Teyana Taylor Has A New Gig And… Doesn’t Like That We Think She’s Famous For No Reason

- By Bossip Staff

We watched Teyana Taylor turn 16, put out the single “Google Me”, pursue acting and hang with her crew. She has always been labeled as being famous for no reason and maybe that’s because no one has ever been clear on what exactly she does or even wants to do. In a recent interview with Edge magazine, Teyana speaks on the fame, her style and her career.

“It gets really hard because people don’t really know what’s happening on the inside of things. People can be so cruel and not even know your situation and not want get to know”, she says in her soft spoken and perfectly raspy tone. This transparency and softer side may shock many who know Taylor as the Jordan wearing, opinionated skateboarder chick whose big hair and unique style is being copied by young girls everywhere. But the sincerity in her vulnerability is magnetic.

“I’m a piece of work and I am certainly one of a kind, I know for sure that I am”, she says, “but I honestly can care less about this industry. I just do what I love”. In her confidence is also knowledge of the power she has as a role model for young girls that need a place in this world to feel accepted. She speaks for a large part of the new generation of young women who simply want to be who they are but fear no one will understand. When talking about her responsibility to the girls coming after her, Taylor’s speaks with the wisdom of a veteran twice her age. “I want to inspire young people, with everything I do. Even through my style”, she says, “if you can change the world or just change lives directly, why not go for it? If I can encourage kids to be themselves and to be cool with being different that’s what I’m going to do. I have a responsibility to try to change as much as I can.”

“Before I got signed I was a skateboarder and I played basketball. I gave it up for my career because the label saw a lot of danger in it. I wanted to do something so that I could still have basketball in my life and as a fan I wanted to know more about players”. Her small gesture to remain close to the sport she loves turned into a 100,000 strong following in just one week, a number that she hadn’t planned for. “The site kept crashing”, she says with a raspy laugh, “we didn’t build the site for those kind of numbers. But we’ve been back for almost three weeks and we’ve already gotten almost all of our traffic back…. it’s good to know people didn’t forget about it”.

If you’re wondering what Teyana has been up to lately, check out the trailer for Tyler Perry’s New Movie HERE!


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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Only reason I know her is she was on MTV sweet 16 birthday..so somehow she come from money..either way shes nothing

    • http://bossip.com kferad

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    • rachel

      Willow Smith is more famous than this idiot.

  • Shanice

    Wait…she’s famous? O_o

  • mixed bad chick

    I like her hair. All I know about her is she was on sweet 16 and she does hip hop choreography. Besides tht, don’t know much else. She is in great shape tho. Her abs are insane.

  • mrcollege

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  • Wouch

    What an ugly creature

  • ladyinblue

    So after all of that I’m still not sure what her career is.

    • MacFiller

      shidd…me too

    • CandyKat

      Exactly what I was thinking. She talking about ‘in this industry’ but i am still lost. What industry are you speaking of,gal? 0_o

  • JustAshley

    I don’t care what anyone says- whether its fake or not- I love love love this chicks hair!
    *Stealing this pic*

  • gET'EM Girl

    Aww shes so pretty and she probably real fkn cool to.

  • http://www.dirtygurl.net dirtygurl

    i still have no clue as to why she’s famous

  • just me

    I don’t think she’s famous for nothing. I don’t think she’s famous at all.

  • Venice

    ok….so what is your “career” again? I’m still uncertain.

  • wtf!


  • Whatever

    REPEAT she is not famous. Who wrote this article? No one is copying her style or even cares about her period.

  • Unico

    hm she should think about sticking to skateboarding and basketball, especially if it is something she enjoys doing. She may not be “mainstream famous” but apparently is well known to be recognized.


    Okay I read the article and I’m still unsure of what she’s famous for * Kanye shrug*

  • Northern Cali Honey

    Ain’t nothing to talk about…so lets stop.

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