Which Old Banger Is The Numba 1 Stunna???

- By Bossip Staff

The NAACP Image Awards went down last night, attracting all the bangers, old and young, to the Shrine Auditorium red carpet.

It’s hard to beat Halle Berry in the “Bangin'” category but we figured if anybody had a shot, it might be that other old fine banger — Salli Richardson. Check out more pictures from the red carpet below but don’t forget to tell us Who Looked More Bangin’.

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  • jmagic

    The Bi racial chick with the light skin and natural hair is the best 1

    • Boomboomroom

      Actually thought you were a “real” blogger. I understand NOW!! You are just another attention seeking troll.

  • MyReason

    Phylicia Rashad

  • honeybee

    Halle is beautiful but some people think she is all we have to offer in terms of beauty and I just don’t believe that. I think that Sallie Richards looks better and someone else that I think looks better than Halle is Nicole Ari Parker she is bad.

  • Kayla

    Halle Berry hands down!

  • Undecided

    Halle, but gotta love Salli. Natural beauties both of them.

    Why is Kerry up there? She just got exposed for the fake she is…. looking fuggly without makeup and a hair weave gone wrong.

  • jdmann

    Halle is still invincible when it comes to beauty but Kerry Washington is a close 2nd.


    NONE OF THEM????


  • Latoya

    Salli is definitely still a banger but Halle is aging better.

  • Boomboomroom

    All three look beautiful Halle, Salli & Kerri.

  • freddyflo

    They can all get it. Halle is my all-time favorite though.

  • Juliemango

    Very close in appearance but halle wins!!!

  • naomi

    these functions look so boring. . . I feel i see the same ppl every year being honored. . Love amber riley shes so cute tho (take note precious).

  • XO

    Halle gown was horrible!

  • ok

    Don’t now how old Kerri is but she always looks flawless. I don’t really care for Halle or Sallie’s dresses.

  • Intrinsic Beauty

    Neither…they both are really pretty but, neither one of those dresses are anything to write home about…and as I’ve stated previously…Halle Berry always has the same look…and Sally Richardson should have short hair again, long hair ages her…both beautiful women though…

  • Sa.s.sy24

    both are pretty those dresses are horrid though.

  • Nik

    They look better than the chicks in their 20’s.

  • mixed bad chick

    I think they both look great. I like salli just a small lil bit more. But they both rocked their dresses.

  • JustAshley

    Halle hands down and I LOVE her dress. Salli is still a “bad chick” though.

  • coldt7

    None of these broads would look that good if it wasn’t for all the maybeline.

  • well.....

    halle berry looks gorgeous as usual and so does the other chick stop hating on kerry because she doesnt date black men she is beautiful they all look good

  • Sunnee

    I’ve always thought Salli Ricardson was prettier. But both are beautiful.

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  • innovatoor09

    All of the women look beautiful.

  • Ladoodle

    Why you add those two ugly dark butts in the beginning and end pictures?

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