Update: Serena Speaks On “Scary, Disappointing” Health Situation

- By Bossip Staff

Serena issued a quick media statement today to make sure her fans knew she’s at home resting following her recent emergency.

“Thank you everyone for all of your prayers, concerns, and support,” the star, 29, tells PEOPLE in a statement. “This has been extremely hard, scary, and disappointing. I am doing better, I’m at home now and working with my doctors to keep everything under control.”

Williams also says it will be a while before she’s entirely healthy again.

“I know I will be okay, but am praying and hoping this will all be behind me soon,” she said. “While I can’t make any promises now on my return [to tennis], I hope to be back by early summer. That said, my main goal is to make sure I get there safely.”

Her rep also says in a statement, “Thankfully everything was caught in time. With continued doctor visits to monitor her situation, she is recuperating at home under strict medical supervision.”

Glad Serena got the best possible outcome out of this situation.


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  • mixed bad chick

    I hope she gets well soon. I play tennis and fell in luv with the sport at a young age so I know she is anxious to get back on the court but she may need to give her body some time away. As long as she keeps up a fitness routine she should be ok when she does play again. I stopped for awhile becuz of my knee but kept jogging so when I started back up it wasn’t so hard.

    • Sally

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      You’ll be walking down the street and drop dead. It’s a silent killer. I pray for her speedy recovery. Love her very much!

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    Pulmonary embolism IS NOT A GAME! I wonder what blood thinners they have her on, This condition can kill you without warning. You’ll be walking down the street and drop dead. It’s a silent killer. I pray for her speedy recovery. Love her very much!

  • Tara

    she will be fine if yall would jus leave her alone

  • sportstalk23

    I’m a fan of those Williams sisters so Serena girl get well dont try to rush to get back on the court, and I hope for the best in her recovery

  • uhohitslelani

    Get well girly!

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