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Beyonce Teaming Up With Michelle Obama For Let’s Move! Campaign (GO)

Lawsuit: Aguilera Hit Stolen From ‘Moon People’ (GO)

Leona Lewis Bathing Suit Pictures Of The Day (GO)

Basketball Wives Finale Drama: Whose Fault Was That Fight At The End (GO)

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills & Its Original Cast Will Return For Season 2! (GO)

Fat Joe Talks Cooking Show, Auctioning Shoe Collection (GO)

A Slice of Black Life Found At Garage Sale (GO)

Interior Designer Cecil Hayes: From Back Room to Boss (GO)

New Movie Monday: Insidious Kid Looks Creepy (GO)

Two Men Stabbed At Lloyd Banks Show In New York (GO)

Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Write His Tweets (GO)

Brawl Interrupts DMV Awards, Wale Responds (GO)

Curvy Vs. Fat? Who’s The Judge? (GO)

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  • Getem

    That’s awesome!

  • China White

    I think that that is great too!!!

  • ok

    I think this is insulting for the White House to support Beyonce after she danced for Gaddafi’s family. Please have some integrity and stop supporting these idiots who have no problem performing for a mad man who kills his people and violates their human rights. This is offensive to libyans and Africans.

  • K.O..OL..G..U.Ysays,we,tiredabein,broke,uncle,sam,BaHaMaSrOcKiNgSpRiNgBrEAk,I,TO,bRoKe,to,haVe,fUn,wItH,ThEm!LyBaNaN,iNcRiSes,WhEn,i,cRy,wHeNwE,cRY,WhO,CaREes!

    there was a comment stateting the white house should not surport idott celberty whom surport mad men like gadaffi”.its sad whats happen in lyban!”!what is good about the lybanan crieses is!HELP IS ON ITS WAY! I SAY THE MONEY GIVEN TO MRS BEYOUNCE FOR HER PERFORMNACE IS CLEEAN,and clean to spend! by mrs beyounce! big upp to the team,uppin ,joining ! colabration between mrs,byonce and Mrs Miche

  • Tiff

    Very nice. A nice way to exploit a good cause!

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