The Game Recap: Three’s A Crowd

- By Bossip Staff

Three was a very unlucky number for “The Game” stars, Malik and Melanie, during last night’s episode.

Malik found himself in the middle of a messy love triangle and Melanie’s ménage a trois was just a hot mess–all in the name of lust.

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  • ll

    It made me sad to think that a women would have such low self esteem. I didn’t find the episode funny at all. I found it disturbing. What is the point of even being married at all? I’m done with this show.

  • RED


    • O_{O}?????

      David and Red I doubt that you are or have been married, and if you are or have what were your vows???? Do you have any respect for God’s word or is a moment of lust worth an enternity in hell? Just a question…2012 here we come

    • David

      @ O

      Actually I am married and my wife does not get down like that so I don’t… But though I believe in God as well(but trust I am no saint & and I don’t know you but you not, I realize that I don’t have to throw my religion in everybody’s face especially on a gossip blog site… Not to mention there are more religions in the world than the one you and I believe in. So try to have an open mind when you are not in church ..especially when the show is trying to portray the reality of American football players,or any other person with a ton of money women flock to…. At the end of the day all I’m saying is we are talking about a fiction TV stop being so serious and stuck on what is “right or wrong” in your view of the world….because nobody cares…lol just like you don’t care about what I just wrote.

  • myopinion

    I actually thought last night episode was decent, not really feeling Malik’s girlfriend, but i was content with last night. Just wish there was more comedy.

  • Smart23yroldBlackchick

    I think the new “The Game” season is disgusting and trashy. Also Tia Mowry needs to STOP. I am not judging but real God-fearing Christians do NOT take part in shows with this kind of filthy content.

    Tia needs to take Tamera’s lead and stop doing “anything’ to stay relevant

  • @Smart23yroldBlackchick

    Christians that cast judgment on others are unintentionally, intentionally or foolishly being as sinful as the people they are judging, by casting
    Judgment on someoneles’s spirituality. SMH. Oh I forgot hypocrit, insert above

    • MochaDreams

      What verse does that come from?

  • tommykimon

    I thought last night episode was good. She is crazy for wanting to share Derwin’s fine azz. I hope Malik can shake Megan Goode’s character chick is crazy.

  • Smart23yroldBlackchick


  • Smart23yroldBlackchick


  • The Ugly Truth

    The Game was GOOD last nite

    I have tried a 3some once in my life while i was separated from my husband, BUT i didnt let the other chick touch me

  • klalov12

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  • Rista

    Agreed! This is life in the real world of athletes. The show has changed in that everyone has lost their “innocence” but hey, I still look forward to each episode!

  • darkand lovely

    I’m done with this show. I wanted it back but if its gonna be this stupid they could have left it where it was. So done.


    It was ridiculous. Note the Game is basically saying that the only value black women hold is what’s in between your legs and that is not much judging by the characters actions on the show.

    • MochaDreams

      Yup, basically… and they really need to get rid of that Jasmina chick or at least tone her down, because I think she the garden tool bringing down the image of the women on the show.

  • Shauna

    I was so excited when they said they were bringing the game back but now I am so disappointed. Melanie is nothing but derwin’s wife what happened to her career. They made tasha wayyyyy to ghetto. They made kellie seem like paris hilton or a kartrasian. I can’t take it. I wanna start a petition or something cause I don’t believe these are the same writers. I should have known that nothing decent could every air on BET. I try to support my people but sometimes………

  • O_{O}?????

    Facebook was on fire about The Game at first but 9 times out of 10 all I here is “This ish is ghetoo now”…on another note…I will say that anyone whom laughs at someones love for God and His commandments will not be laughing when you have 1 foot on the grave and another on that banana peel. Every knee shall bow unless you think you living forever…LOL

    • O_{O}?????

      TYPOS….hear, ghetto, someone’s……in a rush

  • Iguessso

    My sis couldn’t believe the part where the girl was in the hotel room waiting on Derwin. Yes things like that actually do happen, but what’s with Tasha and the weed next week? It’s like everyone became dysfunctional.

  • Adrienne

    I do not see anything wrong w the new episodes. I like them and think they are doing good.

  • Tbeezy

    I like the show I don’t get all the negative comments it’s just a show it’s not that serious just because something doesn’t apply to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t for others

  • bmoore

    i cant stand when people put tia down bc shes a christian and bc of what her TV CHARACTER DOES. my goodness.

  • bama

    This show used to be funny.

  • Tm30

    In this episode, I was so disgusted with Melanie. She needs start practicing medicine because she clearly has too much time on her hands. At this rate Derwin should have stayed with Janay. And poor Malik, wow.

  • MochaDreams

    No, you need to stop. It would be a different story if they never portrayed one of the main characters as a strong Christian in the first place, but they want to have Derwin kneeling in prayer one minute and and being slobbed down by two women the next. And don’t even use the concubine argument, because in biblical times a concubine was not a mistress, but a lesser wife, and they didn’t have the orgies you probably fantasize about, they each had their own nights with their husband.

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