Diddy On J.Lo: “She Has Made Me Cry Like Twice… And Looked Good Doing It”

- By Bossip Staff

Diddy refuses to let us (or Kim Porter, or Marc Anthony) forget that he used to chop down J. Lo’s latinalicious cakes, by continuing to speak out about his ex-girl’s every move.

Puffy is scheduled to perform his Dirty Money single “Coming Home” on “American Idol” next month. The gig will also involve mentoring the show’s contestants and dressing them in Sean John for the April 11th episode.

And of course he can’t do all of that without also gushing on and on and on and on and on about how he can’t wait to spend some QT with his favorite Latina booty beauty Jennifer Lopez, telling Access Hollywood:

“She’s just looking so good. You’ve got to give it to her for having twins and to be doing it how she’s doing it. I’m so proud of her.”

“The way she handled coming after (former Idol judge) Simon (Cowell)… she’s been, like, a compassionate person. She has made me cry, like, twice, and she’s looked good doing it. And she has made sense.

“She’s a nice person (and)… when you’re super nice, your emotions get the best of you. It’s good though, it’s good to see that change in the competitive shows. I think she’s very refreshing.”

Lopez cried on the reality television series recently after sending contestant Chris Medina home.

Crying over an ex Diddy? Sounds like bi*cha*sness to us!

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  • Intrinsic Beauty

    He still gushing and carrying on over her, meanwhile, she ain’t thinkin bout his black a$$…he’s spoken more highly of this top-notch rat than he has any of his baby mommas…

    • Shay

      J-lo wasn’t going to have any of his babies without commitment! All these other broads did it with no problem and are still doing it ie, Kim Porter. She had twins too, his twins, and looks great as well. Like I said sprung! She was probably the only woman in his life that told him NO. A man never forgets that
      follow me on twitter.com/IPromise8404

    • CAN AM

      Shay, you summed it up.

    • NotHome

      J-Lo wasn’t having no black babies, commitment or not.

    • YokoDMV

      dating diddy was 2nd smartest move j.lo ever made…the 1st was breaking up with him exactly when she did. ever since then she has been CAKING on her own…

  • Shay

    OMG(oodness) he is sprung! LOL, well they say you never know what you have until it is GONE.
    I bet Marc Anthony is probably going to be around ALL WEEK!! LMBO!

    follow me on twitter.com/IPromise8404

  • Intrinsic Beauty

    It’s easy to tell somebody no when you don’t really give a fxck about them anyway…

  • chaka1

    I miss the days of JLo and Diddy. I believe he really did love her. However, his lifestyle drove her away. She was done with him after that club shooting and those weapons charges.

    • foxy lady

      well miss this: F**k diddy and jen both of them are so phony!!!!

    • Chitowninthehouse

      CO-SIGN! J-Lo isn’t a ride or die girl. After she got handcuffed to the bench in the police station she was outta there! LMAO!

  • Intrinsic Beauty

    I mean for real, J Lo was NEVER in danger of being married to or having any of this man’s children. She’d probably had Ben Affleck’s baby before Diddy’s.

    • lil one

      probably? Girl, Ben Affleck is the one that got away. Listen to her song ‘dear ben’… She settled with Marc Anthony, and took him from his wife and children, because she was S.O.O.L.

      Jen STILL look sprung when talking about Ben. But he & his Boston-White fam/friends disapproved of her. She wasn’t White enough for Ben, and Puff wasn’t white enough for her. smh

  • I Stay SMH

    N-Word yo “WIFE” had twins!

    LMAO gush over HER!

  • mspeach

    @Intistic Beauty …yessssss lol its ridiculous he needs to shutup about her already I never heard him say this much good stuff about Kim Porter when he was on the View he said he wasnt ready for marriage hes full of it

  • luvurself31

    Diddy needs to let it go and get off of her jock! It’s not a good look!

  • ProudLatinaILove

    he’s always talking about JLo, I think he’s still wishes he could b with her. I wonder what their kids would look like

  • yoooo

    Yea I think that was bogus how he mentioned her having twins and still looking good without giving a shoutout to his babymama for doing the same. smh

  • nyc-ista718

    he is such a mess..sounds like a love sick maniac..the fact that he even mention her in his mouth is some real b*tchazzness fo-real..i wonder what kim be sayin about this clown..shoulda left the thug bullsh*t @ home..what career chasing woman wanna see herself in handcuffs wit some wanna-be-gangsta??..glad she left..now move the hell on!!

  • meka

    JLo and Becky really don’t want niccas or their kids. The only ones you see with them are females that can’t get one of their own kimd. OR those whose own kind treated them so badly they ran to niccas!. Almost all the mexican girls in my community have real husbands.

    • YourDelusional01

      Thank you!!

  • veryfunny

    3 words Diddy,duda dundi,whatever u call urself these dayz,GET OVER IT.

    • veryfunny

      Ya!ya!ya!you wish she cuda had a baby by u,so u can have something of hers and blah blah blah! we dont want to hear it go cry in ur closet.

    • veryfunny

      but then again keep crying publicly about how u miss her,so that Marc Antony can crack ur skulls.

    • veryfunny

      oh no u dont want to be messing with them latinos now,they crazy, u seen ’em.lol.

  • Huey's Neice

    Dang can he speak on his own baby’s mama that spit out twins and in my opinion looks even better than JLo after she did it??? That’s sad I’m glad Kim left him.

    • Broken_Halo

      jmajic, are you trying to say that black women are the only ones having babies out of wedlock??? Chile please!

      huey’s niece must have struck a nerve with you, cuz you know damn well hoes come in all shapes,sizes, and COLORS.

  • Pebblebeach

    Diddy…please be quiet…

  • Greeneyedbandit

    I agree,she was done with him after the club shooting.

  • RaeShelle

    JLO is the ho that got away lol

  • Mrs. Rance

    I meant arm piece, not arm candy. I don’t know why people act like he was so broken up over her. She herself said he cheated on her every chance he got. She got tired of playing the fool. (which makes no sense since he was with Kim when Jennifer started creeping with him)

  • chickieboo

    sean needs to stop making himself look bad. he needs to stop gushing over jennifer lopez it’s been years since she has even mention his name. she isn’t thinking about his arse

  • WHAT!

    Puff Daddy Likes Men For Christ Sake! Sean Combs likes me so this is a story for him to run into the ground. All in All; he’s still a man that love making love to men! Who cares what he has to say. He’s becoming more and more of a joke! GTFOH!

  • WHAT!

    I meant he likes MEN not ME!

  • tg

    J-Lo is a perfect example of what goes around comes around. Just like she left Diddy – Ben Affleck left her. She thought she was too good for Diddy’s blk arse after he showed a lil gangster mentality. And Ben thought he was too good for a Latina woman when he really thought about it. No how big her stardom – to him (A Boston Boy, too) she was just another spic. Her “D” skills had him hooked – but not enough to marry her. His Mom told him – like I bet her Mom told her about Diddy. You can Freak-em – but you don’t marry them.

    • lil one

      +1 FOR REAL

    • Curious1 aka 2 My Hata's: My Middle Fingers Salute Ya

      This does sound like it has a real a ring of truth…

  • Monique

    J-lo F**K her way to the top, she use diddy as a stepping stone. Please give me a break. Ben was smart not to marry this HOE!

  • sweet_lies

    um what about your babymama with the twins looking even better and younger and fresher? get it together diddy. you’re looking hungry smh

  • thesaneone

    i think this is why he still aint married…in love with his ex. awwww

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