What The fawk Is Kanye West Wearing???

- By Bossip Staff

Here is Kanye West at the Vivienne Westwood show during Paris Fashion week rocking a lil animal print jacket.

Uhhhh….in other Yeezy news:

Kanye West has won a court case against a rapper who had claimed that West’s mega-hit “Stronger” was a rip-off of his song. Vince Peters, a k a “Vince P,” filed the suit in July accusing West of stealing the lyrics from his song of the same title. Peters claimed that after he had a meeting in August 2006 with John Monopoly, a confidant of West, the star then released a track with similar lyrics, an identical title and a similar hook. But Illinois Judge Virginia Kendall has thrown out the case, saying the songs were not substantially similar.

SMH. First Drizzy Drake wore his lil cheetah shirt and now this…


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  • Sally

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  • http://bossip.com kferad

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  • Mrs. Rance

    Too each his own I guess.

    • uhohitslelani

      I hate when people type that!!! So if it was a female would you put “Too each HER own”????

      Please look up the proper way of saying/writing that phrase. It’s annoying

  • nymphis

    Looks like he was cold and borrowed ashantis jacket

  • bbbbb

    He looks very…European…

    • .scils.

      Kanye looks European, that’s why he’s the best dressed in usa music business. btw @8ESBABY the jacket is from givenchy so i don’t get how it can look cheap.

  • jjjj

    he didnt have any leggings on wit it……so i still got a chance!!….yea i want yeezy to teach me

  • Allie

    He takes himself WAYYY too seriously, and that really turns me off, and to add to it, he really doesn’t look good, i’m sorry but that jacket is tacky with a capital t

  • Kanye is a blouse nig er!

    He’s a blouse negro. All that art and fashion won’t stop them from not sponsoring your tours and black balling you. Why don’t rich black Americans buy houses in africa also. I see all types of machine guns over there, but not 1 friggin bulldozer. Do you know how much money is under the ground over there. LOL “Look everybody I have Louie sneakers” LOL SHUT UP blouse niGRO.

  • daisy jay

    What the f*ck, Kanye! Take that sh!t off! I love you, but you just failed terribly. You actually look GAY.

    Take it off before PETA comes after your @ss…

  • CooCooKitty

    Slowly but surely Kanye is “coming out”

  • Juliemango

    Not kanyes best look but he is striking a fierce pose the ppl around him are not dressed any better maybe it was a dress-down fashion show!!!

  • thesaneone

    umm he’s wearing what the
    F&!K he wants…because he is MF’in kanye west!

  • http://yahoo.com Peabo Cheeze

    Kanye looks very… Fierce

  • Moanmyname

    I love vivenne westwood rings

  • Trublu

    wERk…. Werk it girl…. do ur thang on the runway.. werk—Sashay ShaUntay!




    Nothing black men ain’t been wearing for centuries!!!

  • super steph!

    im more concerned about the satin loafers

  • daisy jay

    Being a cheetah boy isn’t right either!

  • Moanmyname

    If this kind of styles surprises u then u should check out japanese styles. they’re like a century ahead and its NORMAL over there. kanye wearing a cheetah coat aint nothing

  • PrettyLady08

    Kanye has been walking that fine line for a while.

  • Honut Sinti

    You sillies. It’s his new Eynak line. Available at up market clothiers worldwide. Snap! 🙂

  • Kitty

    i spot a f** kanye was proly a princess boy when he was young lol jk


    he’s a fruit cake. why won’t he just admit it. we all know he’s a gay fish.

  • buggin_out

    expensive ≠ dope

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