Hi Hater: Matt Damon Says He’s Not Feeling President Obama’s “Hope” Steez Anymore

- By Bossip Staff

Uh oh, President Obama has pissed off “Jason Bourne”…

Matt Damon is saying Nope to Hope.

In a stinging critique, the Oscar-winning actor has turned on President Obama, saying the Democrat he championed in the 2008 race for the White House has not offered change he can believe in.

“I really think he misinterpreted his mandate,” Damon told CNN. “A friend of mine said it the other day and I thought it was a great line: ‘I no longer hope for audacity.’ ”

That’s a dig at the name of Obama’s best-selling book The Audacity of Hope.

Damon rapped Obama’s education policy as advancing test preparation, not critical learning.

“The idea that we’re testing kids and we’re tying teacher salaries to how kids are performing on tests, that kind of mechanized thinking has nothing to do with higher order,” he said.

He was also unimpressed with Obama’s foreign policies, especially in Afghanistan.

Matt can be salty all he wants to, but he better get used to seeing ol’ Barry O’s face because we believe he’s gonna be back for round 2 in 2012!

Have any of you changed your stance on President Obama since his inauguration into office???


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  • Mizz badu

    let the ‘race debate’ begin…

  • killojugs

    Everyone can see that osama obama dont know wtf his doing. Its got nothing to do with his skin colour..it is what it is. Bush was a terrorist and Obambi is a idiot that aint even american. Face the facts

  • daahlingnikki

    Cosign 1000%…

  • Certain

    I think he is just concerned and wants his President to get on track and I’m in agreement with him. I still ride for Barry O and I’m sure despite it all both me and Matt will be voting for him come 2012…..so that means we have the right to complain. Thats how I remember it.

  • Missy Miss

    Why do people always think it’s so easy to be president. Matt Damon how about you focus on being a dumb actor and not polticals because it’s obivious you know nothing about it. Obama do what your doing that no other president will ever do! People should know it takes time for what he does you will see.. Stop Winning and Do Something.. Stop waiting on handouts..

    • Sepia830

      It kills me when people make comments about somebody being dumb. Matt Damon went to an Ivy League School, sweetie. They don’t accept GEDs.

      Funny nobody was talking ish when he was standing up for Obama in the press.

      Most of you are only defending Obama because he is black. Let’s see how loyal you are to his a$$ when gas hits over $5 a gallon. I voted for him the first time, but white or black nobody gets my vote a 2nd time unless he kept his promises the first time around. Otherwise, I would be no better than the idiots that voted for Bush twice.

  • jt

    he is so right obama has been a huge let down!

    • laker201035

      WoW!! Well I guess you will be voting for Mike Huckabee or Sarah Palin? Really?

  • Oooh Weee!!

    If u have an opinion, it should b an educated one. Otherwise, u sound like a gripe queen.

    So what would u or Matt Damon have accomplished by now if u were the one w the degree n law & enough REAL LIFE KNOWLEDGE 2 establish a working stance on thingz like public administration and foreign policy? Step by step, how would u “complainerz” have made EVERYONE n America happy by now? There’z quite a big mess 2 b cleaned here – should he have gone abt it then? And if u don’t have a valid answer, ur just sh!t-talking from the private sector, son. That iz ur right 2 do by all means, but that’z exactly y it getz disregarded. Point blank.

  • Oooh Weee!!

    That’z supposed 2 say –

    *how should he have gone abt it

    And my comment waz addressed 2 Certain & Rai, btw.

  • Lacorsha

    Matt is one fine white man. I wouldn’t mind giving up the cooch to him. Fvck what he saying about President Obama tho.

    • kadija1982

      we wonder why other races dont take black women seriously when we have ignorant comments like these being articulated on a political subject

  • Zora Neale Hurston

    isn’t he fine as all get out? He went through a lil chunky phase in his late 20s, early 30s but he has certainly grown into his looks the last few years. Even in True Grit he was attractive.


    Matt Damon is a wealthy actor and philanthropist, how is he waiting on handouts? Lol! He has given more money to education, foreign countries and the poor than you or any of your kinfolk have paid in tax for generations! This I am almost certain. And since he is a tax paying, voting American, he has every right to express his opinion, especially when he was ASKED! Why don’t you work on the basics like grammar and proper sentence formation before you worry about some “dumb actor”?

    • Sepia830

      Tell ’em, girl!! LOL

  • jmagic

    Why is anybody complaining can you do a better job

    • jmagic

      I mean if they could do a better job dont you think there would be more people running for president instead of complaining about them

    • jmagic

      and if you didnt vote to begin with STFU,the majority of people who complain just go by what they hear instead of actually looking at the news

  • ???

    Everybody knows Obama is only for the RICH,and don’t care or give a d*mn about helping the POOR.

