they look like. You don’t have to look a certain way to get the golden ticket to call somebody ugly. Dumbest f*cking thing ever. Get out.

  • april give u the biz

    Trust me its a money thing if it takes people not liking you to get it Who Cares they not gon like you anyway~Cuz nene kno she cant go in the hood with that b.s Cuz they would definatly GIVE HER THE BUISNESS~OH YESSS

  • aboveitall

    You can tell people are jealous of Nene’s success but she has a catchy personality and that’s what sells. Calling her ugly makes her look pretty and you ugly.

    • daisy jay

      She is ugly inside and out. Get over it. It’s a plain fact.

  • martika pender

    she is ugly as hell on them pics

  • islandgirl

    NENE doing something right or she wouldn’t have so many haterzz you go girl!!!

  • lol

    Man bump this gargoyle!! Why does anyone care about what come out of this dumb strippers mouth?!? She is mess & always wanna throw shade toward someone else. The tabloid/media need to ask her some real questions like: How come she won’t come clean and admit the she is both NeNe & Greg, or where the father of her older kid is, or How she managed to hide her past as “the refrigerator”, William Perry, of the Chicago Bears?? I need real answers Nene not just mindless BS!

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