Some Luxury Living: Inside 55 Million Dollar Mega Mansion In Beverly Hills

- By Bossip Staff

Via Homes of the Rich:

This European inspired estate is on the market for a whopping $55,000,000!! It boasts a 400 foot long cobblestone driveway, spacious motor court, over 27,000 square feet of living space, 2-story grand foyer with sweeping double staircase, floor to ceiling marble, ornate Italian doors with 18-karat gold gilded hardware, 100-year-old hand carved marble fireplaces imported from France, home theater, swimming pool with cabana, tennis court and more.

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  • jfizzle

    Whose house does Malik use on “THe Game” that’s a bad house

  • CooCooKitty

    Why does it always look like these mansions have been decorated by some ol’ white bitty ???? Oh yeah cuz they probably were.

    • thatbrutha

      Your just an idiot. Sorry.

  • ace

    i would feel guilty knowing how many people could eat off $’s beautiful but how often could you fill that huge dinning room? why do you need 100 year old fire places and floor to ceiling marble? i guess thats why the extremely rich are never really happy.

  • Allie

    Its beautiful, but personally it’s too much for me, that’s not my dream house but i could imagine it’s someone else’s

  • Sexygrandmom

    WOW beautiful

  • tessa

    I deserve this home along with a rich husband to buy it for me lol!

  • kimmyt


  • Ms lola

    Honestly I live in London and this house doesn’t even come close to a European style sorry maybe Dubai style with all that gold :/

  • Ellie

    Sorry but 55 Million could do a lot of good in this world. I could never be as so arrogant to spend it on a house that big. It’s just way too much and way over the top. Who needs all that to live?

    • Natalia

      Arrogant cuz they spend what they earned? ROFL nah sugar. My parents splurge like no man’s business but they also run few non profit organization and have over a dozen school and hospitals across the globe. Bill gates have one of the most pimped out house in the world and he’s giving away most of that billions…how is that for arrogance. shoo

    • Ellie

      It is arrogance if it’s way over the top, regardless of charity work or not. If you don’t need a home that big..then what else is the purpose other than a status symbol? If you think doing charity work excludes you from being arrogant you “sugar” have a lot to learn.

      Besides there are tons of people who are wealthy who don’t purchase these over the top homes and quite frankly that’s how they stay wealthy.

  • alfred pierre

    Yes maam i would live here and never need another home.

  • Honut Sinti

    The Pinesol Lady would be very very busy. 🙂


    All these people complaining what $55 million dollars can do charitably probably don’t give a dime of their money. People don’t earn money to throw it away. We all could live in $12,000 homes, but we don’t. I work hard and still contribute to charity and also I’m personal involved in charitable activities.

    If everyone who could gave then we wouldn’t have to depend on the rich to give. Most charities stay afloat because of wealthy donors – not the twos and fews.

    • DR.FUNK

      Working hard / smart…getting rich…and buying what you want IS NOT EVIL.I might add that building a pad like that…or a 200ft. yacht…or a private jet…PUTS THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TO WORK.Did I mention that the the top 2% of income earners in this country pay almost HALF the taxes?

  • CommonSense

    Ugh, it’s so dated…not my style. If I bought it I would completely redo it.

  • ka$H

    @Getreal – Preach…

    Not to mention, alot of people who have homes like this DO donate TONS of money to charity. For one, you’d be surprised how many WEALTHY (notice I didn’t say RICH, but WEALTHY) people do for their communities with their finances just because they can.

    And two, they actually save money by donating some of it.

    So I would be careful to hate on people who do well off just because some of you can’t fathom making that kind of money. Stop hating and focus on your dreams:)

    And quit saying what people in the world can use that $$$ if you aren’t doing ANYTHING for the poor with what little you have yourself….

  • Mrs. Rance

    Shockingly, I don’t like it. the house itself is ok, but I don’t like how its decorated at all. Its very gawdy and the gold foyer made me want to vomit. It looks like something Kamora would enjoy.

    • KaLa

      I feel the same way definately not my type at all and I said the samw thing when I saw the foyer lol

  • klalov12

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  • Dawud Adib

    BALLING BIG TIME! Kinda like me!!!

  • darealwifey

    “Opulence, I has it.” Most of the rooms seem a bit tacky, but there were a few nice spaces. I don’t think I could live in a house that large unless I had my ENTIRE family there, and it would still probably feel cold.

  • YoungCosby

    Not my style, but the space is open which I do like.

  • What goes up, must come down

    The only thing I found appealing was the outside of the house (front and back). Everything else is overkill. It’s to many patterns and textures, makes the place look to busy.

  • Kyra

    yall not dag on well if somebody gave ya the house… you wouldn’t be talking about how ‘gaudy’ or ‘busy’ it looks… nikkas broke actin like THEY got style.. lol

  • Breeze

    I wouldn’t want to live in any house that I would feel funny walking around in bare feet. This house needs more warmth an coziness for me. I like the theater, kitchen, dining room and billiard room. The pool area is also nice.

  • alley

    if u can spend 55mil on a house
    just like that then money is not an issue to u

  • foxy lady


  • BarGolf

    And why is it 55 million dollars?

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