  • ???

    Obama A$$ has tricked everyone,but we can trick his A$$ in 2012 election.

  • ???

    I once voted for that lying A$$ so-called preident but not again,matt is right this isn’t what we voted for.

    • ???


  • Stay Up

    I agree with Matt Damon. The President should b doing more. We want him 2 b perfect bcuz he’s BLACK!! U cant correct or change what 42 other president hv done. The system is still the same black or white. Poltrix is a con game!!!!

  • Raymond

    THANK YOU!!! Everybody was all gun hole for voting for bush when he was bullshat from the get go puttin us in pointless wars but when u get a black man in office who already has to fix EIGHT years of bad decision making everybody wants to push him out office they can go to hell…OBAMA 2012 YALL!!!

  • Yeti

    All presidents are there to do the bidding of the establishment. The president takes care of the business elites – who own and run the US – first and only after they’re satisfied does he maybe try to do something for his supporters. Bush and now Obama are just puppets getting pulled by the same masters on all major issues – basic economic and foreign policy.

    • Caramelia

      Hear hear. Obama is just a darker puppet that has tricked African Americans into trusting him because he has more in common with them than his predecessors did. If Obama wasn’t mixed race, would the response to this article be the same? HELL NO

  • NewGal

    I’m black, I voted for President Obama, I still have hope for him to be the President I know he can be. As we all know politics is corrupt there is no way around that. He’s apart of the beast, so the Barrak Obama during the elections isn’t the one in the office. If he runs in 2012, and so does Hilary Clinton, I’m voting for Hilary at this point.

    Race should have nothing to do with it,nothing pisses me off more then when you speak to a black person and they mention their political views as “Obama” that’s not a political party folks! Those that say that, are the ones that only see race and not issues of America as a whole.

  • NA

    As a teacher, I am very disappointed in Race to the Top, Secretary Duncan, and Pres. Obama’s moves as far as education reform. I also think that it is ok to critique our President and still be considered a supporter. He will have my vote in 2012 and I am sure he will have Matt Damon’s as well. Damon’s celebrity may actually get the President’s attention in a way that my emails can’t. Perhaps we will see better education changes in his 2nd term.

  • itsbrittneybitch

    So ya’ll just expect the man to fix 8 years worth of damage in only 4 years? Its funny how the haters fail to mention all the good he and his wife has done. Obama 2012!!! I bet my life savings that in 2012 if a Republican is elected into office everybody and their mama will b!tching about how the wished Obama was still in office.

  • Sepia830

    I’m with Matt Damon, Obama has failed to keep his promises just like any other politician. Unlike most celebs, Damon is intelligent and well-informed. He is entitled to his opinion like everyone else. S**t on you if you disagree.

    And FYI – Matt Damon has more of a right to be bitter than any of us. At the request of Obama’s camp, he took time off his busy schedule to stomp for Obama in Boston and what did he get for his efforts? When he contacted the camp for tickets to the inauguration, he was told he would have to pay in excess of $50K for them. WTF? Do they have any idea how much money Matt Damon makes in a day? I would turn on Obama’s a$$ too.

  • muchluv

    double co-sign 3000% oh dear, and I really was crazy about Matt Damon like quite a few folks of color, but he just got on my bad side. I won’t be seeing any of the Bournes again…wait for the dvd in the supermarket pile.

  • muchluv

    Matt Damon is prepping himself for politics. He’s been in show biz a long time and has probably seen it, done it and is becoming bored with it.

    I’m pretty sure he will be running for some public office soon…he may have a Ronald Reagen/Arnold Schwarzeneger move up his sleeve.

  • white male

    I don’t like how Obama won’t call the Christmas Bomber, the times square bomber, the ftl hood shooter, and the shooter in Germany this week ISLAMIC TERRORISTS, I also don’t like how he tried to raise the estate tax from zero to 55%, that’s my family money not the governments. It was also weird when he bowed to the Saudi King

  • kadija1982

    President Obama is a very dynamic, charismatic, and intelligent leader. The problem is he is not taking much iniative and persisting through his promises. I give him the benefit of the doubt that he is giving it his all and it difficult to implement programs when Congress is now predominantly Republican. I am however let down that Guantanomo Bay was not shut down and the war in Afghanistan still is continuing. He promised to start universal health care, increase the capital gains and dividends taxes for higher-income taxpayers, and start major education reform repealing No Child Left Behind Act. Unfortunately, he has not followed through with these domestic and international policies he promised on the campaign trail.

    • MyReason

      I agree with you. The campaign trail is what it is though-full of great ideas and good intentions. I do think that he has put the most effort in delivering on his campaign promises than any other Pres. I’ve witnessed(The Bushes,Clinton). Our wonderful Congress blocked the removal of prisoners from Guantanamo this past December.

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