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What the hell did you think was gonna happen dumba**!

You don’t get to murder someone just because they hire you to.

Jurors in the so-called “Harlem Kevorkian” trial have agreed that the stabbing death of a Long Island motivational speaker was a murder — and that the killer doesn’t get a break under the state’s “assisted suicide” exemption.

The guilty verdict came four hours after deliberations began on the fate of hired-knife Kenneth Minor.

Both prosecutors and the defense had agreed that debt-plagued victim Jeffrey Locker had cruised through Harlem’s streets two years ago, soliciting what he called “a Kevorkian.”

Minor took the job — plunging a knife into Locker’s chest six or seven times as the two sat in Locker’s car on Paladino Avneue, and getting Locker’s ATM card and pin number as payment.

Locker had staged the fatal “mugging” so that his family in Valley Stream could collect on some $17 million in insurance policies, both sides had agreed.

But Minor downplayed his role in the stabbing, claiming that he merely helped hold brace the knife against Locker’s steering wheel as the distraught man thrust himself on it some half-dozen times.

And while defense lawyer Daniel Gotlin argued that assisting a suicide is not an act of murder under state law, prosecutor Peter Casolaro counters that Minor was too active a participant in Locker’s death — and that you can’t stab someone to death just because they ask you to.

Listen, we TOTALLY get it. You can’t just kill people, maybe this dude should have gotten a notarized letter of intent first, but damn.




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