Brandy Tries Her Hand At Rapping Again On Timbaland’s “Whenever You Like”

- By Bossip Staff

Brandy is trying her hand at rapping once again as her alter ego Branu.

The mother and R&B starlet previously collaborated with Timbaland for the track “Meet In The Middle” off the producer’s Shock Value II album.

Now Branu’s back, this time on Timbo’s latest single “Whenever You Like.”

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  • me

    I liked it and would buy it. I hope Brandy can make a comeback. She’s REALLY talented.

    • Nujustice

      This is terrible…just admit it and do her career a favor!

      Kim Kardashian could have came out with something better than this! #andiamnotH8n

    • klalov12

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      @@@@she is beautiful




  • http://google fan

    I love brandy but i like her singing better the tone of her voice sets here apart either way im ready for another album

  • billiejean5

    It sounds good.

  • A.G.

    Thats why black people can’t get ahead…too busy hating on each other. She done made more money then ya’ll will make in TWO or more lifetimes. So haters take a break, you’re not getting paid for overtime!

  • truth is...

    She did a great job without being vulgar and slow witted she really is talented I think its wonderful she’s dipping and trying new things congrats girl this is a winner!ignore those with lack of vision

  • QueenBii

    I dont like her singing or rapping voice. When she sings she sounds like she’s standing in front of a fan; when she raps, its like she’s reading of the note pad. Hang it up in the music department and gather yourself for a new venture. Not modeling either. Not that cute. I think an acting career suits her just fine. Good luck either way Brandy…

    • http://yahoo trini9696

      why so negative..Everybody needs change sumtimes.

    • Mrs. Rance

      I actually agree with you on her singing voice, but I like her rap swag. I kinda like this song too. Her voice works well with autotune. I agree she is a good actress and always wondered why she didn’t go further in that regard. Not sure why you had to slame her looks though.

  • How?

    2 thumbs

  • How?


  • uhohitslelani

    I’ll support Brandy reguardless, because she is talented

  • danisha

    What are you people talking about? Brandy’s singing is celebrated by many artist and Music lovers. YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME, you people know nothing about a VOICE, clearly.

    Queenbii you need to be slapped
    punches and kicked its called a Vibrato, Learn something

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