LaLa And Melo Aren’t Feeling Manhattan Living

- By Bossip Staff

Carmelo may have just blown life back into the New York Knicks, but he and wifey have not intentions on paying property taxes to the City of New York… or the State of New York for that matter.

According to TMZ, the Vazquez-Anthonys are mansion shopping in Jersey.

Sources close to the NY Knicks star and his wife tell TMZ they have no interest in plunking down “$30,000 a month for an apartment” in Manhattan … no matter how shmancy it is.

Melo just got a $65 million contract extension, so money isn’t the issue — instead it’s all about a backyard and space for the couple’s 3-year-old son to play. We’re told that’s why they’re seriously shopping the wide open spaces of Jersey — and passing on a luxury pad near the one Alex Rodriguez just bought for $6 million.

Other NYC ‘burbs are still in the running, but If Melo keeps dropping 26 per game … he can live anywhere he wants (except Boston) — and Knicks fans will love him.

Must be nice. We’re sure “house hunting” will be at least one episode of LaLa’s Full Court Life.

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  • Nee

    They should move to Long Beach, Long Island because we have nice waterfront properties, great eateries, and I want them as my neighbors! 🙂

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  • nymphis

    they should move to Washington heights.they can stay wit my fam till they get situated.and my tia makes THE BEST I’m sure she’ll accept less than $30.000 a mth.

  • fanforaanswer

    Mary J. Bliege just put her mansion up for sale, go check it out. It’s up for $14 million.

  • Word Up

    I don’t blame them! Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. Manhattan is too f-cking expensive for no dam reason.

  • truth teller

    Jersey stand up! Come to Jersey baby!

  • Tiff

    Why doesn’t he go to Long Island? Why do ppl feel the need to go to Jersey?

    • Pearls n Polos

      While Jersey is closer to the city and while to be honest Jersey is better then LI, im from Brooklyn and Moved to Jersey, I loved Jersey, Its a different type of mix…..

  • Gina

    Jersey is much closer to Manhattan than Long Island

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    Come to Pa- the western mainline is nice living…


    Too many light skin spix in PA. They’ll put their grubby hands on your brown wife. And Long Island is full of racist Guidos (not the cool italians in italy) and bankers. Jersey is your best bet.

  • jake

    just remember the housing market is busted. the asessed value vs. the fair market value and then meet in the middle now the housing market has tanked u can get them properties for 1/2 of what folks are asking. mary j would only get a 7 million dollar offer for her spot or she’s stuck. and busted as the housing market is get your best deal. don’t give them real estate trolls that big commission like yo buddy’s bosch and left-out lamont aka lebron. get out of new york. do like the mob…. fuuuuugetabuotit. look at it as a spot for the basketball season.

  • On Point

    I’m sorry but who are these bugeyed people again, what do they do for society, wtf are they important?

  • jmagic

    so much for going back home

  • Pebblebeach

    New Jersey….I heard that it is the armpit of the East…is that so…

    • kevin o

      The armpit of the east would be your mom’s scent after a pick-up game of b-ball. She’s wearing that new NYC fragrance, “Chitterling n Arse”

  • Booger Bear

    Frankly, I don’t give a damn about these two. As far as I’m concern, they can live in the sewer.


    You keep a chic pied-à-terre in Manhattan and have your estate in Bedford. Anyone with real money knows that.

  • darealwifey

    GOOD FOR THEM FOR BEING SENSIBLE! That’s right! If you got it and want to keep it, you can’t be trying to keep up with e’rybody else! What a great example! I LOVE this couple!

  • phillyindubai


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